Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Children

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Importance of Spending Quality Time with your Children

I know, every one of us has our own lives to deal with. It is almost impossible for everyone not to be busy. Most of the time, we are always dealing with our jobs, and let’s face it– we lose time for our family. Our work checklists get lengthier, and other commitments take precedence over precious quality time with our families. In such situations, we are so busy with our children’s demands that we hardly have the opportunity to relax and enjoy ourselves. The fast-paced nature of today’s family structure may make it easy to ignore the importance of just spending quality time with our children in our condo in Bacoor.

Our attention is one of the most significant gifts we can provide to children. Summertime offers a variety of opportunities for bonding and spending time together! I mean– summer is not over and we can still take this opportunity to be with our family! You must discover methods to invest quality time collectively as a wider family and to have fun around each other. You might, for example, have dinners together without the interruption of televisions or smartphones, exchange knowledge, and understand one other’s lifestyles. You might participate in activities, games, or hobbies jointly, go hiking together, watch films together, or share pastime activities.

Now, why is it important to have quality time with your beloved kids? how much quality time affects them? How does it affect your relationship with them? Only one way to find out, read this blog!

It helps build your child’s confidence when you are spending quality time with them


Kids who spend time with their parents doing pastimes collectively develop high self-esteem and confidence.  When children believe that their families appreciate them and have undivided attention to them, they feel better about themselves. Family adventures don’t have to be extravagant outings to be memorable; simply being with each other in your condo in Bacoor is enough.

It helps with your child’s companionship (being nice to other people)


Children develop personality by watching adults. If you set a positive role model for your kids by having a good relationship and spending quality time with them, they are much more inclined to emulate your actions with their other interactions and connections resulting in positive behaviors. Simple activities such as playing a game with them in your condo in Bacoor could enable them to learn further about connecting with people and will educate them about values such as generosity and compassion. Above all, family time allows you to just have enjoyment and appreciate one other’s presence.

They develop fewer behavior issues when there is regular quality family time

In today’s environment, the majority of youngsters are observed to have behavioral issues and poor communication skills. If you invest meaningful moments with your youngster, he or she is less prone to experience such issues. Children who are joyful, well-loved, well-cared for, and well adjusted are less likely to develop behavioral, demeanor, or temperament issues.  If a youngster has a good link with his family, he will grow up to be a conscientious and well-behaved adult.


Spending more attention with parents reduces the likelihood of children and adolescents engaging in dangerous behavior. Teenagers who have occasional family meals are twice as probable to use cigarettes, almost double as prone to consume alcohol, and one and a half times more inclined to use drugs according to studies conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Arizona State University.

To be able to reflect and understand them better


Another compelling purpose to spend time with your kids is the desire to share, communicate, and connect with one another as a household. Parents frequently believe that communicating with their youngsters, who perceive differently than adults, will be difficult. Parents, on the other hand, have a tendency to overlook their own time, just as they did when they were children! People that attended to what you had to say were the ones you appreciated; likewise, you must attend to what your kids had to express. Listening is not just hearing what your kid is expressing, but also experiencing what he or she is attempting to communicate. You must listen without interrupting, condemning, or expressing your own opinions. You must clearly show that you are engaged in the discussion by ceasing all other activities and simply listening to them. Talk to your children, particularly adolescents, about substance abuse, and act as role models.

To make them feel loved and appreciated


Family time is crucial so that all in the family may express affection for one another, whether via embraces, cuddling, or being considerate and nice. According to research, teens who recall being complimented, embraced, or kissed are more likely to do well in class than those who do not. You should use that quality family time to inquire about each household member’s day and express enthusiasm in their lives. People tend to think that it is far easier to criticize than to appreciate which is so untrue. So, in addition to raising your kids with these principles, take the opportunity to focus on the excellence in each individual and tell them what good you have witnessed. on top of having to schedule time with your children.

It helps with your relationship with them when you spend quality time with your children


Families who participate in the same activities and set aside some family fun time establish deep emotional bonds. According to studies, families that participate in cooperative activities together have a deeper emotional attachment and are better able to adjust to events as a family. Parental engagement is among the most undervalued parts of schooling today. Many parents underestimate the value of family bonding and the relevance of participating in their kids’ education. All parents and careers must invest the time and effort specially when they have time in their condo in Bacoor.

It helps with their mental, emotional health, and physical health


Children are similar to flowers. Their parents must look after them and adore them. They need to sense their parents’ encouragement and influence in their life, and the greatest way to do so is to spend some time with them on a regular basis. When youngsters recognize their value in their parent’s lives, they develop into physically, cognitively, and emotionally resonant persons. You may not constantly tell your child how much you love, adore, and appreciate them, but you can demonstrate your support and compassion for them by prioritizing them thus improving the kid’s mental health.

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