Tips on Battling the Delta Variant Virus

By: Matthew Du
Tips on Battling the Delta Variant Virus

The world was starting to slowly go back to normal when a new form of COVID struck. And this time, this virus was even worse, spreading even faster. The Delta variant is causing a frenzy and governments are frantically putting their countries on lockdown to avoid another, possibly even worse, COVID situation.

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The delta variant is thought to be even deadlier than the original virus. Though more research is needed, a study has shown that this variant is around twice as likely to get people infected hospitalized as those infected with the first version. This means you have to do as much as you can to avoid contracting this variant and the original variant. Here’s everything you need to know about the delta variant and 7 ways you can avoid contracting it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Delta Variant of the COVID-19 Virus

Knowledge is power. And that means knowing everything you can about the delta variant can arm you with what you need to avoid it. To help you understand how grave the situation is, here’s everything you need to know about the delta variant from what it is to the countries most affected by it.

What the Delta Variant Is and the Difference Between This and the Original Alpha Variant

We might have thought we had the COVID situation under control but the entrance of this new Delta variant has proven otherwise. The Delta variant is a SARS-CoV-2 mutation. Areas in the Philippines and other countries with low vaccination rates are now greatly affected by the Delta variant and people are rapidly getting infected.

A few notable differences between the delta variant and the other virus strains of COVID are this delta variant is far more contagious, a recent study has shown that is also deadlier. Let’s discuss both differences in detail.

The Delta variant is more contagious than any other strain. In fact, it is already 50% more contagious than the alpha variant making this variant a more dominant one. Since it was identified last December 2020, it has already spread rapidly to different corners of the world from India to Great Britain to the Philippines. It is also described by many as the “fastest and fittest” version of COVID.

This variant is also deadlier. Note, however, that more research needs to be done to fully prove this statement. But a study on the people infected by this variant shows that they are twice as likely to get hospitalized than if they were infected by the alpha variant. These two differences show just how scary this disease is and how we need to do everything we can to avoid it.

When It Started

This highly contagious variant was said to have started in India in December. It then spread to other countries most especially the United Kingdom wherein 99% of new cases are found.

How the Delta Variant Spreads in the Community

It spreads similarly to how the alpha variant spreads. It spreads mainly through close and physical contact. If you are at most 6 feet close to a person with this disease, you have likely contracted it. If someone infected sneezes or coughs and any droplet of their saliva lands in your mouth, nose, or you’ve inhaled it into your lung, this is another way you can get the disease and another way it can spread.

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Some research says that COVID spreads through surfaces. If someone infected with the delta variant has touched the surface you are touching or have touched, you could contract the disease. Especially when right after, you start touching your face.

The Symptoms of this Variant

More research needs to be done to answer this question seeing as it is still coming to light now. However, some symptoms related to the delta variant include headaches, a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. These were all reported by the patients suffering from this variant. The usual symptoms related to the alpha variant such as loss of taste and smell are not as prominent.

If you feel any kind of symptoms, be sure to call your doctor or consult a medical professional. Better be safe than sorry.

Vaccines Vs. The Delta Variant: Do they work?

The truth is, you aren’t 100% safe against this delta variant. But with the vaccine, your risk of contracting the disease dramatically decreases. For the Pfizer vaccine, for instance, a study in the UK was held showing evidence that after two doses, the vaccine is 64% to 96% effective against hospitalization. This is a great sign.

For Moderna, this vaccine is estimated to be around 72% effective. These vaccines offer significant protection against the delta variant making it a must to get vaccinated. If you want to avoid contracting this disease, protect yourself by going to the closest vaccination center.

Countries Most Affected by This Variant

Proving just how fast this delta variant spreads, there were around 62 countries with citizens already affected by this disease on June 1, 2021. Two weeks after, it had spread to 80 countries and by the first week of July, the variant had spread to an astounding 104 countries. It is believed that the delta variant was documented first in India. The two most affected countries include India and Great Britain.

7 Tips to Avoid and Battle the Delta Variant

When it comes to COVID, there isn’t time to break or bend the rules. This is life or death. If you do not want to contract the disease, do these 7 things to avoid and battle the Delta variant.

1. Get vaccinated.

Vaccines like Moderna and Pfizer have been proven to work. And while masks are required or highly encouraged, they don’t work as well as vaccines do. Vaccines are our best defense. And if you do not want to be a part of the number of people who’ve contracted COVID and are currently sick and suffering, then getting vaccinated is something you should do.

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List your name down as someone looking to get vaccinated. Wait for your appointment. Once it comes up, go to your nearest vaccination center and get yourself vaccinated.

2. Always wear a mask.

Even if you’re vaccinated, you have to wear a mask. Even if you’ll be walking out of your house for 5 seconds, wear a mask. You cannot risk contracting COVID. The mask might make breathing a bit harder and wearing it might be uncomfortable but comfort is a small price to pay in the mission to save your life.

We’ve mentioned that COVID is spread through droplets of saliva. If you’re talking to someone who is unknowingly infected, their droplets of saliva will not touch your mouth or nose seeing as they’re covered. And if they’re wearing a mask, saliva cannot escape lessening the risk. Wear a mask everywhere you go unless you’re back at home.

3. Avoid going out and stay at home.

Don’t go out. We understand that you miss traveling and staying at home within the same 4 walls every day can be tiring but, going out means exposing yourself to the virus. Try doing some fun activities instead that doesn’t require leaving. Play board games with your family. Play fetch with your dog. Go camping in your backyard. Paint. You can do anything as long as you can do it without going out.

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4. Observe social distancing.

When you leave home, be sure to observe social distancing. The appropriate amount of distance between two or more people should be at least 6 feet. This is a safe distance and you should observe it whenever you’re out in public.

5. Wash your hands frequently.

Washing your hands can kill bacteria. Make sure to wash your hands before you start touching your face. Washing your hands before every meal, and when you get home or after you’ve touched a surface in malls or any public space is a must.

photo of children wearing face masks before going to school

This is a great way to avoid contracting COVID and the delta variant.

6. Avoid meeting with unvaccinated people.

If you’re vaccinated, that’s great! However, some people aren’t. And that makes them vulnerable. Do not meet with unvaccinated people both for their safety and yours. If they carry the disease, there is a risk, albeit small, that you can contract it as well.

7. Monitor your health daily.

Monitor your health every day to make sure that you are not experiencing any COVID-related symptoms. A week or 2 after you’ve exited your home, be alert for symptoms like fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Take your temperature and drink lots of fluids.

FAQ Section

1. Does the vaccine work against the Delta variant?

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Though there is a risk of contracting the virus still, these vaccines dramatically reduce that risk. For instance, if you take the Pfizer vaccine, the risk goes from 100% to around 16 to 4%. That’s a great difference. These vaccines can protect you from contracting COVID. So if you don’t want to get sick, be sure to get vaccinated.

2. Will we be quarantined again because of this variant?

This depends on your country and government. The government might choose to put the country on lockdown and you’d have to be quarantined. This is a sign that the delta variant has reached your country and is affecting it greatly.

photo of a covid vaccine

If you are in lockdown, be sure to follow the guidelines and avoid going out as much as possible. Only go out if absolutely necessary and avoid large gatherings. Looking for a house for rent or a house for sale in Laguna and other places with enough backyard space and enough room to make you move and feel less confined? Contact Crown Asia now.

Countries are going on lockdown once again. People don’t know what to think. Are we just back where we started? Are things ever going back to normal? No matter what happens, all you can do is make sure to take precautionary measures to avoid contracting the delta variant as much as possible. Take a look at the list above if you need some help. And more importantly, you have to remain hopeful.

It can be tough staying at home for such a long time. We miss being able to freely meet our friends or travel to our relatives living in different countries. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time right now. Do fun-filled activities that can be done indoors. Call your friends as often as you can. Relax in the tub while reading your favorite novel. Get your mind off things. If you’ve got a backyard, spend some time out there instead of staying cooped up in your house.

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