House-Warming Ideas for Your New Home

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

Buying a new house, especially if it has been a long dream of yours, is such a sweet success that anyone deserves to savor and take pride in. Getting a dreamy home, such as Crown Asia’s Italian house and lot for sale in Cavite, or perhaps a prime condominium, or upscale apartment, is no easy feat after all. Thus, it is only a given that you should be proud of the new home you and your family will make yours! Aside from posting pictures of it in your social media space such as Instagram, what is one of the top ideas for showing off your brand new home? The answer? By throwing a party!

A House-Warming Party– The Best Kind of Announcement

Such a party is called a housewarming party. As if celebrating the arrival of a new family member, this traditional first party at one’s new house and lot for sale in Cavite takes place right after someone moves into a new residence. The delighted new homeowners invite numerous guests such as relatives and friends into their brand-new house! Additionally, this also serves as the perfect opportunity to bond and get to know one’s neighbors! What a perfect night it would be to eat a delicious meal, (perhaps some Italian food to match your Italian house and lot for sale in Cavite), and drink exquisite drinks at a brand new beautiful home!

Usually taking place in the evening, this dinner party tradition would indeed as a warm and wondrous way to start your journey of turning this house and lot for sale in Cavite into a loving and happy home, as any residential place should be.

Get Yourself Some Home-Related Gifts!

Each person or family is actually expected to bring gifts, specifically a practical or decorative gift that would help you settle more comfortably into your house. Such things are called housewarming gifts. They could be in the form of bird fountains, potted plants, cozy towels, or for the artsy gal, cute miniatures for you to hang in your living room! Such an occasion is totally beneficial for you especially if you would appreciate more house supplies. There is hardly any excuse left for you to use in order to not have a housewarming party!

During medieval times, especially the history of the term “house warming” meaning literally warming a house. Invited guests would bring firewood and together, they would build fires at the fireplaces of the home. Aside from spreading warmth throughout the home and celebrating such as success, this also serves as a way to ward off evil spirits. Indeed, this tradition can be traced all the way back to medieval times.

Many cultures such as Jewish, German, and Russian have featured people exchanging bread and salt for hospitality purposes. In Greece, they had their pomegranates. Even pineapples for the Europeans and first Americans, if you can believe it.

But, how about you? What can you do at this big celebration of a housewarming party? Aside from the said above, here are some ideas you can incorporate when you celebrate with your relatives and old and new friends!

A Handful of Unique Ideas for Your House Warming Party

1. Time to snap some shots!

How about setting up a photography challenge for your guests? You can make them use their own devices, or to make it even more special and extravagant, you can also provide disposable cameras for each family! Such an activity can be a perfect opportunity for them to also create memorable memories with each other especially when you make them do fun challenges like taking a picture with a different family or the place or corner they love most about your house as well as the space that needs the most improvement among other stuff! Be creative! You can even host a scavenger hunt through the use of this challenge!

This way they can also bring home precious pictures they can cherish for a long time.

2. Tinker with your inner artist by painting together!

Have you seen those Facebook or Instagram reels where couples would make two collaborative paintings with each other, passing the two paintings to each other after painting on them individually after a certain amount of time? You can totally do this during your housewarming party! Isn’t this one of the most creative ideas? Make everyone form a circle, get a blank canvas, and every 10 seconds or so, they should pass the painting or drawing to the next person for them to continue the work of art!

This piece of whack and fun art could serve as your first painting or drawing hanging on the walls of your home! How cute is that!

3. Do not be afraid to go traditional

We do not know about you but building a bonfire in the garden of your home and bonding over good drinks and smores sounds like a grand cozy housewarming party idea, don’t you think? This way you would be able to incorporate what medieval people would do: literally making the house warm!

4. Never forget about prizes

People would always, always appreciate prizes no matter how seemingly insignificant they may seem. 20 peso bills, a scented candle, or even some sweets from AllDay would be enough for people to get up from their seats to join in the games you will have in store for them. Aside from pictures, this could serve as a nice souvenir from your party!

5. Make a playpen!

Do not forget about the kids! If you have children, most likely your friends already have to so be ready for some rowdiness in the halls of your new home. For them to also enjoy the night, dedicate a special space for them to mingle and play with each other! Fill the space up with numerous balls, balloons, Legos, and stuffed toys! By them being busy with one another and in one place, parents would be able to find their child easily and have leeway to mingle with other adults too!

Indeed, a housewarming party is a precious event, and for some people, it only happens once in their life. So be sure to make it count!

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