New Year’s Resolutions: Things to do this New Year

By: Mariel Andrea Mijares

It’s time to start putting those New Year’s resolutions into action! If you’re looking for a method to start the new year off well, think about updating your appearance, organizing your life, and making resolutions. Get a haircut, give away your old clothes, start a workout regimen, carry out more random acts of kindness, or invest in that condo in Tagaytay. In order to stay on goal, do more, have an organized day, and maintain positivity—which can make you feel joyful and make other people feel the same way—you need to have a timetable. Whatever strategy you choose, it’s important to begin the new year feeling renewed and focused so you are prepared to face the year ahead.

With that said, it also seems like the ideal day to start new, healthy routines, whether it’s going outside for some fresh air and exercise, writing down your resolutions, picking up a book you’ve been meaning to read, or visiting a grocery store open on New Year’s Day to buy some wholesome meal options. Considering organizing your closet? The start of a new year is a great time to organize your linen closet, clear out your bedroom closet, and assess the contents of your kitchen pantry.

Here are Some Things You Can Do for Your New Year’s Resolution

Try Something New

Humans have an innate curiosity. The tendency of our brains is toward novelty. According to research, experiencing new things is crucial to our well-being. In fact, the desire to explore new things has its own term: neophilia. Because people who seek out fresh experiences tend to live longer, happier lives, neophilia is a predictor of longevity.

Our senses are stretched and new brain pathways are formed when we encounter anything novel, whether it be unfamiliar meals, circumstances, people, or environments. Our spirits soar, as a wave of joy sweeps over us. Dopamine is specifically released by the brain in response to novel stimuli, and this activation of the midbrain area helps to increase learning and long-term memory.

Being open to new experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone simply means trying new things. It can be as simple as meeting new people and forming friends whether it’s with someone with similar interests or now. How about eating somewhere other than your usual go-to and seeing that new restaurant that you’ve been eyeing for some time now? Maybe go hiking on a fresh trail. Are you a home person? Try planning a road trip to see new places. Pick up a new art form or musical instrument. Learn about different foods and cooking techniques. Learn a new skill and take on a new physical challenge. The list goes on and on.

Organize Your Stuff

You give yourself time to focus on what really important, like your much-needed sleep, when you give an organization a high priority. By planning your daily routine and tasks, you can avoid distractions from your surroundings and focus on the job at hand. You may prioritize sleep at night and feel at ease knowing it’s finished. Additionally, getting adequate sleep helps you to reduce stress.

You can prepare meals for the upcoming week and plan nutritious meals if you are organized. You’re less likely to make poor nutritional decisions when your meals and snacks are prepared in advance. Put snacks, cereals, and other meals that can be eaten as a snack in little sandwich bags or containers. By doing this, you may lessen clutter and maintain portion control.

Even if you aren’t aware of it, clutter can harm your health by elevating your stress levels. It can be challenging to distinguish between clutter and non-clutter because it can take many different forms. Spend some time separating what should be kept and what should be discarded. You can cut down on chores by 40% by simplifying your living spaces. Your cortisol levels will actually drop if you maintain organization, as cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone.


Making connections with others is a key component of volunteering. Building a close connection is crucial to being a successful volunteer, whether it’s with the individuals you’re volunteering for, your fellow volunteers, or the volunteer organizers. You can feel less lonely and more socially connected when you offer your time.

Meeting like-minded people is another benefit of volunteering. You get to spend time with other animal lovers when you volunteer at an animal shelter. You can connect with other volunteers who share your enthusiasm for the arts when you give your time as a volunteer at a performing arts venue.

Start A Diet Either to Lose Weight or Gain Weight

The promise to be more fit has been a promise that many people would always make on new years and end up forgetting. Maintaining a diet is an important factor in one’s life. You don’t have to go to a gym to be fit, you can do it at home, starting with making healthy meals, making a workout plan on your own, or doing some stretching.

Also, doing a bit of exercise is helpful with going through the stress cycle. So, you’re not just helping yourself physically, but also mentally and emotionally too.

Writing Your Goals & Plans

If you put your goals in writing, you are more likely to accomplish them. Clarifying your goals through writing them down also assures that you are both intellectually and emotionally invested in accomplishing them. Goal-setting doesn’t have to take much time, but it should be an integral part of your daily planning.

You can also write a “My New Year Resolution” goal to keep yourself on track. Post-its are a huge help with reminding yourself about your resolutions.

Writing out your goals helps you to focus on what you want to achieve each day and increases motivation and momentum. When your goals are unmistakably defined, you get emotionally invested in achieving them. Just make sure to do one resolution at a time, so it won’t be too much.

Make and Save More Money

Saving money is different from making money. And making money does not mean having to work twenty-four-seven, nor does it mean making money instantly. You can make money gradually by investing, whether it is in the stock market, an investment plan, or by investing in real estate properties. This is a new year’s resolution that your future self will be thankful for.

Have some “ME” time

Taking care of ourselves enhances our relationships with others as well as ourselves. When our muscles and brains are always working, it is simple to feel overburdened by life. Our moods subsequently vary more quickly as a result of this. We are prone to frustration and have limited control over our responses. Our busy brains benefit from regular, uninterrupted “me” time because it allows them to relax. By doing this, we reduce stress, which enhances our ability to be patient, improves our ability to control our moods, and improves our ability to sleep. Our magical reset button is “me” time.

This is not just another duty we can cross off the list. Me time might help you feel refreshed. It’s just a matter of choosing to be a little more careful with the time we already have. There are many ways to schedule and spend “me time”, but there are a few tricks to keep any schedule in check.

The year 2023 may be the one in which you reenergize everything, from your goals to the things you want. Invest in yourself by purchasing real estate, where your money will increase over time, or by purchasing some “ME” time by sipping coffee from our very own Dear Joe or Coffee Project.

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