Tips on Positioning Mirrors in Your Home According to Feng Shui

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
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While most homeowners decorate their space with their personal aesthetics, most refer to the “feng shui” especially with feng shui mirror placement. Feng shui is the traditional Chinese placement of things at a person’s home. Feng shui mirrors are often known to bring in good wealth and vibes and also negative energy. When done correctly, a person’s home can improve drastically.

There a lot to learn about feng shui such as feng shui mirrors in bedroom or about the bagua mirror. While it may seem traditional, building one’s space or home whether inside or outside, can use a few ideas from this old principle.

What is Feng Shui

An early ancient Chinese practice, Feng shui is the art of placement; Where homeowners should place their furniture, mirror, and the people that will be occupying the room. In Feng shui, it is believed these factors affect how energy and experiences can be affected in a certain space.

While it’s simply said, Feng Shui is more than just “moving things around your home-” for the sake of tradition, it’s a necessary tool that allows homeowners to feel less stressed, improved well-being, and invite joy to one’s life. So if it’s the bedroom, improved sleep can be expected with proper Feng Shui. The living room can also invite joyful energy especially with visitors.

What to know about Feng Shui mirror placement

Feng shui mirror when placed correctly can be a bringer of good vibes and overall wellness to one’s place. Here are a few tips, ideas, and what to avoid in feng shui placement.

Bagua mirror

Bagua mirrors are typically used outdoors and are said to be protective amulet for deflecting or warding-off any “poison arrows” or “sha qi” in classic Feng Shui beliefs. Bagua mirrors are 8-sided octagon shaped with either red, gold, or any combination of green and black.

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To place a Bagua mirror, choose a large structure like a corner of a building or sharp roof line that’s directed towards the front door. Hang the bagua mirror above the front door which faces towards the structure.

The living room

The living room area can benefit a lot from its various display of mirrors if chosen wisely. Make sure that for big mirror displays, it is situated in the right bagua area that loves the water feng shui element that the mirror can represent. Be sure that the mirror is placed high enough so that there is no use of them as actual mirrors, just a reflection of light. It is not meant for any family member especially the little ones, to see their reflections chopped or incomplete.

Mirror above the bed

One area in the bedroom the experts warn never to hang a mirror is over the bed. The weight of placing an object above one’s resting place makes a mirror on the ceiling a big no-no. Feng shui is about having a space that is meant to make one feel safe and secure. It’s difficult to feel safe when something heave is handing over one’s bedroom.

Mirror behind the bed

An important Feng shui principle is the concept of placing the bed in the commanding position of one’s bedroom which faces the door. The door that leads into a rom is also important in Feng shui. Generally, experts do not recommend placing a mirror across the door leading to the room, but to the wall perpendicular to it. Those that have placed their bed in the correct position means the mirror won’t be placed behind the bed but along its side.

Mirror facing the bed

As someone concerned with Feng shui bedroom mirrors, pay attention with this detail. It’s important not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite or facing the bed. Feng shui experts say this can promote intrusion of a third party into a couple’s relationship and even encourage infidelity. If a mirror in the bedroom gives off a uncomfortable or worried vibe, it’s definitely a concern so pay close attention to that.

Facing the window

Feng shui often can be compared to as “windows to your soul”. Most experts will say that one should be mindful of what the mirror will reflect both inside and outside the house. For instance, those who want to expand their space and bring in more light should ensure that they’re reflecting a beautiful garden and not a pile of bills on ones desk.

Feng shui mirror placement at the kitchen

Only use mirrors in the kitchen if its tiny and decorative. Mirrors bring the water element in feng shui where kitchens are domain in the fire elements. Two elements will clash and create a conflicting energy in the space where happy and nurturing energy is needed. However, it would still work for an open concept kitchen that flows through the breakfast nook or dining area.

The bathroom

Having mirrors in the bathroom is obviously a necessity, however, it’s best to use a smaller mirror where a bagua is located which does not like the water element. Otherwise, bigger mirrors are best as this creates a purifying and cleansing action which shows a fresh reflection of light.

Staircase placement

The hallway can be a benefit for mirrors just like the main entry, this can apply to both big and small hallways. However, what would the mirror reflect if it were to be placed there? Another feng shui mirror placement to avoid is placing a mirror facing the staircase. Why? because the are considered challenging the feng shui belief since it doubles the unsettling energy of the staircase. The same applies to other areas like bathroom, laundry, or even the garage door.

Dining room

Mirrors in the dining room is an example of excellent use of mirrors according to traditional feng shui as it doubles the energy for the amount of food, which invites more wealth and abundance. It also creates more light in the space. Use a few crystals in the area which can magnify the goodness of the mirror. Just make sure that the mirror is placed where it reflects the dining table, bring the fresh energy from the window view, rather than reflecting the door of the bathroom or closet nearby.

Main entry

The main entry to one’s home is one of the best places for feng shui as it brings more light and practical for checking one’s look before leaving the house. However, it can turn negative if the mirror is placed facing the front door as it pushes away the good incoming energy (chi) that homeowners would like their homes to have.

At the home office

Positioning the mirror behind one’s desk is one of the worse positioning in feng shui. Remember that whatever the mirror reflects is important as to where it is placed. It is also not recommended that it faces the office door directly as this will push the good energy away and leave a space without energetic nourishment.

What to avoid with feng shui mirror placement

  • Avoid placing the mirror behind a person
  • Do not put it up the bedroom
  • Do not place mirrors were negative energy is facing such as staircases, closet doors, etc.)
  • Don’t place mirrors were only cropped or half reflection is shown of family members, friends, guests, etc.
  • Avoid old, distorted mirrors
  • Never place mirrors facing each other
  • Don’t use abstract, fragmented mirrors

To sum it up:

Feng shui may be a Chinese tradition, but most homeowners believe that it does have its benefits. So now that this article has given ideas for feng shui placement, decorating a condo in Tagaytay will surely be easier as this ensures more ways to attract good vibes and more wealth. Regardless of one’s belief, this is definitely a good place to start when building up one’s dream home.

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