How to Set Up Your Own Garage Sale

By: Arvie Midel

People probably gathered a lot of things over the years that they don’t use or need at the moment, and since it is up in years and some are already outdated, the owners might forget and question where all those things came from in the first place. With that, it calls for a garage sale! Having a garage sale has a lot of benefits not just to the seller but also to the buyer since the items will be sold at a cheaper price. Aside from the fact that unwanted household goods were decluttered, it is also an excellent way to generate extra cash for another purchase, paying of bills, or donate it to a good cause.

Garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, or whatever you may call them are definitely fun and exciting because of the experience that will be given upon interacting with other people. Want to replace an old yet iconic sofa set? There’s someone who wants that. A sudden change in the style of clothes? Yep, someone’s interested in that. Decorations and paintings that do not fit in with the aesthetic of the house? Probably somebody needs it too!

This blog is a perfect read for those who are planning to do a garage sale. So here are some tips on how to set up a garage sale:

Declutter the Closet and Storage Space

The first tip is very basic and common to everyone because in order to make the garage sale work, it is important to start with decluttering. Some personal items are hard to let go of because of their sentimental value so when doing a garage sale it is important to carefully choose what to let go of and what to keep. Weigh the reasons and make sure that there will be no regret once they are sold. The purpose of a garage sale, after all, is to get rid of all the unnecessary objects taking up too much space in the house.

Begin Sorting

After decluttering the unnecessary stuff, it is now time to sort out all the picked items because not everything is still in good condition. Begin sorting by classifying the items on what to retain, sell, and throw. Take out all of the items that are sorted to sell after the piles are properly assembled. In this way, garage sales will be organized and the items will not be scattered all over the place. Sort the clothing into piles according to its gender and age category. By doing so, the clients will find the browsing to be a lot simpler and quicker than mixing it up altogether.

Putting on exhibit a unique item is another strategy for attracting potential clients. When it is properly sorted, the owners can show off items like clothes in a vivid color or paintings that are loud and shouting because of their underlying meaning.

Select a Date

Garage sales need to consider the best days of selling and it is usually Friday, Saturday, and Sunday simply because paychecks usually come during the first weekend of the month and everyone knows what happens during a payday. In addition, rainy days deter potential customers, so choosing a date is very important because this will also determine the success rate of the garage sale. Always consider the forecast since this activity is typically held outdoors. Thus, do not fret! Because the Cavite house and lot of Crown Asia have a garage in all house models they offer, this too will serve as a huge advantage.

Price the Items

Pricing the items should be done ahead of time, and when it’s stated ahead of time, it doesn’t mean it’s the night before the garage sale happens. It is important to include tag sales as well as to make a pricing sheet for the clothes for easy reference. Price the items based on their value in order to make a decent deal and fair trade with the buyer’s money.

The price of each item should be shown in plain sight because when the customer is fully aware of the price, they can simply measure if they are gonna buy it or not. Some customers are not fond of asking the prices or inquiring so this may affect the business. Nevertheless, when pricing an item, make sure that it is realistic for its quality and worth.

Display Actual Garage Sale Signs

By displaying physical garage sale signs, potential buyers can easily determine that there is an ongoing business in one’s garage. Moreover, this will also help to accumulate more buyers and get their interest in digging for preloved items. Make sure that the signage will be readable and pleasant to the eyes of the people. Luckily, Cavite house and lot have usually had their own garages in which the work will be easier for the sellers since they will be displayed within the proximity of their property.

Be Ready to Negotiate

When doing a garage sale, keep in mind that not all prices are fixed. People will always try to bargain and this is totally normal since they are also trying to spend less on used items. With that, it is very significant to be aware of the lowest price to offer once the customers try to make a bargain.

Be Clear With the Transactions

After items are sold, it is important to have clear instructions in terms of the transactions such as mode of payment, mode of delivery, and other significant details that a buyer should know.

Sounds like everything is ready! With all the garage sale tips, a huge probability that the yard sale will be successful starting from the beginning up until the end. Best of luck to everyone who will make a garage sale. Crown Asia’s Cavite house and lot have their own garage which is a great advantage in creating different activities such as garage sales, birthday celebrations, reunions, Christmas parties, or even a simple dinner in the garage.

Once the garage sale has become successful do not forget to celebrate and make a victory dance for all the efforts and time that were placed to make it a successful one.

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