Instagrammable Places to Visit in Las Piñas

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
Las Piñas

While looking for a condo for sale in las pinas, it’s important to keep in mind why this city in the south is a favorite destination for individuals. While most are busy this holiday season, Las Piñas is not only known for shopping centers, but also for several tourist attractions in Las Piñas. Las Piñas tourist spot are not only conveniently near, but are also Instagrammable.

Whether it’s shopping, dining, relaxing, or learning something new, there’s a Las Piñas tourist spot that would surely be enticing for anyone this holiday season. And while most have it all planned out, for quick and nearby getaway, Las Piñas is another coveted area in the south.

Las Piñas

Much from its early days, Las Piñas city was once a place known for production of salt, bamboo organs, and jeepney factories. From this humble beginning, its economic growth now portrays Las Piñas as one of the urbanized cities in the south. According to a data from Airbnb, Las Piñas joins Sorsogon as one of the popular destinations for domestic travels this 2023.

So if you’re going here, be prepared to leave early amidst possible traffic. Las Piñas is also known as the parol capital located at Barangay Elias Aldana where they sell unique and affordable parols. Additionally, Las Pinas also has unique, popular destinations

What to do in Las Pinas

Food Trip

Foodies, rejoice! As Las Piñas is another place in the south that is near food establishments and where popular dining areas are located. Whether you’re looking for the latest food crawl, this is definitely the place to indulge on your cheat day.

Museum Tour

There are several museum places to go to in Las Piñas just like the Bamboo Organ Museum and a museum located in Las Piñas and Paranaque wetland park. These museums will tell you more about Las Piñas and its interesting origin.

Take a stroll in the park

Contrary to belief, while Las Piñas has become a urbanized city throughout the years, people can enjoy a great time with recreational parks. People that are craving for a stroll with less traces of the city life, LPPCHEA or the Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area is a tourist spot that should be on there list.

The park offers trails that visitors can walk-in. Other than that some malls feature parks within their vicinity like Evia and SM Southmall. There is also a garden located near Alabang Zapote Road which is the Las Piñas botanical garden. Villages around Las Pinas also have parks that people can visit however, may need to show some I.D’s for non-residents.


Of course in the urbanized city you can never miss shopping centers that also include recreation parks that visitors can relax with and a bonus that some of these shopping centers are also pet-friendly. Shopping and dining isn’t the only thing you can do, but malls like SM Southmall have various activity shops like indoor kiddie playgrounds, bowling alley, and of course cinemas.

The Instagram worthy spots of Las Piñas

Listed below are some of Las Piñas Instagram-worthy spots that are definitely worth going this holiday season or for those looking for a place to visit in the south.

Evia Lifestyle Center

An upscale lifestyle complex in Las Piñas City, Evia is more than just a shopping mall, from having a premier cinema, it has outlets of Rustan’s supermarket, coffee shops, and acupoint. Evia also hosts event like Oktoberfest, workshops, and other fun activities. Night life in Evia is also present at sixty-four bar resto.

St. Joseph parish church

A tourist attraction that’s impossible to miss is the baroque-inspired church, St. Joseph parish church which houses the famous Bamboo organ built by ray Diego Cera Dela Virgen Del Carmel in 1816 mounted on its adobe walls.

You can book a tour package that’s only 50php and the best time to hear the bamboo organ played is from 8 a.m. to 12 nn and 2 to 6 p.m. daily. Additionally, the bamboo organ is considered by the National Museum of the Philippines as one of the Philippines National Treasure.

The bamboo organ itself has been through a lot, from typhoons and earthquakes, it was discovered later 1917 and restored in 1972.

Freedom Island

Located at the Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area, the LPPCHA has two parks- Freedom and Long island which are both declared critical habitat last April 22, 2007 by Presidential Proclamation No.1412.

Image from: https://mb.com.ph/

While the park doesn’t have any fees, permits are needed which are available at the park’s entrance. This is the perfect tourist spot which not only avoids the bustling city, but the organic museum given by nature.

SM Southmall

A popular destination in the south, SM Southmall is one of the shopping malls in Las Piñas that houses plenty of brands, restaurants, indoor activities, and not to mention indoor parks. And as mentioned, it’s also a pet-friendly place but make sure your dogs have diapers on.

Wild Heart Flower Shop + Cafe

Looking for Instagrammable dining restaurants? While it may be known as coffee shop, Wild Heart offers more than just coffee but also meal choices. Not to mention, the ambience or interior features a rustic, cute interior filled with flowers. And after dining, you can go pick or shop a lovely bouquet at their flower shop.

Tablo Kitchen x Cafe

Image from: https://beingjellybeans.com/

Lastly, one of the popular dining establishments in the south, Tablo has a rustic interior with food options that are mix of Filipino, American cuisine. They also have available drinks like cocktails and cafe menu.


Shopping centers, parks, museums, and dining, a place in the south that’s definitely worth the visit, Las Piñas continues to grow that caters to individuals looking for a place that has pretty much what they’re looking for. While considering this for your next gala-trip, remember it’s the city so traffic is unavoidable. Regardless, it’s a popular destination to have a great time with your loved ones.

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