The Right Time to Start a Family

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The Right Time to Start a Family

The decision to start a family is not a walk in the park. It’s as complicated as choosing an RFO House and Lot to stay in. For some people, it requires constant pondering as it directly affects themselves and their partner’s way of life. Everyone decides on this matter at different times or phases in their lives. While some instantly know that they certainly want to have a family from a very young age, others don’t decide or even think about it until later on in life. There is no one best way to start a family. Some people go with a specific plan, while others go with wherever life takes them.

There is no right or wrong when starting a family, as everyone is walking their path. However, for partners who ask themselves when is the right time to start a family, it can be pretty confusing, and you may often feel lost, not knowing if you are ready enough to have younger ones. With that,

Here Are Some of the Things That You Can Consider That Show Whether You and Your Partner Might Be Ready to Start the Family That You Dream Of:

When You’re Married or in a Committed Relationship

When couples get married, starting a family is the next big question that follows, oftentimes. Although some married couples like to spend their time together as a duo, some want to become parents immediately. However, the times are changing. If some like to get married first before starting a family, others do not want to get married but want to have children. Some start having thoughts of having a family when they’re in a committed and strong relationship—when they can see the rest of their future with their partner and wants to have kids together. Perhaps those are some of the starting signs that you should consider when deciding about starting a family.

When You Both Want Children

When you both want children

While there are people who become delighted when it comes to having children, there are still people who do not like the idea of it. The decision to start a family goes both ways, and it is not a one-person show. Therefore, consent and approval from both sides must be present. If you are confident that you and your pair are both ready and want to have kids, then the decision of starting a family will come naturally and easier. Wanting children is not something to be taken lightly as you need to make sure a lot of things are ready like your finances, the home that you’ll stay in, will you be settling in for a pre selling home or an RFO house and lot, things like this should be heavily considered.

When the Thought of It Stays in the Mind

There were probably instances in your life when you wanted something, but you kept ignoring it as you may deem it unnecessary in your current life. However, no matter how much you put it off, you cannot stop thinking about it. Hence it keeps you up all night, constantly popping in your memory at random times, bugging you every second of every day. This situation does not just apply to small things in life—but also to more significant decisions such as starting a family. The only reason that thought is still in your mind is that you probably eagerly want it, but your fear is holding you back. Remember, if it is still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.

When You Want to Experience Being a Parent

Some people are naturally caring and love the idea of having children to look after. It might be due to their family background; perhaps they grew in a loving and cozy environment where they look after one another. While others like to be independent, some people like being responsible and caring for others—which can somehow lead to wanting to have a kid of their own or wanting to experience being a parent. No matter what the case is, you might want to consider this when deciding about starting a family.

When You’re Ready to Change Your Current Lifestyle

When you’re ready to change your current lifestyle

Starting a family comes with a consequence that can be hard to manage if you are not ready for it. This is a topic that should be pondered upon deeply as it will drastically change your lifestyle. Having a baby means that you will have to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own. It means looking after someone who will most likely rob your time to yourself or your partner. If you think you cannot handle losing most of your free time, you may have to think about starting a family again as this requires strong commitment, and once you start, you cannot go back and undo what was done. You and your partner should be ready for a dramatic lifestyle change that starting a family will bring forth.

When You’re in a Good Financial Position

Undoubtedly, on top of it all, you must assess your finances. Starting a family is costly because aside from you and your partner, there will be new addition/s to the family. As parents, it is your responsibility to provide for your children. Practically, you have to be in a good place financially and career-wise before starting this new journey.

Can you afford it? Do you have savings set aside for the baby? When thinking of starting a family, the future must be considered. You may be in a good place right now, but what about in the months and years to come?

Are you happy with your career? Are you ready for a career break? Furthermore, having a baby will require you to have a maternal/paternal leave. Therefore, you must see that you are financially ready for a career break and for other expenses that may come.

Do you have a form of transport? A place to stay? These are also critical futuristic questions that you and your partner should ask yourselves. Having a mode of transportation will help you move around conveniently; it can also lessen your expenses. Moreover, perhaps one of the first moves when starting a family is having a place that you can confidently call your home. Most couples start investing in a home even before marriage or starting a family. This is a wise way to be future-ready and secure. While you and your partner can still work your fingers to the bone, start investing in a real estate property where you can settle in the future once you finally decide to start a family.

When just starting a family, most people want to have a peaceful environment for their kids. However, if you and your partner are working in the bustling cities of Manila, it can be hard to find a tranquil place to stay that is not too far from the business districts in the city. Fortunately, the neighboring provinces of Manila—Cavite, and Laguna—offer various pre-selling and RFO houses and lots. Take the Ponticelli, an Italian-themed RFO house and lot in a subdivision in Cavite, for example. With its beautiful view and relaxing environment, it is a perfect home for people who want a middle ground between the peaceful province life and the fast-paced business district in the city.

The truth is, you are never really ready. There is no right time—only time and how you spend it. Ultimately, the decision of when to start a family lies on you, your partner, and certain factors in your lives that you have to consider in making this big decision. Just know that whatever resolution you may end up doing, be sure you are fully committed to it. That way, you will have no regrets and can live your life in peace and harmony.

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