Rainy Days Hobby: Creating the Ultimate Cozy Nook

By: Rose Mary Madrigal

Rainy days are more frequent these days and sometimes, we end up staying at home during a heavy downfall. When that happens, it’s best to keep a list of things to do at home when it’s raining.

Discovering a new hobby will surely keep you company during these times. And while you’re thinking of your Dasmarinas Cavite Lot for sale, why not consider adding a cozy nook?

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, you may need a cozy nook to lounge on a rainy day. Further along, the article will give you cozy book nook ideas.

Best Things to Do When Raining



While you may have a routine already or maybe you just put whatever it is on for your facial skincare routine, this time, try giving your skin the attention it deserves.

Build or update your skincare routine with products you can look up depending on your skin concern or skin type. Look into what other products would work best for your skin.

Watch Old Films

Nothing like slow days chilling to popcorn, drinks, and old films. Whether it’s Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Roman Holiday’ or Humphrey Bogart in ‘Casablanca’, old films are nostalgic and unique in cinematography.

It’s a great way to disassociate from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life.

Rewatch Your Favorite Series

Rewatching series is a great way to revisit characters and plot, and have more attention to detail. Besides that, your favorite series can also be your escape from the gloomy weather outside.

Learn a New Recipe

Experiment in the kitchen with new recipes that are from other cultures. It may seem difficult but you could just start with easy recipes with ingredients you have already.

You Can Elevate Your Living Space

Rainy days can also be a great time to do some reorganizing of your living space. Move furniture around, change your centerpiece, redecorate your living room, and swap out old deco with something you have in storage.

Try Making a New Coffee Recipe

Fuel your inner barista by taking out your coffee maker or looking up a new way in making your coffee.

Level up your everyday coffee by adding some syrup, frothing milk, or just getting familiar with different types of coffee beans.

Tend to Your Plants (If You Have)

While taking care of plants does not require so much, check on plants that do need attention. The rain may affect some of your outdoor plants so it’s best to move them somewhere with shades.

Try looking or searching on your local online marketplace for other plants you may want to try planting. Whether it’s a garden or oriental house plants, taking care of your plants is a great hobby to de-stress as well.


Bond With Your Fur Babies

Never neglect giving attention to your fur babies. While you’re busy at work or just going out more often, staying indoors and bonding with pets is perfect.

While in the process, try teaching them new tricks

Self-Care From Head to Toe

Besides skincare, show your hair some love by doing a hair spa. Next to your hair care, do a mani-pedi session.

Afterward, enjoy a long hot bath, or if you don’t have a tub, a hot shower with a really nice body wash to make you feel refreshed.

Learn a New Skill Through Short Online Courses

Another thing to do on a rainy day is to upgrade or unlock a new skill set you could use for work. Or maybe just to add to your certificate, finishing online courses through sites like alison.com can add to your work credentials.

Bake Some Pastry

If you never had time to bake or want to make the perfect cookie dough, learn to bake cupcakes, sourdough, brownies, or even cake.

Your leftover batch of cookies can even be stored in the freezer which you can enjoy on another rainy day.

Make It Your Cheat Day

Indulge in comfort food on a rainy day and enjoy your favorite food or treats. While healthy meals are as important to good health, once in a while, enjoy that McDonald’s mac n cheese, or some cocktails.

Do Some Spiritual Healing

Get in touch with your spiritual side by doing some meditation or praying. Perhaps you’re not as religious, open a bible and do bible study instead.

Read passages and find out their relevance to your current situation. Try meditating by finding a good spot to sit, take deep breaths, focus on your now, and cancel out whatever surrounds you.

Set a timer to at least 2 minutes and see how that feels. Maybe try adding some spiritual white noise or even a diffuser to elevate your senses.

Play or Learn a New Instrument

During busy days we don’t get to work on new hobbies. Take this opportunity to finally bring out your decade-old guitar or play the piano sitting in your living room.

Write in Your Journal

Another therapeutic hobby, release your emotions and just writing them down in your journal. While some may find it not as easy, it could be a great start to being more mindful of your emotions.

You can also write down any creative ideas you happen to think about. Do a bullet journal and you can even start reorganizing for your productivity.

Try Doing Yoga

Bring out your yoga mat and look up some easy, beginner-friendly yoga exercises. Embrace each pose and focus on slow movements to help relax and stretch your muscles.

Do At-Home Workouts

If you’re looking to stay active, you can look up ‘at-home’ workouts on Youtube even if you don’t have equipment.

Try Knitting or Some Crochet

Another relaxing or creative thing to do on a rainy day is to start your knitting hobby with simple socks, hats, mittens, or even a small bag.

For crochet, make accessories like headbands or something to gift to your loved ones. Both activities are perfect to stay cozy indoors while still being able to keep yourself busy.

Work on Your Dance Moves

TikTok is another way to engage yourself to start dancing. If not just grab some wine and play your favorite music and get dancing.

If You Have Kids or Things to Do With Your Loved Ones…


Do Some Arts & Crafts With Your Kids

Search the web for easy DIY crafts you can do as a family with items you have at home. Either a rocket ship or a DIY slime, get creative and have fun.

Do Some Experiments

Science experiments not only teach kids a lesson but also can be engaging. These activities like making a volcano will make you even forget it’s raining outside.

Finish a Challenging Puzzle

There are puzzles that have over 1000 pieces, some puzzles are even built in 3D. Whatever you choose, it’s both a great way to fuel their brain chemistry and at the same time get cozy on a rainy day.

Have a Story Time

Let your kids choose a book and afterward, why not make a story of your own? Spark their imagination by being able to make stories and let them get imaginative.

Play Some Games

Other games like charades are great fun communicative games that will surely keep your family busy and enjoy at the same time.

Other Things to Do on a Rainy Day


Cozy book nook ideas

To build or create the perfect cozy nook, start out by creating a mood board on Pinterest or just gather pictures you want your nook to look like.

After which, get in the process of moving furniture you already have around your house. Place your single-size sofa or couch in the corner of your room.

It’s ideal to choose a corner that sits beside the window so you can get a great view plus some natural lighting.

Nook essentials

Other non-negotiable things to add to your cozy nook are:

  • a round side table
  • A warm-light floor lamp
  • Bookshelf or storage to keep your books to read

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