Things to Keep In Mind When You Are in a Real Estate Tripping

By: Rose Mary Madrigal

Property Viewing and What You Should Be Doing

Before you purchase your residential property, condo, or house, a property viewing or a real estate tripping is a must!

It is your duty as a potential buyer to know all details about your property before purchasing.

Your real estate agent should schedule with you property viewings to look into available lots or other properties before you decide to settle.

So research and take down notes regarding the necessary details during your property viewing.

First step: Ask Questions

Make use of your site tripping by asking the necessary questions. Buyers can easily fall in love with the first house they see and put down a reservation fee.

You should first ask these questions to your real estate agent before buying or having to invest in that real estate.

  • Know the contact details of the real estate developer or your real estate agent.
  • Have a basic checklist of what you should look for in the house or condo you are interested in, for example, living room, view from the condo, amenities, bedroom dimensions, etc.


Take note of the neighborhood in which your house or real estate is located.

  • Is it a safe neighborhood?
  • What incidents are prone in the area? Earthquakes? Flood?
  • Is there enough parking space?
  • What are the nearest establishments? Is it convenient?


Ask questions regarding the structure of the house. The overall appearance and structure could affect the value of the property sale.

For real estate agents, it’s important they offer the best properties for their clients to make that sale.

So make sure these questions come up during your property viewing as a potential buyer.

  • When the house was built?
  • Does the house or condominium have safety features?
  • What is included with the property? parking space? amenities?
  • What is the current state of the property? old? newly furnished? Are any renovations to be made?
  • Was there any treatment done on the house?
  • Was a pre-inspection conducted before putting it on the market?

Remember these before you think to move in and making a reservation fee. Once paid, the property is now yours.

Take Advantage of Pictures

Real estate agents usually show pictures of the property to their buyers, but once you do get to see the property, take enough pictures for both good and bad recommendations you feel should be addressed in the property.

Another is taking pictures of the property will ensure that you ACTUALLY get to see everything without any fake details.

Use Virtual Tours

Despite the pandemic, real estate businesses managed to adapt to their client. Clients were able to schedule a viewing

Property viewing can also be done through virtual tours. While it is advisable to see the property first hand, with the help of modern technology, viewing it online without having to leave is possible.

Google Street View

Google Maps now offer access to view properties from the same perspective as your real estate agent via google street view.

You can also see nearby schools or establishments through Google photos and Videos.

Here’s how:

  • Go to the Google Maps website or application.
  • Type the address of the property you are interested in.
  • You can view it by clicking the pop-up box on the left for full screen.

Online posts or real estate websites usually include a link to view the property via google maps.

As mentioned, real estate websites offer links to view the property but they also have 3D tours available.

No need to visit on-site, just check their websites or schedule a personal meeting with your agents.

Open House

An open house is an event for real estate buyers to look into properties or to view the property they are interested in.

Real estate agents, seek out potential buyers and must ensure the real estate property is ready for viewing on the scheduled date.

As a buyer, you need to take advantage of the properties available for viewing to know which house you prefer.

A comparative market analysis also helps before buying any property. It estimates if the price is right or suits the aspect of the house with other available houses in the market.

Compared to site tripping, open houses are mostly for house viewings. With site tripping, you can look into lots for sale or land developments.

So if it’s a house or condo, an open house event is something you should look into.

Real Estate Professionals

As a buyer, it is also important to take note of the real estate agents that will handle your transaction.

Buying real estate requires trust, money, and making sure you get the best. You will deal with different sellers and real estate agents.

Real estate agents are the bridge between sellers and buyers, therefore, must be someone who understands the interest of their clients and the industry.

A Professional Image

Real estate agents represent their company. According to a study, most buyers prefer real estate agents that are recommended to them and have attractive personalities.

They must have property listings prepared. Not only does this show readiness and professionalism, but updates progress and shows if the buyers have any interests.

Body language and eye contact also show that they are professional and confident about the property they are selling to you.

Your agents must be on time on the property before you. It does not matter if you arrive a few minutes late, it’s important they arrive first.

This shows how professional they are and that they mean to do business. They should also check the property first.

It’s also part of their professional image to know a lot about the property. They should be able to answer questions brokers or typical sellers have difficulty in answering.

A professional agent would also consider business hours before making any phone calls. So make sure they know how to respect your time as well as a buyer.

Real Estate Laws

Lastly, as a real estate buyer, it’s important to take note of laws that protect your rights.

In the event the seller fails to do their part in your real estate transaction, these laws will protect you and your hard-earned money.

Real Estate Investment

Whether it’s a house or condo or for rental purposes if you choose to invest in real estate make sure to remember this article.

It’s important to consider the location and the market value to make sure you get the right ROI.

It also helps to create a portfolio for the property you are selling. Take a website course to know more about how to invest in real estate.

Most important part

Once you’ve taken enough notes during the site trip and what you are considering on buying. Remember that buying properties is one of life’s biggest milestones, so make sure that you inspected well enough and that you have a trusted real estate agent.

Follow website pages on your community to further see properties available or any open house events.

You can also check these latest property listings available at a subdivision in Cavite. A community that is worth checking and investing.

Get the best deal by contacting your real estate agent now.

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