Homeowners Association: Advantages and Disadvantages

By: Jazzen Del Mundo

Despite the fact that humans have constantly existed as distinct individuals with our own identities, people have always been a part of a group. Since almost all human activities—including working, studying, worshiping, unwinding, playing, and even sleeping—take place in groups, psychologists focus on them. Rarely does one find a lone person isolated from all other groupings. Since most of us spend our lives in groups, the groups we are a part of have a significant influence on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Whether you live in a condo in Tagaytay or in a house and lot in Dasmarinas, you are part of a community that shares something in common.

People Need to Belong

Humans continuously choose inclusion over exclusion, belonging over isolation, and acceptance above rejection throughout people, societies, and even eras. People who are accepted into a group typically experience more happiness and satisfaction. However, if they are rejected by a group, they experience distress, helplessness, and depression. Research on ostracism, or being purposefully excluded from a group, show that it is a very stressful experience that can result in sadness, skewed thinking, and even hostility.

A collection of people who share one or more characteristics are referred to as a community. At its center and its soul is the thing that binds them all together. Additionally, there is a certain population group that is connected by a common bond and where people can find solace during trying times. Humans have the ability to relocate to another community when conditions there are not favorable. Therefore, one can achieve a balance between physical and mental well-being in the community.

Homeowners Association as a Community

The benefits of community involvement are enormous. A homeowners’ association, often known as an HOA, is created when a real estate, house, and lot, development is established. This HOA serves as the governing body for that residential district, residential development, apartment block, or community. It was established to provide a set of rules that the association will abide by.

Honoring the obligations of an association member requires membership in a homeowners association. As a benefit of participation in an association, this is relevant to any other residential real estate. In making a choice other than performing your responsibilities, an owner must attend association meetings, and consider other interested government agencies and parties, as well as a residential building like a house and lot in Dasmarinas.

Anyone who buys property inside a HOA’s boundaries essentially joins and is obligated to pay dues or the HOA fees. While some associations may provide homeowners more autonomy, some are highly limiting about what members may accomplish with their properties.

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are often associated with regulations. Although it’s accurate that observing community rules is a requirement of association membership, living in a HOA involves much more than just adhering to a lengthy list of regulations. In order to help answer the who, what, and why of HOA rules, we are here as community association specialists. Community standards and regulations can help establish the groundwork for a thriving neighborhood.

New community rules can frequently be adopted by the board. Nevertheless, a vote of all association members is often demanded if these regulations materially alter the governing papers. The way a town runs is generally greatly influenced by its residents.

Advantages of Homeowners Associations

Sense of community

The sense of community that comes with being in a homeowners association under HOA supervision is quite beneficial. These features set these residential communities apart from more established neighborhoods.  It thus develops a neighborhood that is welcoming and close-knit. It is simple to establish long-lasting relationships among neighbors when there are communal recreation places and a shared desire to advance the community’s general well-being. The elderly in their latter years and families with young children will particularly benefit from this. People have something in common, making it simple to get to know one another.

High Property Values

HOA regulations and guidelines may appear onerous to outsiders, but members are aware that they have a deeper meaning. HOAs grant immunity for your biggest investment, your house, by assisting in preserving its value in a constantly shifting market.

Due to the fact that they enforce a set of standards, laws, and procedures that assist in maintaining home exteriors and gardens, HOAs can improve the area as a whole and raise property values. The capacity to reinvest in their houses cooperatively may be made possible via HOA funding.

Property Maintenance

Numerous topics are covered by HOA property maintenance. You must have a clear understanding of all of your obligations for HOA upkeep as a member of the community management team. HOA property services extend beyond simple exterior maintenance. You may need to plan and budget for other expenses that your board might be in charge of, such as equipment upkeep and utility costs.

Disadvantages of Being Part of a Homeowners Association

Fees and Fines

Each month, dues for the HOA must be paid by homeowners. If you settle into a property with an HOA, membership is required, as are the monthly or yearly dues or membership fees.

The expense of an HOA is probably its most evident disadvantage. Depending on the property and services offered, HOA management will look into it if you will not pay. See to it that the management follows the generally accepted accounting principles and checks their financial statements when you are about to pay membership fees.

Rules, rules, rules

When you own a house within the boundaries of the property owners association, you are required to abide by its rules, which can be quite onerous. You can be limited to a small selection of exterior paint colors, obliged to use specific lawn fertilizers, and prohibited from having dogs in some situations. Additionally, it’s fairly typical for CC&Rs to set limits on the number of units that may be rented out or outright prohibit brief leases.

Confusing Politics

Given that the HOA has both authority and power, individuals in charge of the HOA, like the HOA board members will have a lot of influence over your community. It should come as no surprise that this power can be abused, based on the individual in charge.

An HOA exists to offer services to a community’s residents and make sure it upholds the ideal of a well-kept, orderly neighborhood where all residents may enjoy living. If you believe that the benefits of being part of a great community exceed the drawbacks listed here, you might consider joining one.

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