Taking Care of your Furry Friends Amidst the Summer Heat

By: Rehian Vicente
Taking Care of your Furry Friends Amidst the Summer Heat

Everyone anticipate this summer since it is the time where majority of the people are going to different resorts, beaches, hotels and many more. Summer is well-known for the hot weather that’s why many people seek to find places that can help them to feel relaxed. We definitely don’t want weather that is too hot or too cold. On the other hand, being a pet lover, we should not forget that our pets are also affected by this season and they can also experience heat related illnesses. We should also make a set of activities and even maintenance for our fur babies in making sure that they are well-adjusted entering a new season. Below is the list of different activities that you can do to help your pets.

1.     Keep your pets hydrated


We, humans are drinking water more during the summer heat, so as a responsible pet owner, we should always protect and take care of our beloved pets in this hot summer season as well. With the extreme heat, this could cause dehydration to our pets. The first thing we need to do, is to always provide water that is easily accessed by our pets. We should always make sure that our pets are well-hydrated. On another scenario, if we are taking our pets outdoor, we should bring bottled water or any container that could be used for drinking. Remember, prevention is better than cure. If we weren’t able to check their condition it could lead to serious diseases.

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2.     Proper scheduling of daily walk exercises for the pets


We should take note that only during early in the morning and evening are the ideal time for walk exercises for our pets. It is because the ground is too hot during noon time which could seriously hurt our pets. Another reminder is to always bring water since these activities burns a lot of energy and may dehydrate our pets if there’s no water to drink.

3.     Schedule a haircut


Having your pet’s haircut is ideal during summer. But make sure to properly consult a professional in handling this type of scenarios before deciding. This could help the pets to properly regulate their body to avoid complications that could lead to diseases. This maintenance needs the owner’s active participation for it to happen. So, we should make time for our pets in terms of this stuff and be responsible in taking care to them.

4.     Clean the surroundings


Some insects or parasites are more active during extreme weather like summer. We need to clean the place where our pets spend most of their time. You can use different products but always make sure to use those products only if it is not harmful for your pets and for the people as well. With this action, your pets will be tick-free and can enjoy summer without suffering to tick infestation. But if an unfortunate situation happened, make sure to bring your pets to a certified veterinarian to help you in handling this type of situation. Don’t keep your pets infested with ticks, since it can also affect humans. Having a clean place will surely help in maintaining healthy lifestyle for your pets.

5.     Avoid hot cars


Do not leave your pet dogs or cats inside your car when you are going to grocery or if you are doing some sort of commitments. The temperature inside a car can rise to a certain extent that could hurt your pets. They might be suffocated, dehydrated and worst is to die inside your car. If possible, leave your pets to your house with your family at your newly bought house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite in Citta Italia since it offers good ventilation and proper ambiance that is good for your pets or leave them in a pet hotel since it is safer for them to stay this way than to leave them inside a scorching car. We should always put our pet’s sake at first since they are vulnerable at some ways.

6.     Put yourself on their shoes


With this mindset, you will be able to identify what are the things that are uncomfortable for our pets and what are the activities they might enjoy. For example: we are easily irritated during summer, this might be a same scenario with our pets. On the other hand, we often enjoy swimming during summer, with that, our pets might also want to soak their body in a cold water. These are some of the instances of comfortability and uncomforting activities. Whenever we are not sure about a certain activity, we could always ask for a professionals advise to make sure that our pets can enjoy the activities while remaining safe at all times. At as similar context, Crown Asia offers fun and high-quality houses and a high-end security since we are making sure that our clients will always feel safe and comfortable to our properties.

7.     Learn the signs of heat stroke

Learning the signs of heatstroke is an advantage during this summer. With this knowledge, we will be able to act fast if certain uncertainties happened with our pets. Different information is available online regarding heat strokes or you can ask for a medical professional related to this field for a more detailed understanding of the disease and what are the things you can do while waiting for a professional’s help.


Having relevant knowledge about our pets, their conditions during summer, possible diseases to avoid, preventions and cures and other stuff are advantageous and could help you to adapt well in the situation without panicking. You will be able to react well during unfortunate events or know what to do during the times of emergency. With that you can enjoy your bond with your pets during summer without worrying much with negative thoughts. So enjoy the summer and make sure to be ready and well-prepared at all times!

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