House and Lot in Laguna With Collection Space

By: Crown Asia
House and Lot in Laguna With Collection Space

Here’s your situation: Your current home is packed with things your family or whomever you’re living with deems invaluable, but to you, they mean the world. After all, you’ve dedicated years upon years collecting them. But a silver lining has come up! You’ve just bought your house and lot in Laguna from Crown Asia Philippines in its developmental stages, meaning you’ve got loads of time to plan. What do you do?

Step 1: Downsize in your House and Lot for Sale in Laguna

Downsize in your House and Lot for Sale in Laguna

Bummer, I know. Paring down is never fun for a true collector. However, because you’re moving into a limited space, a space that you and other people still need to breathe in, downsizing may be a necessity. While many of your prized possessions are hard to give up, there must be something in there you no longer care for. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to throw them away. Give them as a gift to a close friend, perhaps a fellow collector like yourself. Alternatively, you can even make some cash by selling them online or at a garage sale. One man’s trash can always be another man’s treasure.

You can do an overall haul and audit for each of your collection, rate it by how important, rare, expensive or even sentimental they are to you. You will surely find that some of your collection can be either thrown away if its value has totally decreased or maybe even give them to other people that has a similar collection that you have.

However, for those whose collections are merely at the early stages of growth or who’ve invested in Laguna properties for sale, this may be a step they can skip out. Lucky they are.

Step 2: Display.

A sure no-brainer for most avid collectors is finding space to display their collections. May they be old films, action figures, books, video games, vintage collectibles, shoes, or movie memorabilia, these things need to see the light. Plan out your house and lot in Laguna floor and vertical space by figuring out what to showcase and where to let them shine.

Shelves, glass cases, free walls for posters—or other similar items—and desks are always a great place to start. Though, keep in mind this one pro tip: Never overload any space. Otherwise, instead of showing off that great collection, you’re more or less piling them up like you would use the laundry.

It is great to have a plan on how to maximize the space that you have, do not opt for bulky cabinets, overhead or not, to place your collections in. These may take up important space that you can utilize for more essential activities like for fitness or a home work space. Make a display place creative by incorporating them in your walls, centerpieces or even hanging from the ceilings to make your home a more aesthetic and personalized space for you.

Step 3: Design.


An easy step for artists is to design their space. This goes along with Step 2, where you plan your display. Now that you’ve got that done, it’s time to make sure it’s visually pleasing. After all, there is absolutely no point in displaying them if they don’t even look good.

The first thing to do is to pick out a color scheme, or a palette. One simple way to go is monochromatic, wherein you choose a single color or hue and compliment them with different shades or tints of the same color. Neutral isn’t a bad option either. Using either one of these may be beneficial since instead of the wall or furniture colors screaming at you, they let your collection truly be the showstopper of the space.

Whatever design you may choose it is important to consider a lot of factors that will affect your mood and the overall feel of your home. But the most important of it all is that the design that you will have is a design that you like and is a mirror of what you are as a person.

Step 4: Divide.

You may be living alone in your house and lot in Laguna, but more often than not, you have other living and breathing human beings to share the space with. Take this into the mind and remember to divide, or share, for that matter.

If your entire family is made up of collectors, you’re either in great luck or deep trouble. You might all agree to keep your private spaces, your own bedrooms for example, as your collection hub. On the other hand, you could all fight for that nice trophy case in the living room to showcase your prized possessions.

If you’re generous, take perhaps just your own room or studio to display your collections and allow the other general rooms to be a place for everyone to enjoy together. If not, then make sure you allocate spots in the home for you and for every other individual living under the room. Make peace.

You can even share your space with your family members, if you have common collections it might be best to share your space with them to fully maximize your home spaces.

Step 5: Do.


If you haven’t noticed, all the four steps above have got to do with the planning of your house and lot, which is one of Crown Asia’s Laguna properties for sale. Now that it’s completed, it’s time to oversee your plan and get them done. One thing’s for sure, your collection is going to look great in it.

Having a collection serves as a hobby that relieves you of stress from work, school, or just the overall boredom you feel specially now that the pandemic has limited our movement outside. This is why having a home, a spacious home for that matter, is important if you want to have your own space wherein you can enjoy looking, arranging and just overall appreciating the things you collected all throughout the years. So invest in a Valenza house and lot in Crown Asia now to have a space that where you can enjoy your collections hobby!

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