Making Your Home a Sustainable Home

By: Arvie Midel

To have a comfortable and nice home, it should not only showcase a beautiful interior, a huge front yard, or brightly painted walls. People nowadays consider home as a great one when it is energy efficient wherein the owners choose to consider sustainable materials and eco-friendly projects such as installing solar panels and consuming less energy than the usual electricity consumption and excessive use of water supply

Want to hear some good news? Fortunately, there are properties in the Dasmariñas Cavite subdivision that can truly save energy by simply having fresh air in a serene setting with eye-catching greens and experiencing the feeling of being so close to the environment. On top of that, people can also save money because properties are strategically located giving them easy access to important facilities such as hospitals, universities, shopping malls, transportation hubs, and so on. Isn’t it a dream for all? Having a convenient and sustainable house? But the real question here is – HOW?

Interested in how to save energy as well as save money? This blog will discuss various effective ways to make your home more sustainable. Let’s get into this, shall we?

Consider and Shop Energy Efficient Appliances

Some people tend to complain about their monthly energy bills, may it be for electricity or water consumption. Thus, it is very alarming that sometimes the problem is really in the house appliances that are deemed to be the biggest energy consumers. With that, this is a great opportunity to check and become an eye-opener to keep track of the overall energy consumption. Using energy-efficient appliances, such as dryers, washers, refrigerators, coolers, air purifiers, etc., can help people to conserve energy more effectively at home while also lowering their water bill.

Utilizing these appliances is one of the most effective methods to help in achieving renewable energy, which can help reduce the impact of climate change on all living things. By utilizing household appliances high on energy efficiency, owners can contribute to lowering their carbon footprint and other greenhouse gas emissions because these appliances emit fewer destructive gases into the environment. Energy-efficient appliances may need a larger initial investment than conventional appliances, but it’s crucial to consider the cost of an appliance over the course of its whole lifespan.

Opt for Energy Efficient Light Bulbs or Natural Light

Since the Philippines is a tropical country it is best to use windows that provide enough ventilation. Moreover, choose windows that have low solar gain, which means that less heat will enter your interior through the windows. Double glazing and reflective technologies are both highly beneficial. Or you can try out anidolic daylighting where you use direct natural light to light your home.

In addition, energy-efficient appliances are critical for improving the quality of life. Utilizing them can make life easier by making it more convenient. Several of these home appliances will just require minor replacement and attention. An example of this is using energy-efficient lights in which the house will operate more effectively and cost-effectively if the owners opt to use LED lights. Now is the time to think about it and consider replacing fluorescent light bulbs. There are properties in the Dasmariñas Cavite subdivision that offers a nice ambiance where residents can maximize the use of natural light. More so, the designs of the properties provide options to achieve different ways to make your home more sustainable.

Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

There are a few basic modifications that people can make in terms of cleaning the sink, toilet, floors, and so on. To destroy bacteria and remove grease and odors from homes, use bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, or vinegar instead of bleach and detergent. Lemon juice, for example, has a high acidity that allows it to easily cut through grease. This common citrus also has inherent antibacterial capabilities, allowing it to eliminate bacteria that persist on the surfaces. These natural cleaning products are known as effective home remedies. Furthermore, shifting to steam cleaners to sterilize and kill germs is another environmentally friendly option to keep homes tidy because no cleaning supplies are required other than water.

Create a Recycling Center in a Sustainable House

There are numerous ways to make your home more sustainable but it is important to start with baby steps and make plans that are energy efficient. Create a recycling center to assist in making recycling a regular habit for the family. Install an accessible recycling container in the center of the home, preferably in the kitchen, where people generate the most garbage. Identify the bins so that the family understands what goes where. Recycling can be challenging at times, but it only involves a little effort. Some of the houses in the Dasmariñas Cavite subdivision have recycling centers where residents can practice recycling and dispose of garbage properly such as food waste and other types of trash.

In addition, families can also create a compost station. With the newly established compost station, anyone can dispose of away leftover peels or old eggshells the next time they cook. Fruit and vegetable wastes, coffee grounds, loose-leaf tea, and other items can and should be composted.

Live with Plants

Plants vary depending on what people prefer. It could be in the category of flowers, succulents, trees, vegetables, and the list goes on. Whatever it may be, it is truly refreshing to have plants indoors or outdoors. Certain home plants can help to lower indoor air pollution such as carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and mercury. These contaminants in the air induce dizziness, headaches, and eye irritation. This is why incorporating plants into the home is an excellent method to enhance air quality.

Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels helps to improve energy usage. People can use the electricity produced by solar panels to power their homes. People can choose sustainable energy sources that produce fewer carbon emissions than fossil fuels by using energy sources like solar. As solar panels don’t release greenhouse gases, they aid in limiting the consequences of climate change. By installing solar panels, homeowners can cut their energy costs, feel good about protecting the environment, and benefit from solar panels’ cost-saving features.

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