Top 5 Cozy Coffee Places in Taguig City Perfect for the Rain Weather

By: Gabriel Angelo Javellana

Coffee is one of the best-tasting beverages out there. Next to water and the occasional glass of wine, this cup of joe has been the choice of many to become productive, a comforting partner to pair up with a binge session, or a social starter to many great connections.

It is no secret that coffee lovers are everywhere and it is a prevalent icon to modern society. Even dating back to the olden times on how previous generations brewed the sweet aroma of coffee beans. When you think of cozy, coffee is one of the images you can see.

This is true as well for the city of Taguig. One of the fastest-growing cities in Metro Manila, this first-rate city is one of the forerunners of comfort. With the level of lifestyle that they have brought to its citizens, rain or shine, the city offers a huge variety of conveniences available to you 24/7. Taguig is abundant to its core with amazing coffee shops and bars for night outs. From minimalist designs to familiar-looking places that remind you of the provinces or your home, you can choose a lot of places here to have your desired coffee fix.

In this list, we provide five curated best coffee shops in Taguig and Bonifacio Global City, the capital of this fine city area in Metro Manila, where you can book your next productive sessions, hang out with friends and/or family, or simply enjoy a new area to chill in or try a new coffee flavor.

Here Are Some of the Best Cozy Coffee Shop in the City of Taguig to Try Out Beverages and Coffee Drinks Amidst the Cozy Rainy Weather:

1. Frank & Dean Coffee

Photo from facebook.com/frankdeancoffee

This coffee shop is sure to attract the retrophiles and old souls out there during the rainy weather! The name of the shop comes from two of the most iconic musical artists out there, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Essentially, the cafe offers a lot of coffee flavors from different parts of the world: Brazil, Vietnam, and even our local, Bukidnon!

The overall vibe of the place is a mix of modern minimalist and retro vibes that is sure to be your next hangout place inside BGC. They also offer ready-to-go coffee bottles for a quick and easy drink!

2. Caravan Black

Photo from facebook.com/photo/?fbid=445737407571179&set=a.433321142146139

Caravan Black is one of the unique cafes in Taguig that offers surprising twists on the usual coffee flavor. The cafe offers a mix of coffee and alcohol (e.g. vodka) for coffee lovers who want an extra kick to their cup.

So if you want unique and experimental coffee flavors, then head over to Caravan Black.

3. Wildflour Cafe

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery harkens a posh kind of design to its stores, which is perfectly complemented by the scenery of BGC. This cafe and bakery offers a variety of coffee flavors and pastries that are guaranteed to have your taste buds explode.

4. Sunnies Cafe

Sunnies Cafe is a subsidiary brand of Sunnies Studios, the company that specializes in selling eyeglasses and other specs. The cafe is of an LA-inspired design and is minimalistic in nature. Sunnies Cafe is very Instagrammable and a lot of people go to it for its chill aesthetique.

Photo from facebook.com/sunniescafe

What is also nice about this cafe is that you can order dishes as well, since this is a cafe and restaurant fusion. Simplicity is its nature at Sunnies Cafe, so if comfort food and a great hangout place are what you want, then head over to this establishment.

5. Coffee Project – Vista Mall Taguig

Coffee Project is a one-of-a-kind cafe franchise. It oozes a kind of ambiance that reminds its customers of home. Besides the atmosphere, Coffee Project serves a myriad of exceptional beverages and good food. From jam-packed rice meals, the warm smell of freshly baked pastries, and a bunch of freshly brewed coffee, frappes, hot chocolate, and teas, either hot or cold.

Furthermore, Coffee Project is frequently visited by students around Taguig! Because the space provides great wi-fi speeds and is accessible on a road that is near their homes and school vicinity. It is actually their safe space for late-night paper sessions or a place to hang out after a day in school.

Visit the Coffee Project – located on the 2nd floor (exterior) of the Phase 1 mall wing.

These are the five coziest coffee shops in Taguig City that we have picked out for you to try out soon!

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Aside from cafes or coffee shops, there are also various cuisines in Taguig from Japanese resto to other Western-inspired dishes.

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