How to Be a Wine Connoisseur

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How to Be a Wine Connoisseur

Some will agree that wine makes something extra exciting. A glass of it can bring them joy. Some parties are not even complete without it. But even though drinking wine has become a normal thing for some, a few individuals still stray away from it because they believe that drinking that kind of beverage harms their health. It is indeed true that drinking wine can harm someone’s health especially if they don’t know how to control their alcohol intake. With moderation, drinking wines provides health benefits. The said benefit of drinking wine is that it keeps the heart healthy which leads to a longer life. Wines contain a specific compound that protects the lining of the blood vessels in the heart lowering the possibility of experiencing cardiovascular diseases. It also strengthens the bones, gives much healthier skin, and boosts the immune system in general. The secret is to have full control over their drinking habits. Anything that’s too much is bound to affect someone’s life. Just like what they say, “Drink responsibly”.

Even though some are still not convinced about the good benefits that wines bring, there are a few individuals who spend their time trying to study and gain more knowledge about wineries. They are named a wine connoisseur or someone who has a vast knowledge about the things that are directly connected to wines. Wine connoisseurs go through formal training to learn the basics and achieve expertise. To all those wine connoisseur wannabes out there, here are some tips for you.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

The first step to becoming a wine connoisseur is being able to taste and evaluate wine in the right way. They have what they call the Five (5) S’s of wine tasting. The first thing to do is to (1) see the wine. Assess the color and appearance of it. To have a clear sight of it, look into the glass against a white background. Looking through different angles allows someone to precisely see the color of it that also indicates things like the age of it and the variety of the grape used to make the wine. A wine that exhibits a clear color and great appearance is a good sign. (2) swirl the wine. Through swirling, the viscosity of wine is determined. The more tears rundown on the glass the higher the alcohol content a wine contains. It also releases the aroma of the wine. (3) smell the wine. It is an essential part of wine tasting because the quality and age of wine can be judged by its aroma. (4) sip the wine. Finally, it’s time to taste it. Tasting the wine will allow someone to assess its acidity, sweetness, alcohol content, and even the texture of it. Each of them reveals the type of wines. The last is (5) savor the wine. It’s time to savor the wine and evaluate the experience someone develops while drinking it. It will also answer whether the wine is suitable for your liking or not.

Understanding the Basics of Wine

Understanding the Basics of Wine

After acquiring how wines taste, an individual should understand the factors that make a wine distinct from the other. It’s now the time to be knowledgeable about the wine’s terroir or the overall characteristics of the vineyard and how it affects the wine. Another thing is that for an individual to be able to excellently assess the wine, that person would be able to have a basic knowledge about the attributes that need to be considered like what the wine’s acidity, sweetness, structure, and tannins level means. Apart from that, there are different types of glasses that should be used depending on the variety of wine. It is done to improve the wine-drinking experience. A wine connoisseur should also be able to know the right way of holding a wine glass.

Explore the Wine Culture

Explore the wine culture

After learning the basics, to be an effective wine connoisseur is to have extensive knowledge about the wine culture. Explore vineyards and wineries. Find out the process of winemaking. Visit local wine shops which will enable someone to understand and know what type of wines people love to buy, what they recommend, and the likes. Attending wine-tasting events can also broaden the knowledge and come across new information that can hone someone to be an excellent wine connoisseur. In addition to that, joining a group whose members share a love for wine is also an effective move for exchanging experiences and knowledge. Exploring a culture that seems foreign to someone can be tiring but when they are passionate about it, they can definitely become what they aspire to be. Just like the quest of finding the condo that will be suitable for you. There are plenty of choices out there, but only a few can live up to your expectations. A condo in Laguna might be the one for you. It’s the perfect mixture of everything.

Stay Informed on the Latest Wine Culture Updates

Stay Informed in the Latest Wine Culture Updates

An individual ought to continue extending the knowledge they have. there are different reading materials that are useful and reliable. As a wine connoisseur, it’s important to stay informed so you’ll be able to comprise if ever a problem arises. Learning should not stop because it is also a process. It’s like a vacant condo in Laguna and the appliances are the knowledge that you can get. The more appliances you put inside the more it will look complete, organized, and put together. Continue being curious and you’ll stumble upon new knowledge that will be vital for your growth.

That is just some of the things that an individual should consider to be able to be a wine connoisseur. If this article suddenly urges you to try drinking wine but currently have no stock in your condo in Laguna and is still in search of some wine brands? Worry no more, for here are some of the wine brands that you can try and are also available and searchable through the internet.

  1. Villa Maria
  2. Penfolds
  3. Carlo Rossi
  4. Lionel Osmin & Cie
  5. Los Medanos
  6. Novellino Wines

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