PetBuddy: Your Ultimate Destination for Pet Needs

By: Rose Mary Madrigal

As pet parents, we go above and beyond for these adorable babies. And just like any baby, fur babies are also difficult to care for and also, are not relatively cheap. The bigger and fluffier the pet, the more it will cost for its maintenance.

Besides grooming, essentials like toys, accessories, food, and treats are also part of what they need. That’s why as pet parents, we agree that it would be a relief to have all these catered at one shop.

Luckily, one of the best pet care stores in Las Piñas, PetBuddy, is now open and has all of these to ease your worries. This pet shop, first launched in Evia Lifestyle Center, features pet items and services that are at your convenience. If you live near Evia or your home is located near a PetBuddy branch, this pet shop is a must-visit.

If you’re in search of the nearest pet store near that house and lot for sale in Cavite, read along with the article to know more!

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About PetBuddy

PetBuddy is owned by AllHome Corp which is under Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. A perfect destination for days you’d love to treat the love of your life, PetBuddy offers different products, services, and even that pur-fect pet ambiance.

PetBuddy currently has 4 locations, it’s one of the nearest pet stores to your house and lot for sale in Cavite.

PetBuddy claims to upgrade and elevate the pet products and experience when it comes to pet care and services.

Convenience in One Shop

Pet services such as basic grooming are at 300php while full grooming for your “pet buddies” is at 550php. These rates depend as well on the weight of your pet. We don’t have much time nowadays due to our fast-paced world, and Pet Buddy offers convenience.

What most pet owners look for in pet shops are accessories like cat litter accessories and other pet grooming supplies. They also like to try new products for their pets.

Other Nearest Pet Store in Cavite

Pet Express

Pet Express has a lot of accessories for dogs and cats. They also sell pet food and other pet care needs. You can find Pet Express in most parts of the country, especially at SM malls.

You can also purchase through their website by choosing “Create my account” or “Login to my account” for easy transactions. All you need is to register your email and password.

Mandee’s Pet Supplies

Mandee’s pet supplies offer affordable pet accessories, vitamins, and pet food, and they also have grooming services.

Going out of town? or simply somewhere you can’t take your beloved fur baby, they also offer affordable pet boarding. If you can’t go out or you’re busy at work, they also do delivery and pickup for your pet’s needs.

PetPlanet PetShop

At pet planet, they take into account a lot of other things for pets, medications, grooming, food, and accessories, they mostly have it there.

They also occasionally sell or rehome different pets as posted on their official Facebook page.

Kaboochi Pet Shop

Another pet shop around Las Piñas, Kaboochi houses different brands of pet necessities. Kaboochi Pet promises hassle-free transactions with their buyers and the best care for their pet babies.

Besides pet care, they also sell rehomed pets that are well taken care of. They commit to affordable products that do not compromise quality.

Things That Make a ‘Quality Pet Store’

  1. Online access – Pet owners should be able to easily order or inquire through their website or social media page.
  2. Fresh pet food – Pet food or merchandise must be freshly stocked and maintained.
  3. Excellent service – Our fur babies well being should be prioritized during grooming to avoid accidents or causing trauma during sessions. Groomers should be gentle when handling and have a natural affection for animals.
  4. Offers & Promos – Of course, a great way to show a pet shop that cares is to attract customers through offers that would entice pet owners.
  5. Cleanliness – A pet store’s grooming area is crucial to be maintained from cleanliness to its grooming equipment. Pets may end up getting infected with old tools or get sick in dirty surroundings.
  6. No bad reviews – Lastly, no pet owners want their beloved babies in the hands of untrained groomers. Criticism may be inevitable, but customers with bad reviews due to legitimate bad experiences in certain pet stores should not be ignored.

What Makes PetBuddy the Perfect Pet Destination?

PetBuddy is filled with high-quality products for your pets from treats to quality pet food, Pet Buddy has it for you. After all, pet health wellness should always be a priority. PetBuddy also offers different pet events like Pet Wellness Day. This is perfect for families or young ones who have pets or for your fur babies to socialize with other pets.

PetBuddy has great services that accommodate pets during grooming or pet spa treatments. Those with pets that are fussy during grooming day are held with care and are well taken care of. So no worries for you and your beloved pets! The grooming station is surrounded by glass so you can also view your pet buddies from the outside.

As mentioned, grooming services are provided here at PetBuddy, what makes it different is the wide array of products for the different needs of your pets. Basic grooming, this includes shampoo, blow dry, and brush.

While their full grooming package has other care services such as nail trimming, hair cutting, ear cleaning, toothbrushing, and cologne. Other individual services for grooming or pet care are also offered such as eye washing, anal cleaning, and facial trimming.

Unlike other pet stores, PetBuddy has a unique luxurious ambiance among their pet stores. It’s definitely a great place to take your beloved pet babies for grooming and you can go around the mall and relax while you wait.

What more can you ask for in a pet shop that practically has everything you need? While our pets may never understand our language when we tell them that we love them, seeing them healthy and loved is more than enough for any pet parent.

Give them lots of love and the pampering they deserve at PetBuddy. You can visit PetBuddy at Evia Lifestyle Center, Lower Ground Level, Building B, Daang Hari, Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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