Style Your Home With Color Patterns

By: Dannah Jean Mendoza
Style Your Home with Color Patterns

2020 was the year when the world stood still. The onset of the pandemic forced people from every nation in the world to stay at their homes. Staying at home was of upmost importance for everyone to be safe and away from the dangers of COVID 19.

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The pandemic brought about a lot of new hobbies and trends, mainly because people began to make themselves busy since malls, restaurants, and leisure areas are inaccessible due to the pandemic restrictions. This period saw the rise of hobbies such as taking care of plants, cooking and baking, painting and even the rise of social media platform, Tiktok.

Here in the Philippines, one of the most popular thing that came out of the pandemic was house design and tidying their homes up. People became so obsessed with making their homes more beautiful and neat that Facebook groups such as the popular Home Buddies rose to prominence. A lot of people began sharing the looks of their interiors, great finds on home appliances and furniture, even simple tips like basic lighting and home ventilation, home office work set up and simple home designs.

Home Design Ideas for Furniture, Paint Colors, and the Likes

As mentioned above, home design was huge during the pandemic. Since people are stuck in their homes, they started noticing the things that they can improve hence the rise of people bringing out the interior designers in them.

Great finds on home deals, new and upcoming home gadgets and appliances, home styles to mimic, these are just some of the things that founds its way on the hobbies of Filipinos amidst the COVID 19 pandemic.

Home Color Ideas for Paint Color in your Home Decor

Do your eyes and head hurt every time you look inside your own home? Do you feel bothered whenever you’re inside your pad? Maybe, it’s already time to flip your walls with a new look and fresh coat of paint that suits your taste and style.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotion”. If you feel worn out every time you’re inside your own home, maybe, all you need is a little splash of color to balance to room. Here are some of the color ideas that you might consider in choosing your best blend.

Home Color Ideas for Paint Color in your Home Decor

Choose Reliable Paint Color Brands like Benjamin Moore

Before thinking of what color palette to choose for your home, its only fitting to research on what brand of paint colors will be used in painting your home. Picking a color palette is one thing, but choosing the brand of paint is another thing. There are various type of paint as well depending on the surface you are painting, for example, a flat paint is used for walls and areas that have a lot of bumps, scratches, or holes.

There are factors that you should consider, like the quality, will it last for a long time, or will the colors fade after a few months? There are paint colors that fades after a few months when exposed to the elements like rain and sunshine so its also worth noting this.

Style it Minimally in the Interior and Exterior Paint Color

Minimal style is on-trend these days. It best fits for someone who wants austerity in their interior. The spaces and use of proper shapes are extremely important in achieving this type of style. A combination of compact interiors and a punch of dark tone color on the walls are the highlights in realizing these pegs.

Minimalism grew even more in popularity in the recent years with the help of interior designers such as Marie Kondo, who revolutionized the way of being neat, clean and minimalist in our homes. This made everyone wary of how they organize their homes, people began choosing clean color palettes like soft white paint, beige tones, warm neutrals and light gray colors.

Style it Minimally in the Interior and Exterior Paint Color

Play it Funky

Bored of seeing all neutrals? Then experiment in a new bold color! This one best fits the palate of those who enjoy seeing striking colors that are daring and bright to the eyes. 

Choosing funky, bright colors makes a room seem brighter and inviting. These color palette can be used in rooms that are meant for inviting guests and entertaining them. Rooms like the living room, family room and guest area will greatly benefit bright colors of your choosing.

Some examples of bright color palette are yellow, orange and even neon-like colors.

Play it Funky

KISS (Keep It Simple but Stylish)

This design comes with candy colors that are balanced with lighter tones and enough white spaces. A pop of blush accent in deep blue hue and monotone interior are essential in achieving these pegs.

KISS Keep It Simple but Stylish

A simple yet stylish color palette for your home does not mean that you are taking in the minimalist approach. In minimalist colored homes, the majority of the hues lean towards a more simpler, cleaner earthy tones like off white paint, beige and browns. For simple yet stylish homes you can opt in to light but not too eye catching colors, like pastel colors such as blush pink and other complimentary colors. They will go even better when you style them with ornaments that can really highlight the colors like potted plants or even simple art pieces.

Applying these Tips in a Brand New Condo Property

Now that you finally have an idea on how you will design your own home, it’s time to move on to an address where you can enjoy both a colorful life and a colorful style. Pine Suites Tagaytay is the premier RFO condo by Crown Asia Properties amidst the cool city of Tagaytay.

Pine Suites Tagaytay

The property offers Danish inspired condos that serves as your getaway home or passive income investment in Tagaytay. It is located just a few minutes away from famous Tagaytay tourist spots like Sky Ranch, People’s Park in the Sky and Picnic Grove.

It is also near numerous Tagaytay restaurants and Tagaytay cafes if you want to enjoy a scrumptious meal. You can easily enjoy a convenient and comfortable lifestyle when you invest in this Tagaytay condo for sale.

Move into a home that is filled with colors and patterns only here in Crown Asia.

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