Reasons Why You Should Own a Condo

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Reasons Why You Should Own a Condo

In this modern-day age, everyone wants to witness in a VIP seat if not actually take part in the world’s constant making of history through humanity’s grind of progression and advancement. This may take in the form of our gadgets (what is the newest Apply iPhone product now? iPhone X? Oh wait, even that is already outdated?), how we get our food (we have truly grown from our hunting and savaging age with robots already serving us our food), and how our children get their education (virtual reality is being so close to being our actual reality, huh?) among other things.

This also applies to how and where we live.

And in this 21st century, what is the most modern way of living? The answer: in a condominium.

You cannot deny that you have been thinking of condo ownership and living in a condo for sale. And we cannot blame you because most condos come with anything and everything grandeur and modern. There are many reasons why investing in a condo for sale is such a great move and we are here to lay down the facts!


Benefits of owning a condominium unit

Just a wiggle away from world-class malls and high-end stores and restaurants

Say you and your family decided to move into Crown Asia’s The Courtyard in Taguig. Here are what you will encounter:

Prestigious schools, exclusive brands, top-end restaurants, business hubs, and entertainment centers all reside in Metro cities, with Taguig being prime and upscale of it all. With numerous international companies housing their headquarters and with cosmopolitan shopping malls that offer the best brands, it is no wonder that people often go to Taguig for its exquisite global lifestyle. Upon visiting, you sure would not be disappointed with the fastest developing city in the Philippines which is no other than Taguig.

With Bonifacio Global City as the city’s cream of the crop, you can always count on Taguig to deliver both the latest and the best, one of those aspects being real estate especially with The Courtyard rising with an exciting buzz.

No need to visit BGC on a weekly basis for its world-class ambiance and service that it gives off since your condo for sale will just be a stretch away from this wondrous city that you can visit every single day. By living in The Courtyard, you and your family may enjoy Shake Shack’s munchy and humongous burgers every now and then. Your children will live their bookworm dreams since you can visit Fully Booked’s 5-story branch at BGC regularly now! You may also visit the Ayala Museums may it be their branch in Makati or in BGC, either way, they are both near your condo for sale!


You can easily rent it out

Condominiums, especially Crown Asia’s, are always strategically located. This means that they are almost always in the middle of everything families would be near to, and this includes the prestigious schools of our country and high-end company headquarters. Many condominium owners earn big bucks by renting out their condos may it be to students, working adults, or fellow Filipino families. Condos are always in demand for they are near schools and workplaces. It is a prime investment property. Of course, no one wants to travel THAT far so they usually rent a place to stay while they are in the city! Indeed, you can make a swell business with a condo if ever you decided to not live there which is totally fine especially if you have decided to make a business out of it.


No need to worry if ever your child goes to a concert. They will be back home before you can text them, “Where are you?”

Speaking of museums and art galleries, living in a condo unit also entails living where events take place. May it be art exhibits, gigs, or events, they are all near your condo for sale! No need to worry about the horrible traffic that usually commences after a big night a concert of a big-time star. No need to rent them a room in a trustful hotel if ever you and/or your child has a concert night. They will be back home in a jiffy! Save you and your child the hassle of traveling to your favorite events by living where these events usually take place!

Top-notch amenities

Just like in the best of outfits, even your home environment needs accessories. This is where amenities come in. Take Crown Asia’s The Courtyard again for an example. By living in this condo, condo owners will get access to resort-inspired amenities. Exquisite swimming pools where you and your family can chill every once in a while if not every day, a high-end fitness gym where you and your spouse can spot one another as you both maintain that kind of body that everyone aims to have, a playground with a wide array of fun rides and slides, open clubhouse to celebrate your daughter’s upcoming debut, and of course, the landscaped gardens that are a perfect breather (literally and figuratively) from the city’s pollution.

Indeed, with a condo, you no longer need to go somewhere just to get the best things in life and opportunities. You just need to go down a few floors using an escalator and you are already ready for the perfect relaxing entertainment or for self-improvement. But keep in mind the condominium association fees that come with condo living. These amenities need to be maintained and the condo fees do just this. Condo association fees also help maintain the beauty and structural integrity of the condominium building. It’s a small price to pay for something rewarding. Condo associations or homeowners association also help in providing a better experience for their residents. So vote wisely when it comes to your next HOA meeting.


Having a condo is everyone’s dream

May it be for business or for a home, everyone secretly yearns to own a condo. The condo life is practical and the city life it offers is true oh so dreamlike. But, come on, dreams are definitely not so far out of reach especially when you take the leap. There is no risk considered in buying a condo for sale, especially if it is Crown Asia curated since it will definitely be one of the greatest investments you would have in your life.

An investment in the real estate industry is truly an investment that people always keep in mind and there are reasons why most people call it a risk-free investment. Call a real estate agent now or head on over to our website and view our condos for sale to learn more.

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