Raising Resilient Children: Strategies to Foster Mental and Emotional Strength

By: Hadj Cabonegro
mental strength

One of the challenges that parents face while raising their children is not only ensuring that they properly develop physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. In this day and age where preventing and dealing with mental health issues have reached the same level of priority as securing a permanent house and lot for one’s family to live in, it is paramount that a parent must know how to build up their children to become resilient.

There can be dire consequences for failing to impart the importance of cultivating and maintaining emotional and mental health to one’s kids, the kind that could follow them throughout the rest of their lives. These future issues could include frequent emotional instability in the face of stress, a greater chance of gaining mental disorders, difficulty in creating close bonds with others, and much more. Having mental toughness and emotional strength is integral for thriving during one’s older years, and as such, properly teaching children about the importance of maintaining it is the key to avoiding any of these potential fates for one’s child.

For those who wish to know how to better raise their children to be more resilient, below are three tips that can help with this endeavor.

Teaching Your Children to Acknowledge Their Emotions is The First Step in Cultivating Emotional Strength

One of the most common pitfalls that parents may sometimes fall into during their parenting journey is failing to teach their children the importance of being in touch with their emotions. To many, the idea of bottling up one’s feelings is seen as the only way to become ‘strong’, but this is a misguided approach, as it has been shown time and time again that people who do not accept what they feel would oftentimes end up as troubled individuals.

Good parents should do their best to inform their children that expressing their thoughts and emotions is a healthy and natural thing. By being able to be comfortable and knowing how to deal with their own burgeoning emotional state at a young age, these kids are more than likely to grow up to become strong people, who would have the necessary strength and fortitude to overcome or bounce back from whatever life may throw at them. Having the ability to be in tune with one’s emotions has the added benefit of being able to be more empathetic to others, which can not only foster deeper social relationships, but also promote better ways to maintain both emotional and mental health for the next generation.

With how influential emotions are within everyone’s day to day lives, teaching one’s children the ability to be understanding of their own feelings as soon as possible can make the difference when it comes to guiding them to become resilient adults.

Encouraging Your Child to Aim For Self-Acceptance Can Build Mental Strength at an Early Age

The inability to accept oneself is another major reason as to why there are many individuals out there who are struggling with their own personal challenges and demons. To know one’s limits and being content with that realization is a defining trait of a mentally strong person, and thus teaching children this lesson can be a boon to their development into becoming an adaptable and steadfast person.

To start off, parents should aim to make it clear to their children that it is alright to recognize one’s own flaws and that just because these weaknesses exist, it doesn’t mean that they have to hate themselves. Learning to make peace with this fact that is present within everyone can help curtail any potential issues which is related to the rejection of the self due to self-perceived inadequacies and self-hatred. A good parent does not propagate situations which can lead to the rejection of self-acceptance, examples of which can include comparing their own children to others, berating them on facets about themselves that they cannot control, and giving them an unrealistic goal or expectation that they must meet.

Given that self-acceptance has been linked to be beneficial to developing mental health, a parent that makes sure that their child get a head start in the journey to self-acceptance would be doing them a massive favor once they are much older.

Being There For Your Kids in The Face of Stress Can Be Beneficial For Their Mental and Emotional Health

Other than providing all the basic necessities required for growing up, parents are also meant to be a constant presence for their children to turn to during their younger years whenever they face something that troubles them greatly.

Lending an ear can be a good first step to being there for one’s children, as it allows them to open up about whatever may be troubling them and therefore lowers the possibility of them keeping it to themselves and letting it build up. This teaches them to seek out help, to become unafraid to rely on others if whatever they may be facing is something that they cannot tackle alone. Such an act is an important one, since it would instill a sense of acceptance and familial love that can help the kids to be a people who are destined to thrive in modern life.

Complete absence of the parent within the life of a child has been observed to cause significant long-term damage to their emotional and mental state, which just further highlights how important it is to apply this step when one is or will become a parent.

In conclusion, guiding ones children to become resilient is a task that can either be difficult or easy depending on the circumstances. Cultivating the idea of regulating one’s emotions, learning to accept one-self, and telling them that there is no shame in seeking help can go a long way into producing the next generation who are much more resilient than the last, but there are of course additional information that can be used to further improve this.

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