Spending the Rainy Weather in Taguig City

By: Gabriel Javellana
Spending the Rainy Weather in Taguig City

July has arrived yet again, as it always does every year. In the Philippines, this month means one thing, summer is over, the average temperature is lower and the rain has come to greet us with its cold weather breeze.

As much as we love the heat that leads us to travel to vast beaches and private resorts, there is always something about the rainy weather inside a condo in Taguig that provides blissful relaxation to some people. Pluviophile is the term for people who enjoy the rain. It activates a certain point that allows them to kick back and relax or provide a sense of productivity.

There are so many ways to enjoy the higher percentage chance of rain and expect it to last throughout the second half of the year. One of the best places to experience the weather is in Taguig City. Why Taguig of all places? How can one spend their time in Taguig that is fit for cold weather? Is it the best time to visit Taguig?

How to spend the rainy days in Taguig City

Just like summer, people go do things or activities that are the opposite of the current weather. Summer equals cold-related activities. For rain, they seek warm places for their overall comfort. As such, most of the rainy day activities are spent indoors, but wading through the rain will make the trip to such activities worth it.

1. Grab a coffee


Taguig City has a lot of amazing coffee shops to grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, paired up with a delicious pastry that is freshly baked just for you. One of the best locations is Coffee Project in Vista Mall Taguig. With its home-like design, truly it is an amazing place to relax while it is raining outside. Another place would be Sunnies Cafe, located in Bonifacio High Street, and truly it is an instagrammable place while you are sipping on your cup of coffee. Plus, the dark cloud provides a nice aesthetic to the bright interior design.

2. Go shopping


Another great way to spend the cold season is by shopping. Of course, as you seek shelter when the rain gets heavy, which is definitely prone to happen at this time, the nearest places are definitely the malls in BGC are always available at your moment’s notice. Their bright colors and inviting brands welcome you from the cold climate. As you wait for the rain to die down, enjoy the countless time you have in choosing your next big purchase in the many designer brands across Bonifacio High Street or Venice Grand Canal Mall.

3. Dine out


You can even dine out in Bonifacio High Street or the first-class restaurants along Burgos Circle. A hot meal and a nice wine to consume and enjoy the torrential weather cover the streets of Taguig. Gaze upon the window to see passing cars and illumination from the stop light against the backdrop of gray skies – a perfect picture to see while you dine from the finest Taguig has to offer. If you want to turn it up a notch, hit up the famous bars in Taguig city. You’ll definitely warm yourself up with their drinks.

4. Stay inside


But, if you are not in the mood to go out, you can do many of these things from the comfort of your home. You can catch up on the latest TV shows and movies from the various stream services available in the palm of your hand.

You can enjoy a good book, fictional or non-fictional, as the cold weather is perfect for a cozy reading session. Maybe, that book is for studying purposes and you are at your absolute best, mentally, to take in the words on the page, as the pitter-patter hits your roof and window, giving off stimulating relaxation vibes.

You can even exercise as well in your living room space. There are so many ways to spend your time relaxing during the cold weather conditions and the city is perfectly safe in doing so. Why is that?

You’re safe in Taguig City


Taguig’s high urbanization allowed the city to never experience flooding – almost at all. This is felt inside and within the fringes of Bonifacio Global City. It is due in part to the city government’s drainage system. During typhoon season, their underground drainage system collects all of the rain to safely disperse along the Pasig River. The size of their drainage system is identical to 8 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Not only that, back in 2020, DPWH’s slope protection was completed along the Taguig River, located on the city’s community side. This is done to prevent the bank from flooding more, as that specific area is known to flood a lot. It is safe to say that Taguig City is safe to traverse during the rainy season and they have showcased many times in how effective the city government’s planning system is. Plus, their plans and prevention programs for any emergency that may happen during worst-case scenarios. It is also good to note that Taguig is 20 meters above sea level and there are two weather stations monitoring the city.

Now, living in Taguig seems like one of the best places you can choose. The rainy weather seems like a minor inconvenience to your daily routine and your lifestyle is absolute bliss to your nearest conveniences within the city.

All you need is a place to stay, one that is near Bonifacio Global City, near all the essentials and key establishments, and a cozy place for a promising individual starting their future in a global location. The Courtyard by Crown Asia Properties is the next investment and place for you.

The Courtyard by Crown Asia Properties – A Global Lifestyle In Taguig City

The Courtyard by Crown Asia Properties is your next premium real estate investment that will provide you with a global lifestyle at your doorstep. The Courtyard is a pre-selling condo development in Taguig that offers extraordinary upscale living space and takes advantage of the rental opportunities within the urban city. The condo development provides residents the absolute convenience of living near Bonifacio Global City and other first-rate key establishments, a retail commercial strip on the ground floor, and the accessibility of multiple road infrastructures for faster travel times.


After a long day at work, The Courtyard greets you with its resort-inspired amenities and an open green space pavilion that harkens the feeling of an everyday vacation. The posh amenities put future residents’ wellness first and create a serene atmosphere just a few steps away from your home. An active lifestyle is capable within this high-rise community and investors are attracted to this condo development’s live-work-and-play atmosphere. Residents are comfy with The Courtyard’s compact and modern Studio Units that give you a spectacular view of the Bonifacio Global City skyline.

Everything is at an arm’s stretch, as the property is located along Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, strategically near the C-5 Road that gives residents a 15-minute drive to BGC and other places in Metro Manila. Transportation hubs, medical facilities, and lifestyle centers, such as Vista Mall Taguig, are within your reach.

This is the perfect time to invest in a property like The Courtyard by Crown Asia Properties, as the capital value appreciation of the property is growing. Due to the various infrastructure developments within the area, such as the C-5 Southlink, the future Metro Manila Subway and South East Metro Manila Expressway, and the recently opened BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge. It is no wonder that the property is well-poised to appreciate in value over the next few years. The area’s continuous developments further add benefits to the pre-selling development for seamless and accessible driving, higher rental yields, and the news of the Philippine economy opening up again due to more vaccinations and eased restrictions.

The Courtyard is the best condo in Taguig, one that enables its investors a progressive and investment-worthy condo living – providing you an exclusive, vertical village community that is designed with finesse and elegance. Upon investing in this pre-selling condo development, you will truly achieve a global lifestyle and access to some of the incredible sights and spots in Taguig City.

Crown Asia is the premium residential arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. 25 years of providing themed communities for young professionals looking for their future homes or solid property investments. From themed house and lot developments that showcase incredible designs from around the world to stylish condominium properties that exude premium and modern designs that excites the urban dweller, Crown Asia Properties can provide the beauty of the world to the future home buyers and property investors.

Their other premium projects extend the brand’s values of beauty, convenience, and a solid property investment – ones that exude timeless excellence and long-term returns. The Crown Asia brand takes advantage of the opportunities in prime locations such as Taguig, Las Piñas, Bacoor, Cavite, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Daang Hari, and Alabang.

For more information about The Courtyard and other Crown Asia projects, visit our official website, like and follow @CrownAsiaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube or call the Marketing Office at 88-CROWN / 0956 380 0015.

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