Things to Eliminate for Your Overall Wellbeing This 2022

By: Jaira Sales
Things to Eliminate for Your Overall Wellbeing This 2022

As we enter a new year, most if not all, are probably looking back at 2021 and reassessing all actions done to build the year. For some, this might be a good turn; while others are posing a new checklist to make 2022 a better one. This year-end scenario is not too uncommon for most, in fact, this coincides with the idea of creating a new year’s resolution to be followed all throughout the next three hundred sixty-five days (or at least, try).

Generally, individuals seek to become healthier and happier versions of themselves. But, are you aware of the top 5 new year’s resolutions people commit to (but unfortunately flunk at the end)? On top of the list, this 2022 is losing weight. This can be attained by doing the next few in the checklist which is changing diet and exercising more. These top three resolutions prove that individuals aim to become a ‘better them’ physically and emotionally. Meanwhile, the top four new year’s resolutions might be difficult to achieve due to the ongoing pandemic, but still, land fourth is spending time with family and friends. Finally, all these stated lead to the top five new year’s resolutions – becoming more aware and taking care of one’s mental health. Your list might consist of one, two, or three of those mentioned (or perhaps, all of those). And though almost all are determined to follow their list of resolutions, only eight percent (8%) of those individuals who create their new year’s resolutions stick until the end of the year.

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As we begin with a new year, ask yourself – are you living a good or bad life? No matter where you stand in life, you can always make things better. Without making a new year’s resolution, you can still obtain a more peaceful and satisfying life by eliminating a few things that hinder you from having one. With this, we jotted down 4 things to eliminate for your overall well-being this 2022.

Things to Eliminate for Your Overall Well-Being This 2022

Unhealthy Eating and Sleeping Habits

Did you know that your physical health significantly affects your mental health? This is why it is crucially important to keep your body strong and healthy. To successfully do this, you must get rid of your unhealthy eating habits. Detrimental diet practices may lead to stress, tiredness, and less capacity to work efficiently. We don’t want you experiencing that, so here is the list of some eating patterns you must leave in the past year:

A. Having poor meal planning.

B. Constant ordering in fast food chains and processed meals.

C. Adding too much sugar.

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Likewise, poor sleeping patterns contribute to acquiring serious medical conditions. This is why it is highly encouraged for individuals to stick to the right sleeping habits. For most, this means getting at least eight hours of quality sleep while some need more or less of that.

Unnecessary Social Commitments

While we want to socialize with people as much as we can, not all relationships are advantageous on your end. Based on a study conducted by the academe of the University of Michigan, stress from negative relationships can cause physical conditions such as cardiovascular problems. So this 2022, we encourage you to check your commitments and relationships, may it be with your significant other, friends, distant relatives, or close family members. Though some might be salvaged by effective conflict resolutions, not all affiliations are worth saving. Remember that you should not sacrifice your personal satisfaction and joy in order to keep a relationship going.

Toxic Work Environment

Everyone is re-evaluating their actions, habits, relationships, and career when faced with unprecedented and uncertain times. While work has been an essential and influential factor to sustain human life, the ongoing pandemic has paved a way for individuals to assess and analyze priorities for their mental health that will benefit them in the long run.

‘Come on guys, it’s 2022!’ According to recent studies, millennials and Gen Z’s are less likely to stay and commit to their jobs versus Gen X and boomers. Does this entail a bad or good perception of them? We should understand that both ages are now said to be rational and critical. With enough time to assess, these generations reflect the following characteristics:

A. Gives importance to work-life balance

Millennials and Gen Z are specific in their work-life balance. While the pandemic has shown the importance of having a stable job, these generations also realize the space for relaxation, especially that it benefits their mental health. So if you are an employer that pushes your employees to have overtime work without giving the proper compensation, you might as well bid goodbye to your millennial and Gen Z workers.

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With this, they also search for locations that would cater to the need for work-life balance such as areas with open and green spaces. House and lot in Santa Rosa, specifically Valenza guarantees a tranquil lifestyle with its serene and elegant landscaped gardens that can help balance your career and life.

B. Easily copes with the digital age

These two generations are considered to be tech-savvy. How does this affect their work attitude? They have realized and concluded that technology plays a significant role in one’s job tasks and activities. You can now freely work and provide similar (or better) output at home due to the power of technology.

C. Searches for growth and adventure.

A survey revealed that seventy percent of millennials and Gen Z workers emphasize the importance of career advancement opportunities. This means that they are open for growth and advancements; once they perceive that they are in a stagnant workplace, they tend to move on to the next opportunity that would appreciate their capabilities and worth.

Irresponsible Allocation of Resources

Contrary to the saying that money can’t buy happiness, there is a crucial and notable connection between financial stability and life satisfaction or happiness; and this has been proven by a psychologist at Princeton University. This is why you should carefully examine your resources, where you allocate them, and how you will deal with your needs in the future. Individuals are now encouraged to be knowledgeable on which vehicles to gamble their resources on. This is where investments come in. Moreover, this trying time has showcased which investments are susceptible to drastic and disruptive changes. With this, real estate stands as one of the most stable investments that can guarantee a consistent return.


If you are eyeing a stable income, houses and lots for sale in Sta Rosa are one of the fruitful property investments currently. Valenza in Santa Rosa, Laguna is one of the premium properties that gains a consistent market value appreciation over time.

Now that you know a few of the things you must get rid of this 2022, the next question is – would you act on it or not?

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