Types of Italian House Designs

By: Rayanara Geronimo

Have plans on living abroad but don’t have the chance yet? Want to experience a glimpse of Italy? Crown Asia is probably the answer to these questions. A home with scenic places and landscapes can be achieved by looking for themed living spaces. Living in completed themed villages in the Philippines provides a relaxing landscape view as all the house and lot in the village are following a particular theme that creates harmony.

Themed villages provide a cleaner view scape that is pleasing to the eye while still being able to grasp a sense of security due to it being a gated community. Themed villages also provide a sense of luxury as it creates an impression that houses and lots in these areas are higher than in other villages. One of the most common bases for the themed villages in the Philippines is inspired by Italian house designs such as Crown Asia’s Italian-influenced subdivisions like Ponticelli and Citta Italia in Bacoor, Cavite.

The Italian-influenced house and lot pose a lot of styles that are still visible today, and in this country, the highlighted element of these styles of housing is that their roof uses terra cotta tiling which makes it unique among other houses that use a standard metal sheet roofing. If you’re wondering what Italian homes look like, check the details below.

This List Will Provide the Type of Italian House Design That Is Perfect for You.

Italian Villa

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An Italian villa house type originated in Rome, Italy where it was described as an extensive property owned by wealthy people of Rome as a vacation place or a retreat house away from the populace. Villas before were also made to be self-sufficient as possible causing some owners to have their vineyards or farm on their properties. Today, the term villa is often associated with resorts or places as a break from everyday life. Just like the original floor plans of the villa, the interior, and exterior design today is characterized by a comfortable house with a long driveway away from public roads or at least a courtyard as a means of the property owner’s privacy. A simple Italian house design that can fit any individual’s lifestyle.

Chalet Style

Another Italian house design is the Chalet-style house. The Chalet style originated in Europe with a very simple design, and the most notable feature is its pyramid-like structure. This type of housing can be commonly seen near the mountains and lakeside communities where its main attraction is the breathtaking landscape view outdoors. These types of living spaces are known for their dramatic triangular profile and are typically made of natural and sometimes unadulterated materials to match nature. The original architecture and design of the house are compact and do not require a vast excavation for setting up its foundation. This is also perfect for having space for landscape and adding more life to the Italian-influenced house and lot. Its interior features a spacious open floor with a high-vault ceiling which makes the house look expansive and elegant to the eyes. These type of interiors also allows high airflow ventilation which makes the homes cozier inside. In the Philippines, this type of housing is typically seen in staycation areas due to the relaxing vibe it projects to those staying in this kind of house.


Tuscan-designed houses are known for their rustic and brick-like hues. This design of housing originated in Tuscany, Italy, a place renowned for its olives, wine, and other agricultural products. It was typically associated with sturdy furnishings with exquisite iron accents, terra cotta tiles or sometimes with mosaic designs, and some large murals placed on the walls using natural materials. The Tuscan style of house design is heavily resembled by earthy colors and the iron materials in furnishings that highlight the rustic view of the house project an old-world European style of housing. It creates an atmosphere where newly married individuals would want to fall in love again. This Tuscan style is one of the most common Italian-influenced house designs available here such as the Crown Asia’s Francesco and Martini design models. While they are introduced with some modern design concepts, it is still able to provide that rustic vibe of housing design.


Mediterranean style of house and lot is known for places with a warm climate that gives a feel of being near seaside resorts. The use of famous, red-painted terra cotta roof tiles, traditionally white-painted walls, and stone details are the most notable characteristics of the Mediterranean style of the house. This style features a bright and warm overall view which makes it suitable for indoor-outdoor living and cost-saving as it allows natural light to brighten the home throughout the day. The Mediterranean style today was mixed with modern styles of housing to provide greater comfort by eliminating some challenges that go with this design by adding more windows and using more metal materials. This style offers a simple yet exquisite design that makes it a timeless design concept.

Venetian Gothic

Named after the place of origin, the Venetian Gothic is still seen in the structures of Venice today. One of its known characteristics is its pointed arches, asymmetrically, and emphasis on light. Its design is mostly influenced by the classics and later — with the pointed arches — the neo-classical design, which is what Venice architecture is known for now. One of the best examples of Venetian Gothic design is the Doge’s Palace in Italy; and for other locations, the houses along Lake Como could also be an example of a type of Venetian Gothic style.

Crown Asia for Everyone

With the variety of Italian house designs available to suit everyone’s preferences, individuals who want to experience Italian architecture and interiors will have many options to choose which type of home they would want to purchase. Fortunately, Crown Asia has a lot of Italian-influenced villas available to project an Italian lifestyle while still in this country.  Every house has its character, but being able to find a home is a different thing. Build a home with Crown Asia as Crown Asia still has plenty of things to offer. May it be in Laguna, Cavite, Metro Manila, or a different province in the country, discover more properties for sale and find the one that would best fit your lifestyle. Crown Asia also offer RFO house and lots where everything is completed, from living rooms up to the bedrooms.

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