What is Metaverse Real Estate, and What to Expect

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The 21st century is all about modernity and progression in the mighty name of technology. Because of technology, humanity was able to grow from being cavemen salvages to modern people who are able to get food at the click of a finger and being able to communicate with another who is from the other side of the world without moving an inch from their house and lot.

But, technology does not only alter the way we eat, communicate, and overall, live. Additionally, more accessible robots are not the only thing we can look forward to seeing in the near future. Nor we do not need to rely so much on our astronauts to go outer space to look for other worlds because technology will soon create a whole new world and reality for us.

Have You Ever Heard of the Metaverse?

Not having such a name til Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta, The Metaverse platform is somewhat like social media. But it is so much more than video calling, playing multiplayer games, and other social media activities we do to connect with the rest of the world online. The Metaverse will be literally just like the real world as we know it–only digitally. As experts call it, it is the “digital twin” where people can live their digital lives together with the tangible version of it. The age of looking at our screens is coming to a close. Soon, we will be able to see the digital world as if we were a character inside a videogame–above you, underneath you, and all around you. In the future, these homes at the Metaverse will be a means for people to store their online collections and collectibles and express themselves online!

But, not only is this a huge jumpstart when it comes to communication, hanging out with family and friends online, education, and learning, but the Metaverse definitely includes many opportunities for you to add money to your bank account. Just like in real life, you can definitely invest in many things in the Metaverse, such as digital real estate.

Actually, the business of Metaverse real estate also coined virtual estate, is already ongoing. Virtual lands have been being bought by many celebrity icons such as rap star Snoop Dog, and international corporations such as Samsung, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and the J. Pierpont Morgan bank for various purposes.

Of course, those who were able to purchase virtual land during the starting bits of Metaverse are now able to have big returns.

The smallest plot of virtual land had a price of $1,000 last year. Today, it is now a whopping $13,000. If you can, you better invest now in virtual properties in Decentraland and in the Sandbox before prices jump even more.

But, Why?

Why should you buy land that does not exist in the physical world? Is it even real? Well, first off, it is real alright. It is as real as the Bitcoins people now purchase which gives them a humongous amount of extra money into their pockets. Additionally, when it comes to investments, buying real estate property is one of the most effective and performative investments there is for having a roof under one’s head is a basic need for any human being.

This also applies to virtual worlds. This is also why in the Sims, the very first mission you have to do is to purchase a house and lot and build a home for your Sim.

Metaverse real estate corporations have the guts to jump the price of virtual lands from $1,000 to $13,000. With this fact, we can derive how progressive this business will be in the near future. Anyone with the funds should start investing in this land as early as now. So that when the creation of the Metaverse is nearly finished and is now accessible to pretty much everyone, you already have a big piece of the pie that you can share with a lot of people at a profitable price.

So, the Next Question Is, How Does One Purchase Estate in the Metaverse?

Cryptocurrencies, a type of digital currency that is different from Gcash and Pay Maya but has the same ring of thought and usage to it, are often the mode of purchasing land in the Metaverse. SAND (the money directly connected to Sandbox, the blockchain that makes it possible for laypeople to create, sell, use, and monetize their virtual reality), MANA (the currency linked to the platform of Decentraland), and Ethereum, one of the popular cryptocurrencies out there.

When it comes to making, owning, and buying land, Decentraland and Sandbox are currently the favorite platforms for Metaverse users.

They have ingrained virtual real estate that is currently being bought by many well-known businessmen and celebrities in the digital land all over the world.

In line with this, buying land on either of the two platforms can definitely be made from the platforms themselves. This way, the transaction of your purchase would be easy like paying for your meal using your Gcash. Make sure you have an online wallet though. Binance and Metamask are currently when it comes trending to storing cryptocurrencies.

However, if you are not a techy person, you can always rely on the third option which is to go through a third-party reseller’s marketplace. Such marketplaces are opensea.io and nonfungible.com which act as Shopee or Lazada versions when it comes to selling, buying, and negotiating property.

Indeed, when it comes to making more money, it always has something to do with the future. After all, that is what most people are working hard for–the future of their children, the future of their country, or their own individual futures.

The Metaverse is the future. If you want to get the most profit out of this upcoming reality of the world, you definitely need to invest in virtual property, jump on the bandwagon, and buy Metaverse real estate.

Metaverse is an incoming want for people. And once the world steps inside of it, they need to purchase a couple of basic needs–one of them being home.

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