The Largest Book Fair Returns this 2023, Book Lovers Get Ready

By: Brianna Yparraguirre
Manila International Book Fair

photo from: primer.com.ph

The Manila International Book fair returns for its 44th year and back to its regular exhibit setup. Despite two years of virtual book fair caused by the pandemic, the physical event launched it return last 2022 and now coming back this 2023 in September. The book fair will commence on SMX Convention, which is near Crown Asia’s condo in Las Piñas.

Reading is a timeless and cherished form of entertainment, allowing readers to explore far-off places, stimulate their minds, and arouse emotions. The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is set to take place in the fourth quarter of this year, hosted by the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City. Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, will be a special guest at MIBF 2023, launching her book “Queen of the Universe” in public. Wurtzbach will speak about writing her first book and signing copies for the first 250 customers. The event will feature over 100 exhibitors, including multinational publishers, academic publishers, university presses, mainstream and independent publishers, distributors, and booksellers. Over 100 new releases will be showcased, including some not yet accessible online. Attendees can interact with authors, national artists, Wattpad sensations, top comic book creators, and best-selling authors from other countries. The MIBF also offers seminars and workshops for book enthusiasts. Additionally, School World, a one-stop store for learning aids and school supplies, will be present.

The Origin of Reading as Entertainment

The Origin of Reading as Entertainment

Reading as a form of entertainment has a long history that dates back to antiquity. Oral traditions were the main way of passing down knowledge and stories for a very long time until printing presses and mass-produced books were developed. Bards would read epic poems like Homer’s “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” to enthrall audiences and maintain cultural narratives. These oral tales’ allure resided in their capacity to capture audiences’ imaginations as vividly as any visual medium.

Reading evolved dramatically during the shift from oral narrative to written records. The written word was first used as a form of entertainment and education by ancient civilizations including the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians, who carved their stories into stone tablets and papyrus scrolls.

The Power of Imagination

Reading’s continuing appeal stems from its exceptional capacity to spark the imagination. Reading encourages readers to actively contribute to developing the environment within the text, unlike visual media where every piece of information is offered. Readers are able to vividly picture the depicted locations and personalities through the written word alone. Reading’s participatory nature encourages a deeper level of engagement that is unmatched by passively consuming visual media.

A Gateway to Knowledge and Empathy

Reading has traditionally been used as a tool for education and empathy, in addition to its entertainment appeal. Written works created by ancient philosophers, playwrights, and scholars allowed knowledge to be passed down through the generations. The printing press, which was built in the 15th century, transformed how books could be distributed and the way people could access information.

The Importance of Book Fairs for Bookworms

The Importance of Book Fairs for Bookworms

The appeal of actual books endures despite the world being more impacted by digital innovations and quick technical improvements. For book lovers, also referred to as “bookworms,” the act of holding a physical book and losing oneself inside its pages is priceless. Book fairs retain a special place in the hearts of individuals who find refuge, inspiration, and camaraderie in the world of books as a celebration of reading and a haven for bibliophiles. In this essay, we dive into the book fairs’ continued relevance for voracious readers and examine the particular advantages they provide in a time when screens predominate.

Connecting with the creatives and fellow fanatics

Book fairs are sensory feasts that engage the intellect, heart, and soul, not just simple get-togethers of publishers, writers, and readers. An immersive experience is created by the sight of many books presented in all their splendor, the feel of their textured pages, and the distinct smell of ink and paper, which digital platforms can never entirely imitate. Bookworms’ love of reading is fueled in large part by the tactile quality of actual books and the atmosphere of a busy book fair.

Book fairs provide a link between readers, publishers, and authors. Unparalleled opportunities exist to interact with the authors of well-known works, ask them questions, and learn about their creative processes. Author interactions and discussions help readers gain a deeper comprehension of the narratives, characters, and issues that interest them. Book fairs can give ambitious wordsmiths a venue to display their work and connect with readers, bringing their aspirations to reality.

Discovering New Hidden Gems 

The chance to discover undiscovered literary gems is one of the most treasured parts of book fairs. Although algorithms and internet suggestions might help consumers find books, nothing beats the delight of stumbling onto an unexpected gem among the stacks at a book fair. Dedicated readers relish the opportunity to discover new genres, independent publishers, and books that might not otherwise be known to them. A true bookworm will like going on this quest for the ideal book because it feeds their sense of adventure.

Preserving the Magic of Books

Book fairs serve as a reminder of the magic of real books, which cannot be replaced by digital reading platforms or e-books. They invite readers to take a break from the hectic pace of the digital world and appreciate the simple joy of turning pages and losing themselves in a well-written story. Book fairs preserve reading’s fundamental qualities as a multisensory activity that stimulates the mind and soul.

Creating a Wider Community

Book fairs give like-minded people a physical place to gather and celebrate their mutual love of literature in an increasingly digital environment. A sense of community that goes beyond the pages is created by the friendliness among attendees, the conversations spurred by common interests, and the ties made around a love of literature. Book fairs foster a community where bibliophiles may discuss literary theories, trade book suggestions, and make enduring connections, reinforcing their bonds with the bookish industry.

What is the Manila International Book Fair?

Manila International Book Fair

photo from: primer.com.ph

The largest and most established book fair in the Philippines is the Manila International Book Fair. The MIBF has been reinventing the reading experience for more than 40 years by exhibiting the broadest and most complete selection of books, magazines, comics, teaching resources, and related items.

Despite numerous economic downturns, MIBF has withstood the test of time and will do so in the future as well, promptly adapting to market developments.

What happened at the Manila International Book Fair last 2022?

Manila International Book Fair last 2022

photo from: astig.ph/manila-international-book-fair-2022/

Both books and humans have interacted with a virtual setup. After two years of operating virtual book fairs because of COVID-19 limitations, the Manila International Book Fair returned last year and managed to come back to its actual exhibition at the SMX Convention Center. With more than 200 local and foreign exhibitors, MIBF is the biggest and most established book fair in the Philippines. The 43rd MIBF festival took place from last, September 15–18, 2022, to Sunday, September 18, 2022.

It has been two years since people purchased any actual books. Unexpectedly, readers swarmed to the exhibitors within the convention hall on the opening day of MIBF. The development of technology and its enormous benefits to society make it impossible to imagine life without it.

The offerings of the independent book publishers during last year’s Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), scheduled last September 15–18, 2022 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, are where the discerning Pinoy bookworm ultimately finds its way. The MIBF brought together all of the nation’s independent publishers in one pavilion as the nation’s biggest book event transitioned back to a physical format (with hybrid elements).

While independent publishers have been hosted by the MIBF before, this was the first time they had a dedicated showcase. This was timely as exciting works from independent publishers, like Nick Joaquin’s Rizal in Saga, Charlson Ong’s White Lady, Black Christ (Milflores), the Trese comics series, and Eliza Victoria’s 17 Prayers to the Many-Eyed Mother (Avenida), Emmanuel Barrameda’s Balaguer and Maqueda by Nap I. Arcilla III (Balangay) were published in the previous two years.

Indie publishing companies met the criteria for MSMEs, which were described in the Magna Carta as small firms with total assets between P3M and P15M. Despite being small, independent publishers offer an intriguing range of books because they can release books more quickly and are allowed to experiment and rethink conventional wisdom. Due to their extensive network and range of interests, they were able to acquire numerous books that traditional and mainstream publishers might not have considered. They would also be more noticeable in non-traditional sales channels, like the yearly Manila International Book Fair, because they are not always in your typical bookstores.

Here are some things to look forward to for the 44th MIBF:

Here are some things to look forward to for the 44th MIBF

photo from: twitter.com/_FullyBooked/

Free Admission

According to SpotPh, Even if we enjoy shopping from the convenience of our homes, nothing compares to loading up a cart with books before returning to the aisles for more. This scene is one that most of us have seen before, and it will occur once again soon—exactly in the fourth quarter of this year. The SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City will play host to the Manila International Book expo, which bills itself as the “largest and longest-running book fair in the Philippines,” from September 14 to 17.

Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, to launch her book

Pia Wurtzbach will be a special guest for MIBF 2023. Wurtzbach will participate in the opening ceremonies at 10:00 am and unveil her book “Queen of the Universe” in public for the first time at 6:30 pm on the same day.

Wurtzbach is scheduled to speak about writing her first book and sign copies for the first 250 customers at the event, which will be hosted by Tuttle Publishing and ABS CBN Books. Those who bought signed books through Fully Booked are entitled to attend the meet and greet.

Wurtzbach, a businesswoman, activist, and well-known figure in international media, was named Miss Universe in 2015. Working with some of the biggest brands in the world, she developed her brand and business empire throughout the fields of beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle, amassing a following of over 20 million users on social media. She has launched her female empowerment network Between Us Queens, spoken at TEDx conferences, and supported prominent organizations UNAIDS and UNICEF as a dedicated champion for gender equality and mental health.

Few Filipinos, including Wurtzbach, have authored books for foreign distribution. Outside of the nation, “Queen of the Universe” will debut later this year in Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Over 100 exhibitors

Over 100 exhibitors will showcase the newest titles, including multinational publishers, academic publishers, university presses, mainstream and independent publishers, distributors, and booksellers.

Additionally, National Artists for Literature, celebrity authors, Wattpad sensations, comic book creators, and internationally bestselling authors will sign books during the event.

At MIBF 2023, you may also anticipate finding the newest releases, including some that haven’t yet been made accessible online. Additionally, there will be books not typically available in bookstores, and some will be revised or republished, especially for the MIBF audience.

Filipino visitors to the exhibition may also get the opportunity to interact with some of the authors who will be in attendance for book signings.

They can communicate with people like famous authors, national artists, Wattpad sensations, top comic book creators, and even best-selling authors from other countries.

The MIBF, which has developed into a platform for industry discussions for books, education, and related businesses, also offers a number of seminars and workshops for book enthusiasts to attend.

Featuring School World

From September 14 to September 17, the SMX Convention Center in Pasay will host the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF).

The MIBF will also feature School World, a one-stop store for learning aids and school supplies. As schools adapt to new forms of learning in the new normal, School World, a one-stop shop for teachers, students, parents, school administrators, young professionals, and working adults, offers a wide selection of products and services.

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