Must Haves in your Survival Kit during Typhoon Season at your Crown Asia Home

By: Rehian Vicente
Must Haves in your Survival Kit during Typhoon Season at your Crown Asia Home

A typhoon is a natural occurrence in the Pacific and Indian Ocean that affects the land masses in Asia, where our country is located. Typhoon can cause catastrophic damages that will destroy everything along its way. Especially, during typhoon season, where a lot of storms are formed within the Philippine Area of Responsibility that will directly affect the weather system in our country. It is an unavoidable phenomenon, what we can do is to prepare, be vigilant and be prepared at all times.

Luckily, we have a weather station that can rely information about the typhoon in which will give ample amount of time to prepare. But the question is, what are the must have survival kit we must have during typhoon season at our Crown Asia Cavite house and lot? Below is a list of basic disaster supplies kit or an emergency supply kit you must have during typhoon season.

1.     Water


During typhoon, the catastrophic damage may include destruction of water supply. You must have containers with clean water which you can use once there isn’t water supply. Make sure that the containers are fully sealed or closed to avoid contamination of chemicals or become a ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Also prepare clean drinking waters. It is important to prepare drinking waters to avoid dehydration during the typhoon. Prepare as many as you can since you will never know how long the typhoon will stay and how intense the effects will be after.

2.     Food


Prepare ready to eat foods, or any foods that are easy to cook such as instant noodles, canned goods, sandwiches or other non-perishable foods. As much as possible, avoid foods that are too salty or too sweet that will make you thirsty since you probably had limited resources. All foods must be stored in a fully sealed container to ensure freshness and extend its shelf life. If your stored foods don’t smell good or if it is exposed to flood waters, dispose it, better be vigilant in this kind of situation to avoid diseases that could hamper your survivability.

3.     Battery-powered or Hand-cranked Radio


It is important to be fully aware of what is happening in the moment, what already happened and what will going to happen. Having this kind of information will give us a sense of readiness since we know what are the next thing we are going to do. It will help us to have higher chance of survivability since we know what to expect, and that’s where we will do appropriate actions.

4.     First Aid Kit or Emergency Kit


Preparing this kit is a must at all times. Whether there is a typhoon or other natural phenomenon or even when there are accidents. Preparing this kit will help us to act in times of unforeseen moments or events such as being wounded, having injuries or being sick. Make sure to include medical supplies and basic medicines in this bag. Also, study other first aid related information to be fully prepared in those situations wherein someone was hurt during the typhoon, it will lessen the panic and anxiety to other family members.

5.     Lighting


There is a huge possibility that the electrical supply will be cut off. And it is hard to move when you cannot see your surroundings, especially at night. This could bring doom or accidents that may kill someone. Having flashlights or other kits used for lighting will be the best kit in this kind of situation. Although you will be having limited vision as to flashlights cannot light up the whole house, but it is still good in a sense that you know that you can move freely. You can also use candles but make sure that you put it away from the things that are easy to burn.

If your flashlight is batter operated make sure carry extra batteries.

6.     Sleeping bags or Blankets


You still need to rest; you can assign a certain family member to guard while the other ones are resting. And if ever the flood water destroyed your beds or other tools for sleeping, it is actually a smart move of purchasing sleeping bags especially in this kind of situations. Blankets to avoid being swallowed by coldness which could make you sick. All of these are proactive actions to be prepared in these kinds of situations.

7.     Sanitary Items or Personal Hygiene Items


Preparing sanitary items are also a must during a disaster. This is to ensure that you are clean to avoid bacteria or viruses that come from the things we directly touch or consume. It is important especially if we have children or elderlies since they are more susceptible to bacteria or viruses. Include alcohol, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, wet wipes, sanitary pads, tissues and many more.

8.     Cash


Prepare cash since cards are not usable since there is probably no electricity around the town, especially when you are living away from the city. It is important to have cash in times of purchasing other stuff or important things such as medicines, foods, water or sanitary items that are fully consumed during the typhoon. Place your cash in a zip lock to avoid it from being wet from the rain or flood waters.

All of these survival kits must be prepared at all times. Always make sure of the expiration dates of the food and other items to ensure that they are safe to consume. Always make yourself informed about what is happening on our country, particularly to these kinds of natural phenomenon. Although Crown Asia builds a Cavite house and lot that will ensure the safety of the homeowners, it is still important to be ready in this kind of situation. It is not wrong in preparing in this kind of situation. It’s better to be prepared rather than let the disaster make you lose your loved ones. This article is to made to help our people in being ready and being vigilant at all times.

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