What are the Benefits of Buying a Condominium Unit?

By: Crown Asia
What are the Benefits of Buying a Condominium Unit

As time goes by, many individuals consider the things they could buy for themselves as a reward for years of hard work and obtaining enough money to acquire something that will greatly benefit them or something that they have dreamed of for a long time.

Some people spend their money on a dream car, travel to different countries, renovate some or most of their house, or simply give themselves enough time to take a long vacation. However, in today’s generation, the majority of people decide to step up their game and are ecstatic at the thought of looking for an investment property or practicing independence by moving out of their parents’ home and ultimately managing to live separately by buying a condo or a traditional horizontal home.


And since the majority of these people work, they will most likely prefer to live in an area that is highly convenient for them — one that is a short drive from their workplace and adjacent to malls, restaurants, and other institutions that can meet their daily needs. In which, a condominium unit is usually their first choice because most people believe it is the best place to learn how to live alone and practice independence.

While the majority of individuals prefer to acquire an RFO house and lot right away, most home buyers prefer the advantages of purchasing condominium units during their early stages of independence. Hence, this blog will highlight the benefits of buying a condominium unit and which developments offer such features.

Accessibility is the main selling point for a real estate agent

Because most people’s jobs demand their whole attention and time, they mostly settle on to-go meals and fulfill their demands, such as grocery shopping, rushing to the bookstore, banking, etc., in the most convenient area available. However, condominium owners can randomly assist their daily needs and breaks anytime by living in a condo in Bacoor, especially if the development has its own limited commercial spaces, which often accommodate essential enterprises like convenience stores, restaurants, or laundromats — ensuring that their residents are never beyond an elevator ride away from their necessities.


One example is Crown Asia’s Meridian condo, a thriving mid-rise residential real estate development in Bacoor, Cavite. This condo is conveniently positioned in the vibrant city of Bacoor, where lifestyle establishments, commercial areas, and transportation hubs are all within a 3 to 5 kilometer radius from the property. The property may also be accessible to any residents looking for a hobby or a place to spend their breaks, courtesy to its resort-inspired and efficient amenities, as well as its landscaped pocket gardens, making them feel comfortable and satisfied during their stay.

Flexible payment conditions for condo owners

Making a down payment toward the overall contract price, with the balance paid through bank loans, is a common payment arrangement. For pre-selling units, the down payment can also be extended over a specified number of months or years, with the balance due upon turnover. In addition, compared to single-family homes, a condo in Bacoor is typically less expensive.

Security is a priority in condo living

One of the aspects to consider when purchasing a new home is security. As a result, several condominium building provide tenants with gated or locked entrances, doorkeepers, or even security personnel made possible by agreements between the developer and condominium association. Usually the maintenance costs for the guards are paid with the help of the HOA fees. Furthermore, living alone in a condo in Bacoor is more reliable than living alone in a private village since it may lower the chance of home break-ins and because you live in close proximity to many other residents, which means you’ll have a large number of people to turn to for help in case of an emergency.


Likewise, Crown Asia’s Meridian condominium complex is tightly guarded, assuring tenants of their safety and security. As it is believed that without excellent security, such glamorous investment would be unfeasible, hence this condominium is completely secure.

Amenities are at best in a condo community

As residents’ schedules are frequently full, their alone time is likely to be restricted, and they will probably spend the most of it in a short period of time. Those who reside in a condo in Bacoor, on the other hand, can enjoy a little break from their laptops and other work obligations by spending time exploring the various amenities and outdoor space offered by the purchase of their condominium unit. As a matter of fact, these conveniences can make time to get to know your neighbors much easier, especially if you live alone or enjoy socializing amidst the condo communities.

Apart from Meridian, another Crown Asia development provides residents with the same level of world-class conveniences. Valenza Mansions is an Italian-inspired condominium in Laguna province that offers world-class amenities, such as a leisure swimming pool, function room, fitness gym, and a garden area where residents may spend time to unwind and socialize. Other people may also be able to spend more time with their friends and family as well as explore and create a new hobby as a result of this.

Proximity to Entertainment and City life

Condo living has a number of advantages. For instance, since condo buildings are often located in or near central regions, tenants have easy access to neighboring entertainment and business sectors. That means living near workplaces, pubs and restaurants, public transportation, popular attractions, and a variety of events — are all favorable for individuals who value independence while yet preferring to reside near their work area and/or city life. Aside from that, having this kind of access allows residents to save money on transportation while also allowing them to get exercise while on their way to work or at any nearby leisure place.


With that being said, Valenza Mansions is an excellent place to live for such benefits, as the development is located along Sta. Rosa Tagaytay Road, where this neighborhood boasts a superb location that no other development can match. The community is also accessible via CALAX, which is the first and closest departure point while entering Valenza, as well as 4 SLEX exits. In addition, Valenza Mansions is also located near Paseo de Sta., across from Solenad Lifestyle Center, and it is only 30 minutes from Tagaytay, where people may spend their time visiting numerous tourist attractions and enjoying the best cuisine in the vicinity.

Unique theme and exceptional architectural design

While some condo in Bacoor give comfort and affordable choices, Crown Asia developments like Valenza Mansions and Meridian provide a unique theme and exceptional architectural design to keep their residents delighted and enthusiastic. Vista Land‘s Crown Asia takes pride in being the Philippines’ pioneer in premium themed developments, offering a variety of world-class themed communities throughout their numerous developments, in both horizontal and vertical projects.

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