Places Where You Can Volunteer in the South

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
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Giving back to society is definitely a different kind of happiness. Volunteer work can be done even without having to go far. Like volunteer in Philippines local NGOs or non-government organizations they require eager Filipino volunteers to aid in man power, donations, and even through sharing one’s skills.

While owning a house and lot that’s far from these places, this article lists down volunteer opportunities that are near the Metro and even without leaving the comfort of one’s home.

Why choose to volunteer

Promotes servitude in the community. Supports volunteerism and encourages other to participate within the community.

Personal growth. Servitude allows individuals to have a show of empathy and civic responsibility.

Lessons learned

Volunteers learn more about how their skills can change the community, help those in need, learn about the condition of others, knowledge about the organizations, government, and resources needed in the community.

Giving back to the community

As a volunteer, this allows people to give back not only through financial aids, but physical labor, skills, and the empathy to show others they belong in the community and are not neglected.

Volunteer work in the South

Project 200

Based in Mandaluyong, Project 200 started with friends Jomar Gabato, Raffy Gagabu-an, and Joan Dela Cruz collecting 200-pesos each from their friends to help victims of Yolanda. Today, they continue their tradition of helping children, donating, and helping those in marginalized sectors as much as they can.

Project 200 also has different volunteer opportunities aside from donating, they usually post on their Facebook page how those interested to volunteer can help, from financial to physical volunteer work.


Looking for other activities to volunteer in? iVolunteer links NGO’s to different outreach activities that needs manpower among willing and able volunteers.

iVolunteer allows individuals to volunteer in different locations and category- youth, children, environment, education, health, and poverty). As long as it can help, those interested can signup in their website and start linking with NGOs with events that are available.

A-HA! Learning Center

Another volunteer center based in Makati, A-HA learning center is a small NGO that tutor’s public school children from nearby communities. Tutors from A-Ha teach kids from 1st grade to 4th year high school in English, Math, and Science. Those that volunteer in tutoring will be teaching 5-15 kids at a time while alternating teaching and play time.

There are sessions available on weekdays and also on weekends but those that aren’t interested in tutoring can help with teaching a different skill may to contact A-HA on their Facebook page.

Fairplay For All Foundation

The fairplay for all foundation is a small two-storey house located in Bicol Roadd, Payatas. It satrted out as a free football clinic which now grew as a community where children from the community can learn, play, and just be themselves.

Children in Fairplay are given the freedom to choose their activities and what they want to study. For volunteers, they are able to create more opportunities to learn by teaching subjects that not only can be found in school but extra-curricular activities as well like dance and yoga. To know more about Fairplay, you can contact through [email protected] and learn how to contribute to their org.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS, is a registered NGO that promotes protecting the humane treatment towards animals. They are located at Quezon City which is a compound that houses rescued dogs and cats, either neglected or cruel treatment. They care for these animals in hopes to make their lives better and an opportunity to find a new home. According to PAWS, they receive about 50 calls a day which concerns animal welfare.

Those interested to volunteer for PAWS can choose among the roles and tasks which they can fill such as: Office Assistant, Adoption Team, Match-Maker, Adoption Follow-up, Clinic Technician Assistant, Foster Care, Animal Rescue Team, Dog Training and Rehabilitation Team, Campaigns, Pet-Facilitated Therapy, Spay-Neuter Team, Fundraising Events, Lobbying and legal work.

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Those who will volunteer need to be committed since they must render at least eight hours a month doing work for PAWS as a volunteer.

Habitat for Humanity

About 4 million homeless families all over the Philippines are residing in depressed areas, Habitat for Humanity provides safer, more affordable housing to these families. They build homes and ensure that these families are in good living conditions so they can achieve brighter futures.

Those who want to volunteer have to apply through their website and can either donate, or join immersion programs that they are offering.

Hands on Manila

Hands on Manila recruits, coordinates, and educates volunteers for non-profit organizations. They believe in empowering everyone to serve and dedicate their lives to service and sustainability.

HOM believes that volunteerism is an effective tool when committing to social change and empowering individuals to act and realize their ability to contribute to the community. Their goal is to provide a roadblock-free path of meaningful service and experience that can make a difference in society.

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Those that would like to volunteer can check their advocacies that are customized to the needs of the employees’ volunteers.

Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace is an independent global campaign org that acts to change attitude, behavior, protect, conserve the environment, and promote peace.

They expose environmental criminals and challenge the government, corporations that fail to live up to the org’s mandate in safeguarding the environment for the future.

Since established in Manila, Greenpeace has promoted open, informed debates about environmental choices, researched, diplomacy, and combat illegal practices in the environment. They encourage millions to take action everyday with their banner, “When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can’t eat money…”

Feeding Sisters

Feeding sisters is another non-profit NGO that travels across the Philippines to aid in food donations among people residing in remote areas of the country. They first started out as a love for travelling which also turned to charity for a charity hike. Since then, they continued this tradition for traveling to communities while delivering food, goods, and necessities to those in need.

Together with other volunteers, they provide necessities of various Indigenous tribes to enhance their education. While their work can be described as extraordinary, they consider themselves as ordinary backpackers wanting to make a difference.

Kanlungan ni Maria

Kanlungan ni Maria is a home for the aged in Antipolo that aims to make elders feel loved and cared for. These elders have lost contact with their families but that doesn’t mean they are neglected. Generally, they celebrate their birthdays, put up parties, and give love, attention as needed.

This volunteer center is officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit organization. Their residents are referred to them by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

As a volunteer, Kanlungan ni Maria houses poor, abandoned, neglected, homeless, and elderly’s that are sick, in a community that centers on Christ’s values with Mary as Mother and Model.

My Superhero Friends Foundation

Located in Paranaque, My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc. was founded on June 8, 2008 as a non-stick, non-profit organization which is accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This volunteer center offers movie screenings, feeding programs, and in general, reaches out to kids and families with financial assistance through various events.

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Since then, the center has already extended numerous scholarship opportunities among impoverished communities with their motto, “Helping Hand with a Heart”. Besides education, they assist patients with various illnesses like cancer and other rare forms of disease or affliction. They do regular feeding programs, enhance knowledge of localities, and empower minds of Filipinos to be more aware and able to contribute to their advocacy.

Project Malasakit

Project Malasakit is founded by news personality, Kara David, which aims to “help children help themselves.” Through generous financial donations, they ignite children’s drive for education through scholarships. Others can also volunteer not just by funding, but repacking goods or distribution.

The volunteer org bridges that gap between those who want to help and Filipino children who needs educational assistance. They help remote communities in the country through outreach and community projects. Their headquarters are located at Quezon City, but you can visit their website to know more on how to help their foundation.

Other ways to volunteer

Those who can’t be physically present as a volunteer can help in other ways, even online. Besides financial donations, there are online volunteer opportunities that


M4A Foundation is looking for volunteers for Medicinal Foods, Volunteer Director of Operations, CrowdDoing to help build their medicinal food literacy and citizen science of foods & herbs for Stress, Sleep and Anxiety.

Learn to be

Another great way to volunteer is becoming a tutor online with Learn To Be! These are dedicated volunteers that believe in educational equity. As volunteer tutors, they make time to make the lives of underserved k-12 students easier, provide opportunities, and dream bigger.


Becoming a volunteer is a great way to give back to society, and while a lot can’t physically make an appearance, by donating a small amount, giving time for providing one’s skills, and becoming a member of society that can provide the country a better future.

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