Safety Apps You Can Install on Your Phone

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If you have been keeping up with the news, you might be hearing the resurfacing dangers of commuting, being out and about in public, or even just taking a walk. This hazard has always been there, however, these days, it has been a growing concern for people of all ages and genders—no one seems to be safe from being a victim of these perpetrators. As such, this makes everyone anxious about going out of their house and lot for sale for fear of being taken away and not being able to make it back home safely. Fortunately, though, various security apps have been around that people can conveniently install on their phones and utilize whenever they sense danger or are not safe. Having said that, here are five personal safety apps you can install on your phone to help you feel secure and less threatened by your surroundings. These apps could also help you in times of medical emergencies.

Best Personal Safety Apps You Can Download Today


Life360 is a personal safety app that was recently popularized through the TikTok app. According to its developers, the app was created with the objective of “bringing families closer with comprehensive safety and coordination features for life at home and on the go—all in one place.” As long as your location is enabled on your phone, Life360 lets you create “circles” where you may add family members and friends into particular groups who will then have real-time access to your whereabouts. It can also place alerts whenever someone feels unsafe by tapping the SOS button for 10 seconds. This alert will notify everyone in the circle to let them know how you feel as well as your exact location. Aside from that, one-tap directions and driver reports are also other features available in the app wherein the former helps you navigate directly to any member in the circle by simply tapping on their photo while the latter is for maintaining safe driving habits by showing what the driver is doing behind the wheels.

The free mobile app includes a comprehensive range of support from live agents, licensed professionals, and 24/7 emergency services dispatchers with the goal of providing individuals with peace of mind tailored to modern life. It is available for iOS and Android users.


Another phone application that enables users to create a network of “guardians” who can track their location via GPS is bSafe. The app was created with the goal of minimizing violence and sexual assaults as well as aiding in the development of a secure and long-lasting community for individuals. A number of cutting-edge safety features have been developed by bSafe, including the ability to share your location while also locating your friends and family, a Follow Me feature that lets you ask a friend or relative to follow your travels, a Timer Alarm that could send emergency alerts, 24/7 cell phone monitoring, and most importantly, a Fake Call feature that lets you receive a phony phone call, particularly in uncomfortable or dangerous situations. Live streaming, voice activation, and automatic recording are further features of bSafe.

With this app giving you and your loved one peace of mind and assurance, going home to your house and lot for sale or going out of your condo in the Philippines at night can be less scary.

Red Panic Button

A mobile phone software called Red Panic Button enables users to quickly and easily share their location with emergency contacts and services by pressing a single emergency alarm. SMS, email, and Twitter are the main communication channels for the app pushing the red button on the app will send a Google Maps link with your current location and address to all the numbers on your emergency contact list along with a regular SMS, an email, and a real-time panic tweet to your friends and followers. The app also offers a voice recording tool that lets you record a 10-second message that is then linked to an email and delivered to your contact list, an emergency dial feature for circumstances when you don’t have enough time to pick between the many channels of communication, as well as the possibilities to send pictures, videos, and short SMS messages after 30 seconds.


Similar to Life360, Geonection is considered one of the most accurate family GPS location trackers and sharing through end-to-end encryption. Here, you can create a private group where only everyone in that circle will be able to access each other’s location. Aside from the safe sharing of location between friends and family, more devices can share whereabouts at the same time. You can also create as many location circles as you want, may it be with your different groups of friends, with your family, or a circle with both groups of people.  Its key personal safety features include Geofence, where you can create your places or bookmark locations you have been to. This also allows circle members to be notified whenever you enter or leave your places. Meanwhile, a location history shows when circle members leave or arrive at a place; it also shows where they have been during a week or even up to thirty days. With Geonection, staying connected with your closest people while also knowing each other’s whereabouts to ensure their safety is made easier. Hence, you can worry less about leaving your house and lot for sale to go grocery shopping or when you have night duty at work.

SOS Alert

SOS Alert is an emergency and safety app that can help whenever your safety is at risk or feeling unsafe. Similar to the previously mentioned apps, SOS Alert also reaches out to your emergency contacts and provides them with your current location. What is special about it though is that it has an SOS Alert Widget option where you can send alerts in just one tap through a button that is conveniently on your home screen so you do not have to open any apps and wait for it to load, which can be more nerve-wracking, especially in dire situations. By pressing down the SOS button, a three-second countdown begins, after which, your location will immediately be transmitted to your contacts. You can also register numbers of people who you might want to contact during emergencies as well as emergency hotlines in your area.

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