Storage Ideas When Renovating Your Home

By: Levi Santiago
temporary storage

Purchasing items is an inevitable part of living in a house. When these items accumulate in your house, there comes the need to organize your items to designated areas so that you can find the items when you need them. Whether it’s a temporary storage or permanent storage option to your living spaces, there are several ideas you can implement to maximize the storage space of your house in your subdivision in Cavite.

Furthermore, renovating your house usually requires having adequate space to move around for the renovations to be successfully implemented in your home. Because of this, you will have to move or relocate items to a temporary storage while the renovations take place. For this blog, several examples of storage ideas will be tackled if you want storage space ideas to consider implementing in your house to keep your items stored without worry.

Renovations for maximizing storage

Renovating a house is to improve aspects of a house. Hence, in the process of renovating your house, there are many ideas that you can implement when it comes to improving the storage options of your living spaces, whether it’s a temporary storage option or if you want to pursue a permanent storage option instead.

Smart bathroom storage

The bathroom is an integral part of any home. It also serves as one of the rooms in a house that is frequently used by inhabitants for important hygienic activities likes washing hands, bathing, and using the toilet.

It is because of this purpose served by the bathroom that several storage ideas can serve to enhance the living experience of homeowners. One example is to place a cabinet or shelf in the bathroom for organizing the storage of items such as toiletries and cleaning items.

A cabinet in the bathroom can also serve the purpose of being a medicine cabinet, which is convenient since it would place the cabinet near water fixtures for hygienic activities. A cabinet or shelf can also serve to store towels for easy access; and having a towel bar attached to the bathroom wall can serve as convenient storage for towels that are currently being used.

Strategic kitchen space organization

The kitchen is another important room that is crucial to any home. The kitchen is where food preparation occurs, which satisfies the necessity of having food to eat.

A kitchen with good storage organization will prove to be beneficial in meal preparation, especially when finding cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and food ingredients. Thus, it is worth considering installing several cabinets in your kitchen countertops in order to segregate the different kinds of kitchen materials that you will use.

Installing cabinets in kitchen countertops also micromanages your kitchen items to the extent where each cabinet has designated kitchen materials. This will also reduce the tendency of having to place your kitchen materials on top of the countertop itself, maintaining a clean and clutter-free kitchen countertop.

Functional storage in the living room

The living room is primarily purposed for entertainment, lounging, and relaxation. Typically, one could argue that it is for this reason that the living room should be spacious; however, it is possible to implement storage options in your living room that would still enhance the interior aesthetic of the living room itself.

Having one cabinet placed in the living room could be strategic if placed on a corner or wall that has a lot of space but is not essential to the circulation or movement between rooms in your house in your subdivision in Cavite. Placing a small cabinet table in the living room where you can place chairs or sofas around is also an idea worth considering; and it provides easy access as well since it is on the sofas and chairs where inhabitants of a home usually stay in the living room.

When storing items to proceed with renovations

Another situation that we can tackle in regards to storage ideas is for instances where you are opting to relocate your items temporarily to a particular storage option. This is done with the intention that the renovation process of your house goes a lot more smoothly with less obstructions.

Invest in a warehouse

Investing in the storage options of a warehouse comes with the benefit that your items will be provided security and maintenance of safety by staff. Furthermore, you are able to access your temporarily relocated items in the warehouse storage during the duration of your house renovation.

In addition, organizations that deal with efficient warehouse storage exist; so it is beneficial to seek out the services of such companies. Lastly, the warehouse storage is constructed such that it is climate controlled, greatly reducing the possibility that your stored items will be susceptible to damage from moisture or humidity.

Consider utilizing a self-storage unit

A self-storage unit may sound similar to warehouse storage, however they are different from each other. A self-storage unit is also called a “self-service storage,” which means that it is you who is typically handling the maintenance of your stored items.

Self-storage units usually follow short-term renting of spaces. Some self-storage unit facilities provide assistance like packaging, locks, and containers for tenants. It is important to note, however, that self-storage units do not provide “casual access” to employees of the self-storage facility, which means that self-storage units lack the benefit of receiving maintenance from staff, like how it is for warehouse storage.

Seek the assistance of loved ones

A simple suggestion you can pursue when it comes to storing your belongings is to ask for a favor from your friends an family to have your items temporarily stored in their available storage spaces. This may prove to be cost-efficient to do if it is provided to you out of generosity.

Relocate items to an extra spaces

Perhaps there is an extra room in your house or a space that is your designated storage area that you can place your items in temporarily while the house renovations are ongoing. Not only is this convenient, it also takes away having to consider transporting your items to a place other than your home.

Furthermore, you can consider placing some items in the center of rooms; especially rooms that are nearly finished with being renovated. This may help in cases wherein you have exhausted the storage spaces in your house or are cutting costs on having to transfer your belongings to another storage area.


Storage ideas in relation to renovation can be divided into two kinds: storage ideas pertaining to maximizing your storage spaces through renovation, and storage ideas for relocating your belongings during the renovation process. Your kitchen, bathroom, and living room are integral parts of your home; and they are rooms which can enhance your quality of living if their spaces are maximized for storage.

On the other hand, when temporarily storing your belongings somewhere else for storage while your home renovations are ongoing, then you can consider seeking the services of warehouse storage or self-service storage. An alternative that involves cutting costs is to simply make use of the available spaces in your house in your subdivision in Cavite or ask your loved ones to have you temporarily store your belongings in their property.

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