Pushing Your Children to Learn Another Language

By: Blanche Lagrisola
Pushing Your Children to Learn Another Language

We, parents, strive to help our children learn as much as they can for more knowledge can always help them become better and happier people. We enroll them into prestigious to get quality education and learn from the best of teachers, we bring the tutors inside our Bacoor house and lot for sale, and we enroll our kids into extra-curricular classes that involves sports and music for them to further explore other horizons. But, do you know what other extra classes your kids must take in this day and age of globalization? Classes to learn a second language is the answer.

Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages in Children

Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages in Children

Our younger generations should learn another language aside from the languages we have in the Philippines (Tagalog and English) for a variety of beneficial reasons. The advantages of being able to understand, speak, and write extend so much more than communication: it enhances the child’s brain development, and it deepens the understanding and empathy of the child to other people around the world. In a globalized world, being multilingual is becoming increasingly valuable, as it opens to many career opportunities to a person. And in a world that seems to always be in social, if not literal war with each other, understanding each other is the first and foremost antidote for such challenge. Understanding one another can be done through by seeing each other eye to eye by speaking the same language. Indeed, learning other languages is both for personal development and growth, and being able to be a better human being for others.

Why must they learn as soon as now and not wait til they get older? They may have a hard time learning a totally new language after all, some may think.

That statement is totally untrue. The best age a person could learn a new skill is as early as toddler years. This is why child prodigies exist. Such children can indeed learn math, play the piano effortlessly, or memorize all the different cities of the world even before they start elementary school because all people when they are younger, have a very malleable and fast-working brain. If ever you dream your child to learn French or Chinese even before they learn other things one learns in school, that is totally okay because children naturally have a unique capacity to absorb anything new easily and quickly, and this includes languages. Their brains are highly adaptable, and exposure to diverse linguistic environments can help them develop linguistic dexterity. Learning multiple languages at a young age can provide cognitive advantages, such as improved problem-solving skills, creativity, and enhanced memory.

Lastly, by them constantly learning new phrases and words, they will immediately get used to the rhythym of consuming knowledge. This hunger to learn and improve will also extend to other aspects in life, may it be being able to memorize science facts faster in school, or being able to write better in their English essays, or even wanting to learn the national sport of the nation they are learning a language from.

However, there is even a more important benefit on hand by guiding them to store books of another language at your Bacoor house and lot for sale.

How to entice your child to learn a second language and other language development tips

How to entice your child to learn a second language and other language development tips

This could be first introduced by making your family watch the news of other nations or, to make things more fun, watch a movie in a different language (with subtitles, of course). This can immediately let your innocent child know that there are many dialects that you speak. Once you have hooked up their attention, you can pop up the question: do you want to learn this language?

Next step is to enroll them to a language class. Teaching them yourselves while relying on YouTube videos can indeed be effective, however, letting a language professional has so much benefits that denounces any kind of educational YouTube video. By enrolling your child to a language class, they will be really pushed to learn by hand and paper, and not just be limited to what the internet has to offer. Of course, having a real teacher and being able to talk to them in person is totally a different and higher pedestal. To add, your child’s learning can be personalized to their needs and wants for improvement and learning. The teacher may adjust modules and can teach more than the language while on the go. Additionally, this will help your child start to learn how to socialize with other people.

Another tip is to try to learn a couple of words and phrases yourself. You know how tennis players get to improve so much? It is when they get to practice with their fellow athletes. Let us take the Williams sisters for example. They had both succeeded at the mere age of 14 and 15. Would they be able to do this if they were alone? Perhaps, but their road would be much harder. Like athletes, our children must constantly have practice outside of their classes so that they can constantly remember and use their lessons. If it goes unused, their brains will deem it unuseful and forget about it. Even better if you and your spouse enroll yourselves in classes, too (but maybe separate with your child so that you can give their own space to grow by themselves). How about talking to each other with your new language during dinner time every once in a while in your bacoor house and lot for sale?

Now, you may ask, which language should your child first learn? It could be any really. The world has several languages for your child to learn, and the usual choices are French or Spanish. If they want to keep up with the current times, you may ought to introduce them to Chinese. However, many of our educators would advice us (that includes us, parents) to learn another language of the Philippines. If you do not know yet, our country has over a 100 of languages. Most Filipinos especially around our area of Metro Luzon and South Luzon know only Tagalog and English. It may be the perfect time to help revive the rich spirit of the Filipino that has been haunting us, urging us to remember it, and celebrate its history.

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