Meal Prep 101: Tips and Ideas

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Meal Prep 101 Tips and Ideas

Meal preparation is one of the best ways you can save time, save energy, save money, and save food, all the while being able to enjoy the food you eat. If you have not switched to meal prepping, then you definitely should as it’s not only good for your wellbeing but it is also good for the environment. Did you know that meal-prepping can help prevent food waste? Without the presence of meal prep, it is typical for households to throw out food due to whatever reason it may be. According to a survey, about 50% of households throw out food every week. This is certainly some bad news and it’s sad that there is so much food that is put to waste every single week. This is why some people have to resort to meal prepping to avoid wasting food and also to get the great benefits it offers time-wise and health-wise. But sometimes meal prep can be a little especially if you’re not the organized type. To help you out on your meal prep here are some tips and ideas on how to get it started and how to make it a lot easier for you.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Meal Prep

A beginner s guide on how to meal prep

Plan Out Specifically and Stick to the Plan.

There’s a reason why it’s called meal prep. It’s because you prepare meals ahead of time. Taking one day at a week to specifically plan out the entire meal for the week indeed does wonders. Make sure that your meal plan has a mix and match that will certainly make everyone in your condo for sale Philippines forget about wasting food. Since tastebuds can differ from one person to another, it’s best to keep it safe, and simply follow the typical order of meal which is one protein, some vegetables, and a bit of carb such as fruits or whatnot. For some extra flavor to those who want a little something, make sure to bring out some sauce too. This ensures that whether they are in love with the meal or not, there’s something that can make it better.

While you consistently make a plan every once a week. Another thing to sustain it is to actually stick to it. Consistency is key to everything in life and this does not go very far when it comes to meal prepping. To make sure that you stick to the plan, what’s a good step to consider is to abide by a strict schedule. This means that you have to develop a routine, this practices the brain as well to follow a pattern. This simple pattern can be through prepping at a certain time of the day or grocery shopping at a consistent and specific time and date.

Make a grocery shopping list.

Make a Grocery Shopping List.

Making a grocery shopping list can actually do wonders. It keeps you reminded of the important things you have to buy and it also allows you to stick to your plan. Most of the time, meal preps don’t go as planned due to reasons that involve the lack of ingredients because they weren’t bought during grocery shopping. With a list at hand, you no longer have to forget food, seasonings, or whatever is needed. Making a grocery shopping list can also decrease your time spent in the grocery since you don’t have to keep going in circles to think about which item you have to buy next.

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Tips when it comes to cooking

Tips When It Comes to Cooking

When cooking your meal prep in a condo for sale Philippines, there is certain information that you have to keep in mind to ensure that you are saving time and you maximizing the flavors of each meal. The typical reminder of cooking a meal plan is that in terms of protein, remember to cook them all up at the same time. An example of this is cooking chicken in the oven while making steak so you don’t waste any time. When it comes to vegetables, make sure to cut them all up in the same size. This helps them cook the exact same way and at the exact same time. Smaller cuts tend to cook faster than larger cuts. Cutting them in the way you prefer either small or large means that they will be cooked all at one approximate time, meaning you no longer have to wait for the uncooked ones to be cooked while the cooked veggies are already turning cold. Try to roast vegetables as that method of cooking brings out the most flavor in vegetables. Another to keep in mind is that grains last longer than other food. This means that rice and amaranth can be heated up over again for the next couple of days. However, it’s always best to make sure they’re not rotten before putting them in your belly. The refrigerator is your best friend when it comes to this, so when there is leftover rice or amaranth, store them in the freezer until the next time you want to eat them.

Storage Tips

Storage Tips

Storing your food can be tricky too. We don’t want food to go rotten because we’ll have no choice but to throw them out. This is why proper storage is necessary for meal prepping. In storing food, remember that the temperature should always be cold. So when keeping them in the fridge in your condo for sale Philippines, keep the temperature at 40°F. To avoid food getting spoiled quickly, after two hours of their cooking, if there are leftovers, divide them into small containers and quickly store them in the refrigerator. After your grocery shopping, also be reminded that meat, poultry, and fish should be cooked after 2 days of their purchase. For red meat, cook them after 3-5 days of their purchase. Thawing food is also an important step. To thaw them quicker, a good tip is to fill a container with water and submerge the frozen food there, don’t forget to change the water every 30 minutes. Lastly, eat up the remaining leftovers within their right period. Meals that are kept in the refrigerator should be eaten within 3-4 days of their storage.

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