Should You Invest in a Water Filtration System?

By: Levi Santiago

Water is an essential resource that we use every day. Whether it is laundry, cooking, bathing, or drinking, our everyday use of water puts forward the need for clean filtered water. Hence, this blog will show you what you need to know on deciding to invest in a water filtration system in your condo in Las Pinas, like Crown Asia’s Hermosa.

What Is Water Filtration?

Water filtering is the process of purifying or filtering water through various means or methods, like water filters in order to produce water that is potable or drinkable. When a system is designed for filtering water, it becomes a water filtration system, filtering out contaminants such as organic and inorganic materials like suspended particles, harmful chemical compounds, and biological contaminants like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

What Is a Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system can be either large-scale or small-scale, proving its usefulness to provide for both industrial and household needs. For a house water filtration system, in homes like Crown Asia‘s Hermosa or your condo in Las Pinas, a water filtration system is where the main water pipeline enters your house. Once the water reaches the house water filter system, undesirable contaminants like harmful chemicals and sediments are filtered so that the water that reaches your plumbing fixtures, like your faucets, showerheads, and the like, is clean drinking water.

Generally, a water filtration system purifies water by making use of a fine barrier that lets water pass through while preventing impurities to come out of your plumbing fixtures. Depending on what kind of filter is used in the water filtration system, water can be purified at different levels to fit the kind of purpose the water will be used for.

Why Is a Water Filtration System Important?

Water filtration systems prove their importance by filtering out harmful and undesirable contaminants in the water that will reach your house. For example, tap water from your faucets is usually already filtered by your local water filtration facility.

When installing a house water filtration system, you will be able to better guarantee water that is safe to drink and use. Moreover, there are different kinds of house water filters to use in house water filtration systems that can provide solutions to whatever specific water quality issues you are dealing with, whether it’s chlorine smell or sediments present in your water. In the end, using appearance to determine whether water is filtered or not is unreliable, which brings forward the need for water filtration, or even house water filter systems.

How Does the Water Filtration Process Work?

The filtration process in filtration systems primarily makes use of a fine filter or film composite that lets water pass through while blocking passage for contaminants. Through this, filtration systems like home water filtration systems are able to provide water that smells and tastes better by reducing the amount of chlorine in the water. Moreover, the filtration of water produces water that is safer to drink and use by trapping sediments and biological or chemical contaminants so that the water that comes out of your plumbing fixtures does not have harmful amounts of impurities.

What contaminants are filtered?

A filtration system eliminates various kinds of contaminants and impurities, such as diseases like viruses and bacteria, pesticides, volatile compounds, heavy metals, lead, arsenic, and the like. Through this filtering process, the water becomes safe for toothbrushing, bathing, cooking, drinking, and many more.

What Are the Kinds of Water Filtration Systems?

Activated Carbon

One of the more typical house water filter systems is activated carbon filtration. Through activated carbon granules, this filtration system utilizes absorption to eliminate volatile organic compounds and sediments. Although, activated carbon filtration is not effective for filtering fluorine, sodium, minerals, heavy metals, and salts. Different kinds of activated carbon filters provide different uses, having some activated carbon filters be useful for filtering lead, asbestos, volatile organic compounds, or mercury.

Ultraviolet Purification

This kind of filtration system is useful for dealing with filtering biological contaminants in your water. An ultraviolet purification system is most especially applicable or effective when using well water so that viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites, are eliminated from your water. Without using any chemicals, an ultraviolet purification system is useful for filtering disease-causing microorganisms.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a process that filters water by “forcing out” contaminants out of the water supply. This is done by having water pass through a membrane at a certain pressure so that the impurities are separated from the water supply. Although, this filtration system can waste water, which is why this filtration system is recommended only for using cooking or drinking water.

Sediment Filter

This filtration system is able to provide clean water to your house by eliminating damage caused by sediments in the water supply. Sediment filters are able to trap impurities such as rust flecks, dirt, clay, and sand. These sediments can cause clogging in your pipes and reduce water pressure which results in a weakened flow of water in your plumbing fixtures, and this is the issue that sediment filters solve.

Water Softener

Water softeners provide a solution to the problem of water hardness. Water hardness is an issue where there the concentration of dissolved minerals in your water supply is too high. “Hard water” is water that has too much calcium and magnesium, causing pipes to clog, dishes to feel chalky, laundry to look faded, and water pressure to decrease significantly.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System?

Having a water filtration system installed in your home gives many benefits. Apart from providing safe drinkable water, a filtration system is able to prolong the lifespan of the pipes in your water system and the appliances in your house. Filtration systems eliminate impurities, like minerals, that cause corrosion to your plumbing system and reduce the effectiveness of dishwashing and laundry soap.

Furthermore, a filtration system in your house will improve the taste and smell of your water by filtering out heavy metals and unnecessary amounts of chlorine in your water. In addition, a filtration system prevents skin irritation from chemicals found in water that were not filtered effectively. Therefore, investing in a water filtration system in your condo in Las Pinas, like Crown Asia’s Hermosa, would be a great investment to consider.

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