Tips on Buying Furniture for Your New Home

By: Levi Santiago
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Every homeowner will make the decision to buy furniture. Finding out the best furniture to buy, however, takes time and careful consideration. To buy the best furniture for your home is to find furniture that will meet both your wants and the parameters of practicality that you will set for your home designing process. The best home designing process is subjective.

As a homeowner, what you’re looking for, essentially, is a proper set of established guidelines that will help you find the best furniture for the spaces in your three storey house. If you’re looking for tips on what to consider when you go out to buy furniture, then the content of this blog may help you in forming the best considerations to take note of for your home designing.

Make a rough idea of how you want your furniture placed

For every homeowner, whether they have purchased a new house or they have lived in a property for a significant amount time, what they typically possess is a list comprised of furniture that they believe are must-haves and furniture that they have been eyeing for a while now but are still on the fence when it comes to purchasing it. When buying furniture, it is important to enumerate what kind of furniture you want for your house while also categorizing them into which ones are essentials and which ones you are fine with passing up if the decision calls for it.

Find examples of home design

Apart from narrowing down your choices by deciding what kinds of furniture you like and yet categorizing which ones are non-negotiables and which ones are simply wants that you can trade off if needed, what is helpful is a derivation of inspirations into your brainstorming. There are many sources from which you can find examples of home design, such as from magazines, catalogues, and sites on the internet like Pinterest.

If you’re looking for sources of inspiration for home design, with a particular focus on furniture, you will find that the examples are abundant. Therefore, you will likely come across an aesthetic that will catch your eye and will want to apply to your three storey house through furniture.

Seek insights from others

Another way to introduce inspiration to your process of brainstorming and figuring out what kind of furniture home design is best for you is to reach other to other people to provide you with information that they know when it comes to home design. You can reach out to your fellow neighbors and ask them if you could view the interior design of their homes; and perhaps from this you can acquire ideas on how their furniture layout is done.

Furthermore, you can consider seeking a professional designer’s help. The professional designer will assess the wants that you have in mind for your furniture and provide you with options under the preferences and price range that you will give the designer.

Know the measurements of your available spaces

An important characteristic to consider for a room when it comes to home design is the measurement of the room’s dimensions. You must take into account the space provided by your room, especially if there are existing furniture that are already placed in the said room and you are planning to place another furniture in the space.

Get your hands on a measuring tape and measure the length and width of the room you plan to place new furniture in. Moreover, measure the height of the room if the furnishing that you plan to bring in takes a notable amount of vertical space. In addition, it is beneficial to measure the dimensions of the doors of the spaces you plan to place furniture in.

These measurements are important because you will be able to assess if, given the dimensions of the furniture you consider buying, the furniture in question will fit or take up too much space in the room. Measurements will vary for each room, although you will likely have a lot more space when considering outdoor furniture.

Furthermore, you have to ensure that the furnishing, when delivered, can fit through the door that enters in the room where the furniture is supposed to be placed. Although if it is the case that the furniture can be brought into the space disassembled if the furniture is too big to fit through the door assembled, then you may opt to do that if ever you genuinely want to purchase the furnishing.

Determine the price range of your furniture

What you can expect when furnishing a house or buying furniture for your spaces is that it can become expensive. When you increase considerations like the quantity and quality of furniture, then the total spending will be much higher.

Because of this, you will need to set parameters on what your maximum spending will be furniture. Moreover, you will have to determine what your price range will be for each of the furniture you are planning on buying. Certain furniture that are deemed essential and experience frequent use by inhabitants of a home are called by some sources as “investment pieces.”

Examples of investment pieces include beds, sofas, and dining sets (i.e., a dining table including chairs). If you’re considering furniture for the living room, then the typical investment pieces are sofas, chairs, tables, and other furnishings meant for the purpose of relaxation and lounging.

When determining the price ranges to designate with each kind of furniture that you are planning to purchase, it is helpful to have assessed beforehand what your investment pieces are and the order of priority of your furniture wants that you will accommodate if there is still enough budget left to spend after taking into account the prices of your investment pieces.

Have a color scheme for your rooms

A major characteristic that impacts the aesthetic of your interior design is the color palette of your rooms. It is said that color can influence the mood of those staying in a room; and if you are going to be living in the spaces whose rooms’ design you are figuring out, then determining the color scheme that you would like for your rooms is important.

Many sources indicate that neutral colors of whites, grays, and beiges possess enough versatility to look good in most homes. It may serve to benefit you to check out magazines, catalogues, and sites on the internet like Pinterest, where all of which will be able to provide you with countless examples on great color scheme combinations that you can consider when purchasing furniture for your spaces. Furniture that have neutral colors or different shades of whatever wood material catches your mind are likely found as examples in different sources of inspiration for home design.


One of the aspects of the home designing process is to buy furniture. When considering to buy furniture for your three storey house, there are several aspects to consider, such as determining your price range, the color scheme that you want to implement onto your furniture and rooms, the dimensions of your furnishings, and the order of priority of your furniture with a high priority placed on investment pieces.

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