Romantic Italian Community Living In Southern Manila

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Romantic Italian Community Living In Southern Manila

Updated as of February 7, 2023

Everyone has their own dreams of waking up to their desired home.

It may be as simple as a condo unit in some of the progressive cities of the country like a condo in Las Pinas or a condo in Sucat, or it can even be as extravagant as luxury homes with multiple rooms and spacious area. Whatever your dream house may be, the most important thing is that it gives you the warmth and comfort that a home exudes.

But what if a home can be more than just your traditional four cornered property? What if it can be a home inspired by your greatest travels across the world?

Italian Real Estate inspirations in a home in the South


Imagine yourself living in an Italian-inspired community, where houses painted in hues of orange, yellow, and the green line the streets. The gorgeous homes are indwelled by loving families, where children slumber peacefully, and husbands and wives share their aspirations and dreams. Imagine taking a romantic walk under the moonlit night, where no noise can be heard but the singing of the crickets and the chirping of the birds. Imagine walking hand in hand with your beloved towards the ochre yellow and white clubhouse, with the light of the streetlamp nearby glistening in the pool’s water.

How do we define southern living?

Although any part of the country has their own pros and cons of living, here are some of the reasons why southern living is the definitive place to made as your new address.

Convenience like you’re living in Metro Manila

Convenience like you're living in Metro Manila

The best thing about living in the south is that it does not sacrifice the conveniences that you enjoy when you live in the Metro Manila area. In recent years, various brands, outlet stores, companies and specialty stores have made the South their home or held office in the area.

With this migration to the south, people living there can enjoy the services and products they offer which makes the address prime and convenient like living in the nation’s capital.

Just a few minutes away from must see and famous tourist attractions

The southern Luzon area is also a home for a lot of famous tourist spots and popular locations, some of the must visits are the Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the city of Tagaytay offers a lot of scenic views amidst its cool weather, historic places such as the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite or the home of the national hero, Jose Rizal located in Calamba, Laguna!

You and your family will never run out of places to visit during the weekend when you make the south as your new address.

Traffic is not as hectic as the Metro

Convenience like you're living in Metro Manila

Lets face it. The main reason for stress when you live in the Greater Manila area is driving through long queue of traffic to get to point A from point B. It drains your energy not to mention your gas and the most important thing of all, your precious time!

This is why the South is a great place to live, it has far less traffic than the prime cities of the Metro making your driving times faster and stress free enabling you to enjoy more time with friends and family.

The relaxed atmosphere of the south improves our physical and mental health

Aside from the traffic of the urban lifestyle, it also posts a lot of harm to our physical health because of the pollution present in the air, water and even the noise. Your mental health is also at stake because of the stress and mental fatigue of taking on traffic, long queues at the grocery, bank and even the sleep deprived nights brought about by prolonged driving time due to traffic.

These are some of the reasons why the South is a must-have-address. It has far more trees, greeneries and lesser pollutants than living in the nation’s capital. It has a relaxed atmosphere that you can live in and enjoy outdoor activities!

Countryside Villas and Modern Italian homes in the South

Countryside Villas and Modern Italian homes in the South

After learning the definitive reasons why Southern living is the way to go, choosing the community to live in should be next in your checklist. Its a good thing that Crown Asia Properties, the leading thematic upscale real estate developer in the South has communities like Ponticelli along Daang Hari in Bacoor Cavite, that will make as a good choice for an address when you decide to live south of the Metro.

You can live your dreams in Ponticelli Cavite, a well-planned 18 hectare-enclave of Italian-inspired homes all garbed in beautifully landscaped gardens equipped with a grand clubhouse and other amenities. The rows of breath-taking homes with their impressively manicured lawns are conveniently located just about 30 kilometers away South of Manila. So, ask your trusted real estate agent for a site tripping today. But first, here’s a list of what you need to do.

Traffic is not as hectic as the Metro

1. Crown Asia’s house and lot for sale in Cavite is considered a dream home to many. So, if you are planning to schedule a site visit to see their beautiful house and lot offerings, prepare your camera, take lots of photos and get ready to fall in love with Ponticelli Cavite’s beauty and charm.

2. Touring the beautifully landscaped gardens of Ponticelli is more enjoyable if you can share it with your family or friends.

3. Fire away with your questions and leave no stone unturned. Ask your trusted real estate agent all you want and need to know about the Italian-themed house and lot development you are interested in.

To be honest, there really is no perfect home for you. Every property, may it be among the towering skyscrapers or a traditional four cornered luxury home, has its lapses. Its all up to you on how you turn a house into a home. But its a good start to choose the best for you and your family, and Crown Asia might be your best partner for that!

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