How Would a Train System Infrastructure Affect Your Investments in the Metro?

By: Crown Asia

The Philippines has a growing economy and it continuously finds different ways of interpreting various situations in order to enrich and create advancement in the said country. Improvement is always on top of the list especially if there is a certain objective that has to be achieved. With all the competition that exists in the industry, people will always find a way to be ranked as number one or to be recognized in the most special way.

Metro Manila is one of the good examples when it comes to the rise of competition in terms of enhancement and advancement of infrastructures. Aside from that, there are numerous good offers in terms of properties like condo for sale Philippines, as well as commercial buildings and other real estate investments. Metro Manila is indeed interesting. Why? Simply because given fact that Manila is the capital of the country, it is also considered that it is a busy and progressive place due to its population, career opportunities, way of living, and the list goes on. Because of that, many people choose to stay and reside in the Metro— a place where everything is accessible and within reach. However, it also causes a lot of negative by-products like heavy traffic, increased demand for housing, rise in unemployment, food and water shortage, and the increase of other conflicts.

With that being said, there are projects, suggestions, and transport infrastructure investments that aim to resolve the aforementioned conflicts like the plans that have been made to avoid traffic congestion. One of the many projects is the train system rail infrastructure that helps to expand the options of commuters and maximize the alternative options of transportation. Overall, it is built to improve the conditions in the Metro. Moreover, it is completely important to know if these transport networks affect the investments in the said location since it is a place known for negotiations, business opportunities, and different forms of contracts. But is it really possible that a train system infrastructure has an effect on the investments?

Faster Economic Growth and Metro Performance Against Traffic Congestion

According to Sumitomo Corporation (2020), “The Philippines enjoys one of the highest economic growth rates among ASEAN countries. The country’s population has topped 100 million and is especially rapidly increasing in Metro Manila. This concentration of population is causing serious traffic congestion issues. The economic loss due to traffic congestion, including the impact on the mobility of people and freight logistics, is estimated to reach roughly 3.5 billion pesos (roughly 70 million US$) every day. Further, CO2 emissions from the increased traffic may result in serious air pollution in Manila.” Having said that, train system infrastructure will be a huge help to aid the said conflict by providing convenience to the commuters, reducing traffic congestion, and eliminating loss in the economy. This is why more public-private partnerships in developing

In addition, Metro offers numerous condominiums for sale because of the reason that there are a lot of people who look for a place to stay that is near their office or school. A train system project like the Metro Manila Subway would really be a great value appreciator for real estate investments. Along with the busy streets and bustling cities of Metro, The Courtyard, a condo in Taguig lies ahead together with various business districts and commercial centers. Since the performance of Metro Manila moves along with business centers, The Courtyard is a perfect choice to fulfill both global and urban lifestyles since it is designed with finesse and elegance, not to mention that the location of the condominium is strategically near to universities, hospitals, lifestyle centers, and of course, transportation hubs are easily accessible too.

Develop Sustainability and Economic Development

Train system infrastructure would definitely affect the investments in the metro because investments would be more valuable if people can provide strong points on why it is really worth it and it will not cost a huge hassle to visit.

According to Remo, A. (2022), “This railway system key project will likewise help promote sustainability as it will not only help reduce carbon emissions through a reduced volume of cars on the road. At the same time, this railway would help address the traffic congestion in Metro Manila since it will serve as a central platform that can provide access to other railway systems in the capital region.” With that being said, people with cars have the option to leave the car at home or take the monorail. Thus, commuters can travel to places hassle-free because it is convenient and it assures safety. Overall, it affects the investment in the metro because the condo for sale Philippines can be visited without transferring to countless vehicles before reaching the destination. By that, it enhances the quality of life and the betterment of the economic situation.

All the aforementioned benefits will be a huge help for the people who reside in the Metro because it greatly contributes to their convenience. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for foreign investors to see the potential of the properties more specifically if the property investment offers convenience, comfort, and safety just like The Courtyard located in Taguig, and Hermosa located in Las Piñas are both classified as an exclusive condo even if it is located in a bustling cities. The amenities being offered to the residents are perfect for the ambiance that provides great relaxation to them.

Rather Than a Bus, Rapid Transit Is More Enjoyable Through Railway Systems

Hermosa is known as one of the best condos in the city of Las Piñas since it is strategically located. The location of the condominium is just 15 minutes away from NAIA and The Bay Area.

The Courtyard on the other hand provides a great investment around Taguig Metro Manila because it gives a mesmerizing view of the Bonifacio Global City skyline, as well as the resort-inspired amenities being included.

For further transportation developments in the country, the railway infrastructure will continuously provide inexpensive fares and convenience to the people. After a long tiring day, hassle and stress should not be part of the picture anymore. That’s why Crown Asia keeps on building properties that are accessible to people everywhere they go. If the person is considering investing in real estate, it is very significant to consider the accessibility of transportation and other important facilities. There are still condo for sale Philippines available in the area of Metro and might consider the available units in The Courtyard and Hermosa which will definitely create an experience that is suitable for the lifestyle of people in the Metro. 

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