Rainy Season Home Design Ideas

By: Levi Santiago
Rainy Season Home Design Ideas

With the summer ending and the rainy season finally coming in, the weather for the upcoming months to come will be much more different. Days with the hot bright sun shining over white clouds will be much lesser. Instead, these will soon be replaced more often with grey clouds, crackling thunder, and windy rain.

It is important to note however, that the rainy season does not have to be necessarily gloomy and dark. With the right mindset and adaptive changes to the home design of your House and Lot for Sale, the rainy season can become a period for relaxation and introspection.

Home Interior Design Tips During the Wet Season

1.     Reorganize Furniture during the monsoon season


Since the rainy season brings grey, dim, and damp weather with it, a change in the organization of the furniture in your house and lot for sale purchase would be a good idea. Make sure to take into account how family members and pets stepping inside the house from outdoors could leave wet tracks on the floors. Moreover, opening windows and doors could let the wind carry raindrops inside the house. With these in mind, make sure that furniture that can be damaged by rainwater and moisture are moved away from doors and windows as much as possible. However, a nicely placed window seat would be a great idea too, granted that the window is rarely opened.

2.     Use Appealing Color Aesthetic

A good way to counter the gloom of the rainy season is to add vibrancy to the color aesthetic of your home. Colors can greatly influence the mood of a person staying in them over a long period of time, so making use of warmer colors that contrast the cold and grey weather of the rainy season is ideal.


Orange is a good choice since it is associated with warmth, enthusiasm, and energy. Yellow is also a great pick since it is associated with sunshine, happiness, and positivity. Although, your choices do not have to be restricted to warm colors; like how greens bring the relaxation similar to the color that nature brings. Integrate these colors into walls, artworks, pillows, and the like.

3.     Have Functional Ornamentation


The rainy season calls for items that are frequently used in the rain, such as umbrellas and coats. Hence, a unique umbrella vase at the entrance of your house and lot for sale purchase would be a great opportunity to have an item that complements the aesthetic of your home. Furthermore, having a wall mounted coat rack or standing coat rack would also provide great décor that is both functional and aesthetic. Such items can also serve to impress guests that would visit your home.

4.     Hang Light Flowy Curtains


Much wetness is guaranteed to come with the season, so make sure to have curtains that aren’t heavy, susceptible to soaking up water so easily, and take too long to dry. Instead, hang light curtains that flow easily with the breeze. Not only will this improve the aesthetic of your home, it will also make the curtains easy to maintain.

5.     Have Good Light Sources


Dim skies will be a common occurrence, so make sure to have ample light sources to brighten up the rooms of your newly moved in house and lot for sale. Ceiling lights that are efficient in spreading light across a room are ideal. Floor lamps are not only good as simply light sources, they can also provide good lighting for personal reading time while it rains – and while you’re at it, a hot drink would suit the atmosphere well too in such occasions. Furthermore, you can have scented candles around your home to add some scenery to your home.

6.     Ensure House Exteriors and Outdoor Furniture are Weatherproofed


Strong winds and heavy rain are likely to occur during the rainy season, so it is best to make sure that the exterior areas of your home are weatherproofed accordingly. Make sure that verandas, porches, balconies, and the like, are built with weatherproofed walls and flooring. Moreover, make sure that whatever furniture is placed on the exterior areas of your house are weatherproofed as well, to the extent that the furniture can endure hard rain so that they can still be used even after it rains.

7.     Have House Plants


House plants are not only great home décor, they can also serve to improve the mood greatly since you can never go wrong with having some nice greenery around your newly moved in house and lot for sale. Moreover, house plants improve air quality and create scenery that is able to boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve mental well-being. Make sure to place the plants next to the windows so that they get as much sunlight as possible, and regularly check on them.

DON’Ts for the Rainy Season

Here are some things that you should avoid doing during the rainy season.

Don’t leave house entrances without a non-slip mat.


The rain season makes the outdoors often damp and wet. Hence, having non-slip mats will make sure family members and pets will step inside the house with much less dirt and water.

Don’t overwater your house plants.

The rain itself is good for watering house plants left outside in the rain; and in that case, it is best not to water your house plants much if they get rainwater frequently.

Let pets leave wet tracks inside the house.


If ever your pet goes outside your house in the rainy season, it is guaranteed that they will step inside your newly purchased house and lot for sale with wet dirty footprints. Make sure to wash and dry your pet regularly to keep your home clean.

Paint walls.

Wind from outdoors can carry moisture and water to flow right into walls. Therefore, freshly painted walls will take much longer to dry because of the moisture, making it unideal to do.

DO’s for the Rainy Season

On the contrary, here are some things you can do during the rainy season.

Tie supports plants and seedlings.


Fasten sturdy supports to the trunks of your house plants and/or seedlings so that they can grow steadily in the rainy season. Strong wind and rain can damage house plants, so having supports tied to your house plants will greatly help.

Address plumbing issues and wall leaks.

One of the common issues with the rainy season is when outdoor rain finds its way into your purchased house and lot for sale through the cracks of walls, as well as leakage from plumbing issues.

Replace old and faulty furniture and lights.


The rainy season comes with weather that is drastically different compared to the summer season. With darker skies and damp weather, make sure to keep the quality of your light sources and furniture in check.

Invest in door and window quality.

Doors and windows are the parts of the house that are frequently opened, making them pathways for rainwater and wind to come through. Make sure to check any defects with your house’s doors and windows to ensure unwanted moisture comes inside the house.

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