How to Take Care of Your Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic

By: Lorraine Marie Dela Cruz
How to Take Care of Your Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic

Facing the threats of the COVID-19 outbreak has never been easy. In fact, when thinking of how this pandemic will affect our daily lives further, it’s rather quick to get stressed and worried. Now that we’re on the brink of celebrating yet another holiday season locked up inside our homes, prioritizing how to take care of your mental health is crucial.

As we can witness, the global population is still under threat of the pandemic. Not only that, but different problems have been happening throughout the world lately. All these happenings can definitely take a toll on us and heighten our anxiety and paranoia. Feelings of scarcity and increased stigmatization or xenophobia became rampant. Further, some feel extremely anxious about the future, fearing loneliness due to schedules and social plans are constantly changing to adapt to the environment.

Reading headlines regarding the pandemic can be exhausting, and it can worsen mental health issues. Hence, keeping a balance between watching essential news and taking a break from it is a must. Seek only trustworthy information and refrain from unnecessary information.

Focusing on ways to stop or contain the virus’s spread is vital for our physical well-being; however, finding tips on how to take care of your mental health is also just as important. Not only you are affected by your feelings of despair and helplessness, but also those around you. So, to get you started on how to better your mental health amidst the pandemic, we listed foolproof tips you must read.

Take a break from external noises for the benefit of mental health.

In one way or another, reading the news or seeing it through social media can become more disturbing instead of informative. Hence, to protect your peace, you must make sure that you are getting your facts from credible, non-sensationalist outlets. Further, bear in mind that it is not a crime to take breaks from these external noises every once in a while, to do some re-focusing or grounding. Help yourself cope up with the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic by identifying how much reading is beneficial to you in a day and try to adhere to that amount. We have all been there, and it is completely valid to shy away from updates if it gets too much. Try to stay away from the media as long as you’re stressed. Constantly tracking COVID-19 news and social media feeds will heighten negative feelings of distress. Turn off automated alerts and take breaks. Setting limits to how much news you read, watch, or listen to can help you concentrate on your own health.

To shake the stress off, you can lighten up your mood by turning off the news or your phone. Read a book, watch a good television program, or watch a feel-good movie to keep your emotions in check.

Reach out to your loved ones and talk about what’s bothering you.

If you feel like speaking up about emotions is unnecessary during these times, you are mistaken. Living life in isolation is a time where we need support from each other the most. It’s totally valid to feel overwhelmed these days. Keeping in contact with friends and family will help you cope with the stress brought on by COVID-19. Talking about your worries and thoughts will help you come up with ideas on how to relax. If you’re living in a house for rent with your family or friends acting as support systems, receiving help and treatment from them may provide a sense of security and comfort. Further, helping others in their time of need and reaching out to someone who may be feeling lonely or worried can be beneficial to both the person and you.

However, in case no one is near your place to help and tell your troubles to, support helplines are always available. Here is National Center for Mental Health Philippines’ action plan on mental health issues this pandemic. The plan also has hotlines, emails, and other resources you need. Reaching out to people is one of the best ways on how to take care of your mental health this pandemic. Remember that you are not alone in this struggle.

Taking care of the physical health is also a must.

While at home, it’s easy to slump down the couch and stay idle all day. However, during this crisis, anxiety is likely to rise. With that being said, a well-nourished body can help you handle stress effectively. Both your physical and emotional wellbeing is important, so pay attention to both. Further, it is vital that you keep on staying active even while at home. Regular exercise produces chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, helping you stay mentally positive and more focused. Most people don’t have access to gyms during this pandemic, so creating a daily exercise routine at home is ideal. To add up, people with mental health issues may find it hard to keep moving. Hence, it is best to begin by walking a few minutes daily, then gradually increase your pace and time by the day.

Next is setting up a diet plan. In this pandemic, it’s vital to eat healthy foods, partnering them with your routine workouts. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Healthy diets are vital for supporting immune systems, even though no foods or dietary supplements can prevent or cure COVID-19 infection. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer can all be prevented with good nutrition.

Another thing to pay attention to is getting adequate sleep. Self-care is a priority, so do your best to get enough sleep. We know that sleep has a lot of benefits, and it can help you cope with stress, especially during these stressful times. Keeping your mind and body healthy by staying active and getting enough rest.

Acknowledge your own emotions.

It is totally normal to feel exhausted, depressed, nervous, or angry. Give yourself enough space to notice and express your emotions. Bring your emotions to the surface and confess to yourself that you are experiencing them. It is important to remember that it’s all right to feel. We all want to be happy and feel great each day, but it seems impossible lately. All we want to do when anything bothers us is feel better as soon as possible. However, convincing yourself that you’re fine when you are not just a form of self-sabotage. So to acknowledge your feelings, write them down in a journal, talk to someone, create something, or practice meditation. For an in-depth explanation, below are some crucial tips on how to take care of your mental health through self-help activities.

Focus on self-help activities.

Seek emotional outlets where you can relay all your stress and worries. It can be in the form of art, like drawing, painting, or even writing. The most ideal activity to do to keep track of your emotional state is journaling. In a journal, write down all of your sentiments and try to label the emotions you feel each day. By doing so, you’re helping yourself see what triggers your stress. Find out exactly what you’re feeling by looking beyond the mask you’ve put on to conceal your true emotions. Are you upset, frustrated, anxious, or perplexed? Write exactly what pains you the most. This will aid you in conquering your own battles next time.

On the contrary, it’s not enough that you keep track only of the negatives. Make a regular list of the things in your life that are going well, apart from what’s not. Jot down the smallest things that make you happy—even the littlest accomplishments you achieved for yourself. Balancing your perspective and redirecting your focus from negative to positive is crucial to your mental health. Allow yourself to relax. Use all the time we have now and make an effort to do any other activities you enjoy.

Spend time with your pets.

While we struggle to get by, our pets absorb the stress of our lives’ drastic changes, too. Loneliness, which is a common cause of stress, is less experienced by people who spend time with their pets. It’s true that animals offer companionship that rids us of the anxiety of isolation. Further, pets promote positive experiences such as keeping us active and more sociable. Pets satisfy the simple human need for contact, which is one of the reasons for their majestic, therapeutic effects.

Caring for a little critter aids in making you feel needed and desired. As it diverts your attention away from your problems, which is particularly beneficial if you live alone, you reap the benefits of snuggling with a lovely paw-tner. Oftentimes, cramming your time to walk the dog, pet your cat, or clean the litterbox may seem like other chores to fit into your already tight schedule. But, looking back on it after a tiring day, you will realize that it is indeed worthwhile.

Look for a home in the suburbs that will foster your inner peace.

When it comes to dealing with fatigue and stress, one of the most basic and successful techniques is to build a relaxed environment at home. It’s given that we are spending even more time inside our houses due to the current pandemic, so having a quiet home as a safe haven will help greatly in relaxation. If you reside in a crowded community, it’s better to opt for homes that are safer and have more space. Part of the appeal of our homes is that we have complete power over who enters and stays in them. There are lots of options in the market to look for, like Crown Asia’s premium house and lot for sale. When you realize how important it is to have an inspiring place to wake up to, a relaxing place to come home to, and a comfortable place to live, it’s obvious that devoting time and effort to creating a peaceful home will save you time and energy while also relieving stress.

Choosing the Best Home for Your Mental Health Amidst a Pandemic

It’s not easy to look after your mental health when you’re stuck at home. Many of our daily social events are still unavailable to us as lockdown restrictions are still implemented, hence, we get bored. Trying to see this tough circumstance as a different time of your life, and not necessarily a negative one, would help in coming up with a fresh way to approach life. A stress-free abode begins with clear, mindful routines; and feeling safe and sound within your home extends beyond just the design aesthetic and objects.

Your house is the haven where you depart from each day to go out and explore. It’s also the place where you come back to recuperate and recover. Here, you make memories as a family – taking into heart, not just the big ones, but also the little, unnoticeable ones. It’s a safe space where you can communicate with others and be fully yourself. These are the biggest reasons why you need to look for space where you can build the ideal home for your future. In this very place, you are set to foster a positive mentality and a stronger bond within the family.

Houses, like families, come in all shapes and sizes. And the size of the home is the first factor to consider when buying a house. How do you select the right size designed specially to suit your unique family and lifestyle? With Crown Asia, you will be able to find the home of your dreams, complete with all the design and functionality you want. If you are looking for places to live in the South, whether it’s a condo for sale or a house and lot for rent, Crown Asia got your back. Browse through our exquisite gallery of house for sale deals and pick the perfect home for your family today which are all near essential establishments like schools, restaurants and others.

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