Valenza – Balance Life Within Sta. Rosa

By: Crown Asia
Valenza - Balance Life Within Sta. Rosa

Welcome to Valenza – Where A Balanced Life in Santa Rosa Laguna Awaits!

In preparing for your future, one of the things that you should consider when planning is the kind of house and environment that you see yourself living into, either alone or with your family, in the next years of your life. And aiming for a well-balanced lifestyle is a good start when planning to help point out the different areas of your vision in seeking how you wish to see yourself in the next five years or so, and what kind of environment you wish to have.


Starting off with a very peaceful and comforting view from the gates that will firstly welcome you home.

Valencia is an Italian word that means “balance.” We don’t know what the future holds, it might be based on things that we are doing now, or maybe the decisions that we are currently making. But come to think of it, what kind of future is it that you really want? Does your future life include your future family at your future home? Do you want a classic, but elegant type of home? Or a big and grand house? What kind of balance life is it that you want for your growing future?

Pursuing a balanced life helps you lead a peaceful, happy, and contented life. Other than that, it also somehow secures your future when you maintain a good and healthy balance. And when securing your future, a premium house and lot should be well decided to fully experience what a real home feels like and to have something to look forward to after a very busy day at work or at school.

Valenza offers many available homes in Laguna with different house models that you could choose from. There are also amenities provided that you and your family can enjoy as you bond altogether on a weekend or on any special occasions. It can also be a place where you can practice and improve your skills and hobbies more while also enjoying the fresh air and great view that it gives as you spend your time outside. 

Valenza is a 25 hectares community that ensures not just the charm of old Europe style houses and unique amenities, but also the safety and security considering that Valenza is being well-managed and supervised by a premium real estate developer. Therefore, there are guards scattered in every area around the village to maintain and assure the security and safeness of the homeowners. 

The Highly Accessible Laguna

Aside from the enchanting beauty and comfort offered by Valenza, the location is also highly accessible since Sta. Rosa, Laguna is only at the tip of Metro Manila. It is also surrounded by transport hubs, major roads, the best restaurants in Sta. Rosa, and numerous tourist spots that you can visit when you plan to go out with your family, wish to explore more, or simply taking a break and in need of fresh air. You can also travel via Daang Hari Road, Vista Alabang for less traffic and to enjoy the beauty of nature as you travel to Laguna, coming from other South provinces.

Laguna has the largest lake in the Philippines called Laguna de Bay and it is the birthplace of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. There are also tourist attractions that offers different kinds of activities like rides, wood carving, hiking, swimming, water sports, and many more. It is a well-known province where popular tourist destinations like Pagsanjan falls, Mount Makiling, Hot Springs, Hidden Valley, Japanese Garden, and Enchanted Kingdom can be found.

It takes approximately 51 minutes to travel from Laguna to Metro Manila and has a lot of awaiting adventures that will make you feel thrilled, excited, and relaxed, since it is also known as a tourist province that will make you come back for more.

Experience The Beauty of Suburban Living if you Choose Sta. Rosa

The Lion City of the South named Santa Rosa, is a province that was once a rural town and now an active community. It is also known as the heart of Laguna province, a first-class city and the second largest government unit located in the west of Laguna de Bay. It is described as a go-to place when people are tired of the crowded and polluted place of Metro Manila.

Santa Rosa was said to have a possibility of becoming the so-called Makati of the South ever since it was declared as a city of the Philippines last July 2004. Eventually, it has already reached an income of 1 billion pesos, and the interests of foreign and local investors continue to increase after more than a decade which then resulted in more than double its yearly income.

Santa Rosa is grooming to be one of the contributors to the country’s expanding number of business hubs. It is classified as the Motor City of the Philippines, as it is known as one of the major economic drivers (the car manufacturing industry) and a host to many very well-known car brands in the Philippines, which all contribute to 95% of the whole country’s total automotive production. It is now the richest city outside Metro Manila because of its industrial parks, economic zones, car dealerships, shopping malls, different kinds of manufacturing industries, and major commercial banks operating in this city. 

House Showcase:

Your Life in Valenza’s Biggest and Grandest House in Crown Asia

Franco Model Home

Franco Model - House and lot for sale in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Franco Model – House and lot for sale in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Having a balance life to your growing future can possibly be experienced with the very captivating, Italian-inspired Franco Model Home of Valenza, as it is classified as the biggest and greatest house in Crown Asia with a house floor area of 242 square meters built on a minimum lot area of 216 square meters. The two-storey premium single detached house is good for families and friends who wish to live together in a one big house with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The house also features a provision of three carports in front, a painted steel with a pitcher-type locket main door, a powder-coated aluminum framed windows with clear glass panels, and a stucco finish with decorative concrete moulding as an exterior wall design that radiates the Italian vibe more from the outside.


As you enter the astonishing two-storey premium home, you are welcomed by a magnificent large living room ideal for doing fun activities with your family, relatives, or visitors, which then extends to the dining area on the ground floor. Beside the dining area is where the heart of the home can be found which is the kitchen. It has a modular type base and overhead cabinets with stainless steel kitchen sink and faucet on a natural granite countertop. Utility room is deliberately connected to the kitchen, only being separated by a door, which then also connects to the maid’s room that has its own personal toilet and bath inside.

The last feature of the ground floor is a guest room on the right side from the main door upon entry. Under the stairs just ahead of the main door, is a toilet room which is also beside the door entering the guest room with a toilet and bath inside as well.


At the end of the day, we always seek rest and time for ourselves to relax in the comforts of our beds, aside from spending time bonding with your family. The second-floor features 3 private rooms to rest and sleep on, a common toilet and bath for the whole floor, hallway, family room, and the balcony. The biggest private room is obviously the master’s bedroom where it has a walk-in closet as well as its own toilet and bath inside. Across the master’s bedroom is the hallway that leads you to the family room and the balcony area. Beside the family room is the remaining two private rooms, each with closets in it, and has a space that is fit only for one person and enough for personal things including the bed.

The Italian-inspired Franco Model Home is an overall family house that brings you not just the feeling of being luxurious, but also can make you feel what home really feels like. It provides spaces in different areas to keep your relationship with your family active and healthy by being big enough for family activities, but just the right amount of space to be able to still see and bump into each other inside the big and happy home.

Valenza’s Classic-Premium-Luxury Model Home

Beryl Model House  


Beryl is a two-storey single detached house and lot with 4 bedrooms, family area, office/den, maid’s room, two car garage, lanai, front porch, balcony, 3 toilet and bath, 1 powder room, living room, dining area, and kitchen.

The Beryl model house of Valenza is a two-storey house whose lot area is 150 square meters and the floor area is 177 square meters. It is a house that is great for starting families or a medium family. It has 2 carports, a classic interior made with plain cement finished, painted fiber cement boards on light steel frame, an exterior design that is a stucco finish and decorative concrete mouldings, lanai/porch, balconies that are all washout finish, roofing that has pre-painted concrete roof tiles with undersheeting, a main door made of painted steel with a pincher-type lockset, interior doors that are painted flush with cylindrical knobset, and windows that are powder-coated aluminum framed with clear glass panels.


As you enter the Beryl’s house model, you will see a classic and luxury living room, enough space for family members and some friends that extends to the dining area with a great view of the lanai on the left side.


The kitchen is the heart of the house. Many people say that your kitchen describes who you are. Kitchen tiles are 60×60 homogeneous tiles countertop for main kitchen with stainless kitchen sink and faucet. It is strategically connected to the office/den and to the maid’s room.


Beryl’s 2nd Floor

At the end of the day, we need to rest and relax. The second floor has 3 bedrooms, a common toilet, hallway, family area and a balcony. There is also a hallway that leads you to the family area and at the end of it will lead you to the other two private rooms.

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A master’s bedroom has a walk-in closet and a toilet & bath with a bathtub in it. And since it is the master’s bedroom, it is the biggest room on the whole 2nd floor.


A common toilet and bath are located near the 2 other rooms.  All toilets and bath including those on the 1st floor has 30×30 ceramic tiles, ceramic toilet fixtures with shower set.  


The other room in this model house has a manly design and can be the room for your future son.


And the other room has a girly design that may be for your future daughter.


The Franco and Beryl Model house are both located in Valenza at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 3 minutes away from Soledad Nuvali and 20 minutes away from Tagaytay. These two model houses are two of the biggest available homes and ready for occupancy in Valenza. Other than that, Valenza is also accessible to malls, schools, and hospitals in case of emergencies.

If you’re currently looking for your potential future house, Valenza can be the ideal home for you! It is a good place to stay and live for your future family and a vacation house if you just want a place to stay at, when visiting Laguna or other nearby locations.

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