Things You Need to Know About Laguna

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Things You Need to Know About Laguna

Laguna, you may have heard of this place. And you may have noticed that it is everything has good and positive attributes whenever someone mentions Laguna. For many reasons. Just what is up with this place? Should you check it out? Read more to know just what is up with the province of Laguna, and the many communities you can build a home in, such as the Crown Asia house and lot for sale.

Laguna has the best of both worlds

Where is a better place to live? Rural or urban? Should you opt for city life or the countryside? No need to ponder on these questions if you are considering Laguna. This province is a mix of rural and urban. It is in the countryside and a drive away from the world class beaches of Batangas, but never too far away from the city vibes of Metro Manila because its connected to Laguna through the city of San Pedro. Say you live in Crown Asia’s house and lot for sale in Valenza, with its strategic location, you can easily travel to your favorite go-to malls in the Metro Manila during the weekends since Laguna is just a stretch away from the South Luzon Expressway, and constantly visit the natural wonders and breeze of Tagaytay during weekdays without a slight of burnout from the travel and traffic.


But, again, we have to emphasize that you do not have to go somewhere else, perse, to maximize this advantage. Laguna, in itself, already features both rural and urban features which can easily be seen right across from your Crown Asia house and lot for sale, specifically in Nuvali, a mostly outdoor mall that encompasses greenery and a manmade lake that surely gives you the feeling of relaxation of living in the countryside and the dazzling thrill of having access to top tier restaurants, clothing stores, and other brands.

Part of the Top 10 richest provinces in the Philippines


There are 81 provinces in our country, and Laguna ranks 7th as the richest province in the Philippines, as per the 2020 census. Laguna Province has evidently been seen to progress so much in the past years. Let us take Santa Rosa City, for example, a home to Crown Asia’s Valenza and Valenza Mansions. This place has only been inaugurated as a city last 2004. It had been nothing but a bario til then. But now, its economic climate has been booming like a lion, thus their coined name, the Lion City of the South.

It is now home to many world class manufacturers such as Coca Cola, S&R World class Membership Shopping, and of course, a top tier home curator, Crown Asia.

History has its eye on Laguna since the Philippine Revolution


We are sure that we are all aware that Laguna Province is the birth place of our very own National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. But there is also more to Laguna. Just like its neighboring province, Cavite, Laguna also has many historical Philippine events, particularly the Philippine Revolution. Such heroic events include the Battle of Mabitac 1900, the Battle of Santa Cruz 1899, the Battle of Paete 1899, the Battle of Pagsanjan 1899, the Raid at Los Baños 1945, and the Battle of Calamba 1898. Many of our notable and brave Filipino heroes have walked the lands of Laguna which may have blessed the province’s beauty and progression over the years. Additionally, many historical churches reside here such as the historically popular Majayjay (the Gregory the Great Parish Church) which was recognized as a National Cultural Treasure (Level 1) by the National Museum. 

Home to the best amusement parks in the country: Both land-version and water-version

Enchanted Kingdom, not a top, but THE top amusement park of our country resides here in this province of Laguna. Indeed, people who live here are truly blessed with many opportunities such as having easy access to magic! With the park’s 30 rides and 2 water rides, you and your family do not need to travel far just to have access to these. By living here in Laguna, you will arrive at the best amusement park in the Philippines faster than you can say “Let us take Instagram-worthy photos here by the entrance!”


But it does not stop there. Laguna is also home to the number 1 water adventure park of our country, Splash Island. Manufactured by Proslide Technology Inc. of Canada, Splash Island offers over 20 uniquely designed water rides to ensure a thrilling adventurous experience. These rides are so well-thought-of and carefully designed to the point that some water rides last for over 5 minutes! Additionally, Splash Island also offers 8 giant slides that you surely grow fond of. Such giant slides include Magellan’s drop (it is like bungee jumping but this time with water and a floaty involved), Rio Montañosa where you and your family could venture off together since the floaty designated for this ride is so big it fits four to five people, and Twisted Palms, a water slide so big you think it will never end!

Other good places to visit in the province are Laguna De Bay, Mount Makiling, The Hot Spring Resorts in Calamba City (this is the reason why Calamba is known as the resort capital of the Philippines, due to various hot springs in the area), A culinary escapade in the Santa Cruz Municipality which is the provincial capital as well, and the Seven Lakes of San Pablo City.

The best schools

Laguna totally does not fall behind when it comes to world class education. University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Brent International School, Colegio San Agustin-Biñan, Caritas Don Bosco School, Saint Scholastica, Miriam College, and Xavier all reside here in Laguna. To add, the University of Santo Tomas will soon open a branch in Santa Rosa Laguna. It would be bigger than its main branch so you must really look forward to that! Why are all these schools coming to Laguna? Because it is being filled by high class, achieving, and kind families such as yours.


Indeed, if there is an ideal place to live in the Philippines, Laguna would totally be one of the top contenders. It is arguably the best area in the South. Lucky for us, Crown Asia prides itself to situate its premier community in Laguna, specifically in the heart of it all: Santa Rosa City, Laguna.

Ah, did we mention that Laguna also is the home of the famous Original Buko Pie?

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