Summer Family Bonding: What to Do and Where to Go

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Summer Family Bonding What to do and Where to Go

You come home from work, weary and so ever-ready for the comfort and solace in your Crown Asia house and lot for sale and the loving family to whom you rewarded the said house. You see your beloved child, still wee in age, but already working hard to make you one proud parent through their thorough studying, piano lessons, and Kumon. Now that their summer vacation is coming as quickly as you can ask your kid “Where do you want to go for your summer adventures?” it is the perfect time to fill that summer to-do list! Your child definitely deserves a wondrous and memorable summer vacation as much as you do.

Here in Crown Asia, the curator of your house and lot for sale, also plans to help you give the best vacation to your child who has yet to indulge in life’s best! Here are the following activities you and your family could spend time with, coupled with the perfect places for a planned visit to experience them!

Note: Before visiting make sure to check the IATF Age Restrictions and the Safety Guidelines.

There is a magical getaway just wiggle away for your family bonding activities in EK

The first thing to do is at the first world-class destination nearest your Crown Asia house and lot for sale. Just imagine the joyful shouts and bright smiles your child will bestow for the whole world to appreciate once they get a taste of the magical experience one can have at the Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park.

You probably went to this phenomenal amusement park our beloved country has to offer, and we bet on Edgar’s hat that you have nothing but fond memories of this place. The park you came to know and love still, of course, has that nostalgic feeling to it with its Bump Cars that never seem to go out of style, and its iconic merry-go-round The Grand Carousel (which your kid will just LOVE its colorful lights), and of course, breathtaking rollercoaster pride, Space Shuttle.


Of course, since we are prioritizing the kids, the Enchanted Kingdom offers more opportunities for your kids to make happy memories in. And it is not just one or two rides. But also whole areas dedicated to these little kiddoes: Kindermagic, a place to support kids to be both educated and entertained kids, and Boulderville which offers a jungle, and dinosaur experience!

Lastly, we have a little secret to tell you: you can avail an EK card for only 3,000 pesos per person! With this, you have UNLIMITED admissions to the said amusement park for the next two years! Yes, you and your family can experience the magic of our country EVERYDAY if you would want to! We are very sure that your children will never stop smiling this summer if this was the case.

Swim and splash with your kids at Splash Island as a way for Family bond!

What else is in store for you that is very much near your Crown Asia house and lot for sale? Another amusement park, but this time, with hundreds of gallons of water. Did you know that the number one waterpark in our country is just a splash away from you? No need to bore your child with long, nagging road trips for Splash Island, the best water adventure park in the Philippines, locates just right along the South Luzon Expressway in Biñan, Laguna!

What is so special about Splash Island especially to your child’s imaginative and energetic mind?


First of all, the park was built by Proslide Technology Inc. of Canada. Proslide is the global leader in the water slide manufacturing and water park design and transformation. And this company totally delivered world-class aquatic experience with Splash Island’s over 20 slides. Splash Island offers slides that are individually uniquely designed to ensure a thrilling experience that visitors, including you, would never get tired of. If this does not satisfy your mind expecting for a grand, adventurous wet experience, we do not know what will.

This waterpark offers 7 giant slides. And though how humongous and scary-looking they may be, many of these slides are kid-friendly. With Bannakita, your kid will be able to experience a lone water adventure for them to tell you about once this 5 minute water ride is over. If they want to share a water thrill with someone (may it be with you, a sibling, or perhaps, a friend they met onsite), they can opt to relish company through the Twin Coco Knots! To top it all off nicely, you can relieve the best family bonding moments through Splash Island’s Rio Montañosa where 4-5 people could be in one big floaty and enjoy the water-tastic adventure of this giant slide!

One word: Cinema Time to Build Stronger Family Relationships


With global pandemic coming to a close and quarantines have been lifted, our favorite malls are now less strict in accepting visitors. This is why we see our beloved elderly enjoying a cup of coffee in Coffee Project, as well as little babies sitting in the high chairs of our favorite go-to fast food chains. Eating at restaurants is not the only thing we can do now in malls, though. This summer, it is time to take advantage of the open opportunity to do one of our very much close to heart family bonding activities in the mall: watching movies in the cinemas.

Just imagine the excitement your child will induce when they finally get to see their favorite heroes and characters in a big screen! Here are the movies you and your kids should watch this upcoming summer:

We all miss those yellow, little rascals – the Minions


We always tell our children that the past is important to study and the kids learn from, therefore, we are sure that your child is ever-curious on how the minions and Gru met. Like how we all have our backstories, Gru and his Minions have to! Kids or not, we bet that we are all looking forward to find out the how’s and why’s of Gru, our favorite villain ever, and the Minions, the sidekicks worthy to be main characters.

Another Marvel movie that is not to be missed: Doctor Strange


We have another backstory movie in the midst: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It is actually now showing so we suggest to make a run for it once you and your kid have the free time. In this chapter, we get to know how our favorite Doctor evolved to be one of the wisest and strongest heroes we know in Marvel Universe.

Our kids need a hero to look up to (but in doubt they deem you and your spouse as such), and, Doctor Strange, with its nobility and wisdom, is the perfect superhero deem worthy of admiration and emulation.

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