Tips To Organize and Maximize Your Closet Space

By: Gianina Tablizo
Tips To Organize and Maximize Your Closet Space

Everyone at some point has envisioned their very own dream closet. Whether it’s a walk-in closet in your luxury house with shelves for their beloved shoes and bags or a rather conservative and minimal space with maximized usage for condo unit owners.

No matter what type of space you have, a well-arranged wardrobe would not only help organize and simplify your morning routine; it offers you enough space for some new shoes and clothes. Maximize your space so not only can you store more items in your closet, but also keep an organized space overall.

Here are some tips to organize and maximize your wardrobe space and get that Pinterest closet you’ve been dreaming of inside your very own house and lot in Laguna.

1. Keep, fix, or let go

One big step into having a clean and organized closet is letting go of items that no longer have a purpose. That might be old pieces of clothes, outdated styles, or pieces that are no longer functional.

A good idea to do this is to separate everything into three piles, one pile for items you know you would need and want to keep, a second pile for items that can still be repaired or repurposed, and a third pile for items that can either be given away, donated or disposed of.

This way, not only are you decluttering your closet, but also making way for new items to come.

photo of a woman folding her clothes

2. Fold your clothes efficiently

One way a closet gets easily clogged or would look overfilled are clothes that are not folded properly or efficiently. Properly folding your clothing items can make a huge difference on the space it occupies inside your closet and even prolong the life of your clothes.

Pieces like t-shirts can be folded efficiently by folding them in half once more, while others can be kept in hangers.

3. Invest in bins or closet dividers

Small items like socks can easily get lost or mixed up with other clothing items. Having designated bins or dividers in your closet ensures that everything stays in its place and is well segregated. This not only makes your closet look and feel organized, but this can save you time dressing up as you no longer have to look for that missing piece of sock in the morning.

4. Use multilayer hangers

It is inevitable that some clothing items have to be stored using a clothes hanger. Utilize your hanger space by using multilayer hangers that can save you the space in your closet or simply take the keyring of a soda can as a hook for other hangers if you want to customize how many hangers are connected.

This method of storing your clothing items can also make all the contents of in your closet visible when you open your wardrobe.

5. Utilize your closet doors

The doors of a closet can also serve as additional closet space for items like bags, scarves, and other small items. Investing in a hanging door organizer can store your extra items so you can fully maximize the space of your closet, this way, you can mix and match your favorite accessories easier now that they are also kept in your closet.

6. Utilize vacuum sealing bags for larger items

If you store larger items like comforters, blankets, or other bed linens in your closet, this one might be the tip for you! We sometimes have limited storage space especially if we are living in a condominium. Simply place these bulky items in a vacuum-sealing bag to flatten them and see for yourself that these items occupy only a fraction of the space. This is perfect for those who love to keep their closet looking very minimal.

photo of an assorted color of shirts in hangers

7. Invest in classic and basic clothing pieces

With all the passing trends in fashion, these days comes the unnecessary clutter when these trends are no longer in style. Investing in timeless clothing pieces not only keeps your closet from being too full of clutter but remains an elegant style of wardrobe. Also, this also lessens the environmental impact of fast fashion, making your closet also a sustainable one.

Choosing a timeless theme for your wardrobe is also a great idea, just like the timelessly elegant Italian-themed community of Valenza Sta. Rosa.

8. Check for durability

Speaking of investing in classic pieces, one thing to take into account when shopping for clothes is the quality of the item. Pieces that are not only timeless but also durable and are sure to last long will not only save you in cost but also save you the time of repeatedly purchasing the same thing over and over again. Think of it as a long-term investment that is sure to last long, just like investing in a condominium in Laguna.

photo of a luxurious closet

9. Organize by category

Another closet organizing method that makes a huge difference when it comes to organizing your closet is to segregate each clothing item into its proper categories from tops, bottoms, jackets and others. This not only keeps everything easy to find but also keeps every piece of clothing in circulation because everything is visible and you will always know where to look first when getting ready for the day.

It also helps to survey which clothing items are your go-to depending on the occasion, the place you are going, or the weather for the day.

10. Switching for sliding closet doors

When space is quite limited or you really would want to save on space, switching to sliding doors is the best option as it uses less space than conventional closet doors. This may be a big step to some spaces as there is a need for some heavy installation. Sliding doors also allow for a bigger mirror to be installed on the outside, which can also serve as room décor and give the illusion of an even bigger space and effectively reflects light to the room.

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