Preparing Your Home for When Your Newborn Arrives

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
newborn checklist

Preparing for the arrival of a baby at your can get overwhelming with thoughts of what you need to buy first, will you be able to use it, or is it something your baby would or would not like. Having a newborn checklist can make sure you know exactly what you need.

Besides your newborn checklist, you also need to move things around your rfo house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite as you welcome your newborn. You need to know where to put the baby things so you won’t have a difficult time looking for what you need when you’re in a different room.

There are a lot of adjustments you need to make when welcoming your newborn, but don’t fret, as this article can help you with your baby essentials.

Newborn checklist

Diaper bag

It’s essential to have a bag where you can put all your baby’s needs especially when on the go. Choose a diaper bag that has enough pockets, waterproof, not easily broken, and can fit all your baby needs.

Baby clothes

When it comes to baby clothes, a rule of thumb is not to buy too much of the same size as your baby as they easily grow within a few months or even weeks. You’ll end up not using most of them not unless you plan to dress your baby every now and then for cute pictures.

Don’t be afraid to borrow or use baby clothes from relatives or ‘hand-me downs’ as it can help cut down your spending and at the same time still be reusable.

Baby clothes you need are:

  1. 3 footed sleepers
  2. 5 shirts or baby pants
  3. 3 onesies
  4. 3 pairs of mittens and booties
  5. sweater
  6. bibs

Nursing pillow

Mother with newborn baby in the nursing pillow

Another must-have when you’ll be breastfeeding your baby. It would help in positioning your baby during nursing so you can be comfortable regardless you’re at bed or the sofa. You can also use a nursing pillow to plop your baby when bottle feeding or during their waking hours.

Baby bottles

There are different baby bottles but you should only get ones that are appropriate for your baby’s age, as mentioned in the packaging. You can also consult your baby’s pedia even before your baby arrives. Baby bottles come in narrow or wide sizes.

Wide-neck bottles are recommended for breastfed baby’s as they mimic a mother’s breast shape. Narrow bottles are ideal for bottle-fed baby’s.

Breastfeeding items

If you will be breastfeeding, you may need a breast pump which comes in manual or digital. There are also breast pads to help nursing moms who experience their milk to be dripping. Lactation cookies and other supplements to help nursing moms produce more milk are also available.

Bottle cleaning essentials

Of course you’ll need to sanitize your baby bottles so be needing a good cleaning bottle soap and a baby bottle brush that also comes with a nipple brush. You can’t use the same soap or materials for your baby as they are still sensitive.

There are bottle soaps that are specifically formulated for baby’s and can also be used for cleaning their toys and fruits or veggies once they’re allowed.


Healthcare specialist filming video about baby bottles sterilizing with help of electric steam sterilizer as part of online birthing classes course

A good sterilizer also has a dryer function that will help dry your bottles in less than an hour, that way, you can use them at once compared to having them air dry. Make sure you sanitize them by descaling at least every so often to remove any limescale buildup.


you’ll need to buy only a few packs at first so if your baby’s skin is sensitive to the diaper’s material, you can repurchase a different brand. Also not that, you’ll be needing a lot during the newborn stage and as they grow, you’ll be changing less but more excrement.

Bath essentials

When it comes to buying anything you’ll be applying to your baby’s skin, it’s best to purchase them in trial sizes so you can test it out first on a small area on your baby’s skin if they will be sensitive to its formula or not. Whether it’s bath soap or baby lotion, don’t purchase a lot until your baby arrives.

You’ll also be needing bath towel or you if you want, you can also get a baby both robe which is not really an essential. You can use your swaddle blanket as a towel since it can be multi-purpose. It can also help to choose materials that are made from bamboo or are hypoallergenic.

Laundry soap

Same with your baby’s bath essentials, you need need laundry soap or fabcon that’s formulated for newborn or for baby’s. Don’t mix them with your clothes or use soaps that are harsh for your baby’s skin.

Stroller and car seat

When bringing home your baby, a car seat is important. They come in different sizes which are specifically made for your baby’s age. Strollers also come in different sizes but they are also adjustable which can be used from newborn stage to toddler age.

What you need for your baby’s nursery


There are cribs that can be convertible until your baby reaches toddler age. An important note is that they must follow federal safety standards. Keep pillows, toys, or any objects when your baby is asleep.

Other safety standards you should know:

  1. Corner posts should be no higher than 1/16 inch (1.5 mm). This is to prevent clothing or other objects worn by child getting caught on them.
  2. Drop-side rail cribs are no longer considered safe.
  3. All screws or bolts that secure parts of the crib should be present and tight.
  4. Keep it away from drapes, curtains, and cords that your baby could reach when they start standing.
  5. Mattress support should be securely attached to the head and footboards.

Changing table

A diaper changing table can help make diaper changes easier. They usually come with a strap to help put your baby in place and refrain them from moving too much. It also has organizers on the side to keep diapers, rash creams, and other needs at reach for easy change.


To be organized with your baby’s things from clothes, essentials, and other important files, a dresser can help with easy storing; you can also put dividers or labels.

Changing sheets

Your baby’s diaper can still be prone to leakage especially when you’re still getting the hang of knowing their pooping schedule, so it’s important to have extra sheets in case they leave a mess. It would also help to use waterproof crib mattress protector or a changing pad.

Rocking chair

It may help you as a nursing mom to own a rocking chair at your baby’s nursery. Not only will this help put them to sleep at times, but it can make breastfeeding more comfortable especially for your back.

Rocking chair and poster in grey child’s bedroom interior with plant and blanket on cradle. Real photo

Miscellaneous items you may need:

  1. Pacifier
  2. Baby comb
  3. Baby nail clip set
  4. Humidifier
  5. White noise machine
  6. First aid kit
  7. Baby carrier

What to expect when your baby arrives

  1. Don’t let sick relative or visitors near your baby. As much as possible keep visits few until your baby gets enough vaccines.
  2. Help your wife with housework as much as possible. It also helps to plan who will be cooking, cleaning, and when you’ll both be taking turn when caring for the baby. This will ensure your wife doesn’t do too much and at the same, give her time to rest.
  3. As the mother, know it’s okay to ask for help. You may feel obliged to do everything on your own, but res assured, you need to rest and help yourself after birth. If your parents or visitors can help, ask them to help around the house.
  4. Healing after pregnancy and giving birth takes time. After birth, your body as a mother goes through so much just like when you were pregnant. Take it easy with going back to work or doing household chores. Don’t rush in getting back into shape as all of it is a process.
  5. Sleepless nights and know you won’t get it right the first time. If you’re first time parents, it will be a challenged. A lot will change and both of you need to know you won’t get it right the first time but that’s okay. Learning your baby’s sleep, feeding, and changing diaper will be something you’ll eventually get along the way.
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