How to Utilize Your Condo Balcony

By: Patricia Soberano

A lot of families seem to own a condo in Las Piñas, where they enjoy their condo living privilege, such as breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the city view, especially at night, from their condo balcony. Despite the fact that many people in Manila enjoy living in their apartments, it is evident that numerous individuals would rather experience living in a condo unit where they may own it rather than merely rent it out.

Furthermore, aside from having an owned property, homeowners prefer living in a condo unit because of its wide space, depending on the type of unit you’ve purchased, where you can freely decorate it the way you want — may it be through placing plants inside, hanging up frames on your walls, or you could get ideas by searching on Pinterest.

However, despite all of the fun things you can do with your condo in Las Piñas, it is still apparent that some homeowners struggle with maximizing the use of their condo balcony, while some are still uncertain of whether they should go for styles or keep things simple.

This article will play the role of a guideline for homeowners who are having trouble making use of their condo balcony within their condo in Las Piñas.

Now, Here Are Some Creative Ways to Make Use of Your Condo Unit Balcony:

Choose either folding or sliding doors

By selecting the appropriate doors, you may entirely broaden the balcony to the interiors. When pulled back, a sliding pocket door is one that slides inside the wall. When not in use, it blends into the background and provides unlimited connectivity between the inside and outside. Simple sliding doors are as effective. Similar to this, accordion doors hang from an overhead track and fully fold back when they are open. These doors can not only help widen your balcony space, but they can also make it easier for guests to move around when coming over.

Stay minimal

Maintaining a space as vacant as possible is the simplest approach to making a balcony appear larger. Going the minimalist way is being selective and deliberate about the patio furniture, storage, and even plants that you add to your balcony space. Your modest balcony can appear larger and more stylish by selecting simple, elegant pieces that go well with the rest of your condo unit, may it be by selecting minimalist chairs, tables, or any other furnishings. Creating a wide space on balconies can not only ensure safety but can also enable big families to relax or even take a nap in their spacious balconies by putting up pillows over a carpet.

Hanging balcony swings in the outdoor space

Balcony swings have a certain iconic quality by nature. But just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to skip out on having your own. There are many single-seat, outdoor-hangable balcony swings available that are ideal for fitting into any size or space. Homeowners can also try putting on a hammock, preferably a bit far from the railing. This way, individuals can spend their moment of peace lying in it after a long day of work.

Set up a reading corner with a good outdoor lighting

Every reader’s dream is to have the ideal reading nook at home — an area that is both very quiet and serene enough to allow for longer periods of reading. Readers can also daydream about being a “main character” for a while, considering that there are a lot of shows and/or movies that most protagonists use balconies when drinking their morning cup of coffee or simply reading their book.

Utilizing wall space

One of the biggest missteps we see people have made in any small area is neglecting to use their wall space, even outside. Whereas you can actually utilize your windowsills as improvised shelves, adding shelves for flowers and bulbs (or other decorations), you can also hang wall boards for more organization, and much more. With this, you may enjoy your time alone or with family, without feeling crowded.

Green will bring life

When things are pleasing to the eye, we take more time to observe each intimate detail, which gives the impression that the room is fuller and bigger. The balcony in your condo in Las Pinas will seem rich and full of character if you add that personal touch by using eye-catching visual components, sentimental artifacts, and colors.

The vertical space can be made more intriguing and aesthetically pleasing by placing potted plants and shelving at various heights throughout the area. Even in smaller layouts, this visual hierarchy gives the impression of a larger space. Ivy leaves can be draped over high shelves, pots of all sizes are lined up on the window sills, and spider plants are hung from ornamental baskets. This way, your cramped balcony will quickly resemble a lavish greenhouse, which can bring life to your plain and unlively balcony.

Modify patterns in your condo living space

Patterns have a marvelous way of enhancing the volume, size, and significance of anything. If you only have space for a few items of furniture, consider enhancing the remainder of your area with interesting patterns like striped pillows, flowery rugs, and chair covers in ikat. At first, everything could seem a bit crowded, but after you discover the proper amount of pattern play, everything will fall into place.

Let there be light

Lighting is vital if you’re the type of person who frequently uses your balcony after dark. Use lanterns, candles (fake or real), and string lighting to provide ambient lighting rather than relying on a harsh overhead light or built-in lamps. This can also create the ideal setting for a movie night with friends or a romantic evening.

Entail specially made furniture

It might be challenging to fit certain spaces, particularly when trying to choose the proper furnishings. Consider taking matters into your own hands by making specialized furniture that fits your space if you prefer DIY projects. Given that you can store folded furniture and make additional space as needed, it is a good solution. However, there are also many alternatives you may choose from and quickly install yourself if you don’t want to develop something from scratch.

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