How Your Home Impacts Your Well-being

By: Crown Asia
How Your Home Impacts Your Well-being

Do you have a constant go-to place when you want to de-stress?

It can be a restaurant where you can spend hours chatting with friends over a good meal or a coffee shop where you can read your book with soft music in the background. Compare these places to casual hangout places. The differences in furniture, lighting, and the overall atmosphere can encourage us to relax, stay awhile, and forget our problems for even just a moment. However, our surroundings can do more than set a mood— they can influence our well-being.

Everyone has their own way of nurturing their own well being. It ranges from extreme hobbies up into the most simple of things like maybe going for an early morning or sunset walk. What’s important is that our personal health, mental or physical, should benefit. Just as like there are a lot of things that can make you feel good about yourself, there is also an equal amount of things that can negatively affect how you feel. These are the things that you should avoid in order to become happy and contented with what you have.

Do you also feel this way over your ultimate safe space— your home?

In the past year, the world was hit by a deadly virus, our normal life shutdown as we knew it. The structure we’ve established in our daily routines disappeared seemingly overnight. Every interaction is done virtually, supplies became precarious, and work-from-home arrangements became the norm. More importantly, every trip out of our homes became treacherous, restricting our freedom to visit our go-to de-stressing places.

Everyone in the world has at least, once in the past two years, experience being locked indoors in order to avoid getting infected with the deadly COVID virus, and this is where people learned that their home is their best sanctuary, away from the dangers of the outside world. This is also a time where people began doing things to make their home for relaxing, resulting in the rise for home decoration amidst the pandemic. Simple things like growing a potted plant became a hobby for most people. It make them feel good about their well being, which is something that is really needed amidst the worldwide pandemic.

Home quarantine sounds like jail time for some people, but it can also be a sanctuary to relax and calm down if you put in some effort to make it one. For instance, the simple pleasures of nurturing plants, looking through  sentimental mementos, or redesigning your rooms all prove to alleviate anxiety, fatigue, and depression. And yet, despite the dramatic influence of our surroundings, we never thought of how we can utilize it to improve our overall well-being and lifestyle.

The priority of well being is always an important thing for everyone. Here are some of the factors in your home that affects your well being:



Apart from architecture and design, one of the most crucial aspects of your home is its location. No matter how pleasing to the eye a house is, it’s still not functional if the other senses are affected. For example, substandard and deteriorating housing can actually contribute to a variety of ailments, such as lead poisoning, neurological disorder, respiratory diseases, cancer from toxic materials, psychological and behavioral dysfunction, and even stress.

According to Habitat.org, an example of the effect of one’s home on a person’s well-being is the 40% of asthma cases in North America can be attributed to the factors within one’s home – such as the presence of pests, molds, or certain harmful chemicals. These physical health issues directly impact one’s emotional well-being, which often leads to anxiety, stress, and a sense of hopelessness.

On the positive side, the surrounding environment of a good location for a house can trigger a sense of calmness and has a way of centering one’s soul. A location with a good view, open and breathable green spaces, and bodies of water helps lower psychological distress.

Choosing the best location for your new address is the best way to feel good for yourself and your family’s well being. The most simple thing like buying a grocery may be stressful for a lot, maybe it’s because the are located far from grocery stores to buy their supplies from. So choosing a location that is a few minutes away from your daily conveniences makes your chores a lot easier, resulting in a stress free life, and of course, leading to a positive well being for you and your family.

Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design

Over time, architectural technicalities such as floor plans, house layout, and interior designing have evolved. Residential homes used to be very rigid and segmented in the past, with designs that focused too strongly on functionality at the expense of aesthetics. In the New Normal, this is no longer the case.

Most recent research discovered that open concepts and unrestricted spaces, which are quite diverged from the conventional design style, are actually more beneficial to the people’s mental health.1 This house layout approach also allows the mind to establish multiple perspectives about the surrounding environment, which would eventually translate to how you approach other aspects of your life.

Good thing Crown Asia’s premium homes provide the best location for you and your family to maximize life to its fullest. With the upscale quality and the right mix of functionality and style, you are sure to experience a sense of comfort that only radiates from a property built with the client’s well-being in mind.

Make sure to prioritize you and your family’s well being specially amidst the pandemic where our mental and physical health is taking a lot of toll from all the changes that we need to adapt to in order to function continuously even in the middle of the pandemic.

Visit Crown Asia’s official website or contact 0999 229 2481 to know more about the luxurious properties and lifestyles we offer. A real estate investment in the right property also translates to an investment in your health.

After all, a good home means a good life.

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