Lucky Home Decor for Your Upscale Home

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Lucky Home Decor for Your Upscale Home

In the 2023 Chinese Calendar, August 16th to September 14th is the duration of Ghost Month. During this month said to be filled with misfortune attempting to enter your Bacoor house and lot for sale, perhaps it is the best time to go to another shopping spree. This time is to bring even more good luck to your Bacoor house and lot for sale.

In Feng Shui, You May Want to Believe

Feng shui is the ancient geomantic Chinese belief that the manner in which your house is built, the way how your things are arranged inside, and even the objects and charms you have in your Bacoor house and lot for sale, have a great impact on the well-being of your home. According to Feng Shui, if it does not harmonize well with the “spiritual realm” that they take confidence in, misfortune is what it is believed to bring to your home. This is why perhaps you may need to invest in good luck charms to ensure even more that good fortune and prosperity be continuously brought if not cultivated inside your home. Better safe than sorry, right? Besides, this has been a long practice by a whole race. Might as well join in at the things that have already been tried, tested, and flourished.

The roots of Feng Shui can be traced to China’s ancient times (which is even before the concept of B.C. or Before Christ was made) when individuals had observed the livelihood impacts of natural placings or landscapes in their daily lives. With such ongoing wonderment and continuous observations, they soon took importance on land formations (such as mountains and plains), and even water bodies especially when it comes to how it impacted climate, agricultural results, and the overall welfare of their lives and communities.


Good luck charms for your home

Chinese Coins

Perhaps the next time you drive by Manila, you may want to stop by Lucky Chinatown in Binondo, Manila to purchase some Chinese Coins, one of the most popular lucky charms for home. In Feng shui, Chinese coins that come with a box are said to attract an abundance of financial fortune while Chinese coins that are plastered against each other by a red string or thread are also said to bring joy and luck in other forms as well. Good luck charms such as Chinese coins are actually a very practical choice because just like any other coin such as ours, they are very sturdy and durable and consequently, can last for a long time (which adds another meaningful twist to it!).

According to feng shui, the best place to put these coins is to hang them in your doorway, especially if they are wrapped around the red thread. If you have decided to place them in a box, it is okay to place them anywhere at the entrance of your home, just like your window pane!

Chinese Bells

Another item to add to your shopping cart is a Chinese bell! Just think of the calm, provincial vibes its chimes would ooze off even when you live in the very heart of Manila. The flow of energy (positive energy) would immediately turn into something more: serenity and calmness once a person hears the soft, dainty sounds of the Chinese bell, even when the person is not aware it is Chinese-related! That is how universal this Chinese bell is. Even the more reason that you buy it!

Truth be told, Chinese bells hold even more ancient weight than Chinese coins. According to feng shui, the sound it makes is believed to bring good luck in the forms of peace, wealth, and prosperity-a perfect mix, indeed. To add, you can also count on this to summon positive energy and even protection because the bells are designed specifically for the latter!

If you also want to ensure no harm comes your way on the road, you may also opt to hang a small Chinese bell in your car. The sounds will definitely help ease out the road rage and help you maintain a calm composure even at the heaviest of traffic along EDSA or Tagaytay Road.


More lucky charms for home

Lucky Frogs

Another lucky charm that is more quirky and more unique than the already mentioned is the lucky frog! Especially if you are a business owner or you work at an office, purchasing a lucky Chinese frog will definitely suit you because it is ancient Chinese practice to use this to attract luck and prosperity for businesses! The Feng shui experts say that putting them at your office desk would do the trick. Usually in the form of a golden frog with a golden coin on the tip of its tongue, while the rest of the coins are underneath the frog’s feet, Chinese also tend to put them on top of furniture! In other words, this can also serve as a decorative piece as well!

Chinese lucky cat

Said to come into existence during the 17th century, the Chinese lucky cat has got to be the most popular (and arguably the cutest!) Chinese charm for good luck. Also known as the Maneki-Neko, it is also called the beckoning cat, practically waving at good luck and fortune to enter your homes! It is also popular in Japanese culture which solidifies its effectiveness. In Feng Shui the perfect place to put this practically you want it to be! From cash registers, coin banks, and home entrances, you can place this cat anywhere near the places you want to be more abundant in success!

With one of its paws upright and waving in and out manner, the colors of the cat have their respective symbolism! Feel free to purchase the kind of good fortune you want to attract.

  • Gold: Wealth and prosperity
  • White: Happiness and purity
  • Red: Good health
  • Green: Educational success and Family welfare
  • Black: Protection from negative energy

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