Have an Eventful Time With These Events Places in Tagaytay

By: Levi Santiago

As one of the most visited tourist areas in the Cavite province, Tagaytay City is a popular choice for serving as an events venue, apart from Metro Manila, for many celebrations. Whether it’s for holding a wedding venue, corporate events, an outdoor wedding, a garden wedding, an intimate wedding, or more because of the cold climate in Tagaytay, there are many great events place in the city, near your condo in Tagaytay, to choose from. View the listed event places below to find the best events venue for your celebrations.

Events Places in Tagaytay:

Aquila Crystal Palace

Aquila Crystal Palace makes itself distinct with its polycarbonate crystal architecture that gives off an ambiance of grandeur and wonder. Aiming to give clients, the perfect venue for a luxurious experience through the different packages offered by the event place. This events place offers many features, such as cake mapping, ceremony styling, a penthouse that provides 2 nights of accommodation, indoor fireworks, mirror carpet, a full band for the reception, an LED wall, and flowers for the entourage. If you have a condo in Tagaytay, then this event place is worth checking out.

Marcia Adams

Marcia Adams offers the experience of a garden-themed events place that accommodates special requests from clients to ensure that a one-of-a-kind experience is served. This events place also hosts private events for 10 to 150 persons, and offers in-house styling, renting out the whole restaurant for events, with three dining rooms and a specific room for ceremonies.

Los Arboles

Los Arboles prides itself in being a premier events place with its verdant gardens with features such as European country cottages and a gazebo. The events place allows clients to choose from their various gardens for events and offers accommodation for a cottage that has two bedrooms and one full bathroom.

Hacienda Isabella

Hacienda Isabella is an events venue that strives to combine relaxation and recreation to the degree that it separates itself from other events places. With its “verdant gardens and rustic nooks,” this events place has hosted celebrity weddings and intimate weddings of numerous clients.

Angelfields Sanctuary

Angelfields Sanctuary aims to integrate nature into celebrations by having diverse fauna and flora. With rare species of birds inhabiting the sanctuary, Angelfields Sanctuary ensures that clients hold their celebrations amidst the beauty of nature, along with its organic cuisine.

Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands offers a great view of a lake surrounded by mountains while clients hold their special celebrations in this event place. This events place, located at a hilltop in Tagaytay City, also offers professional planning services, with venues such as the Midlands Gold Veranda, Madre De Dios Chapel, and a golf club that can hold outdoor weddings.

Mahogany Place Tagaytay

Mahogany Place Tagaytay aims to be a competitive events place in Tagaytay City that offers premium packages that make clients’ celebrations meaningful. Their services accommodate corporate events, parties, or beautiful weddings. Its Tuscan Garden is a lush garden that was built to serve as an ideal venue for garden weddings, outdoor events, receptions, and ceremonies. Its Grand Atrium is an air-conditioned elevated venue that has a hall built with glass walls that allow clients a view of the countryside of Tagaytay.

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay offers its services around the idea of a “fairytale” wedding venue. Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay features include a glass garden house located within a venue that mimics a castle, serving to have the wedding venue make the bride feel like a princess, the groom like a prince, and the guests like royalty.

Anya Resort

Anya Resort prides itself in being the right choice for holding luxurious weddings. One of its distinct features is the Raya Ballroom, which serves as the ideal venue for intimate and personal weddings that can accommodate seats for up to just 25 people.

The Forest Barn

The Forest Barn offers a vintage experience for weddings located in Kaysuyo, Alfonso, which is a country wood that has valleys and rolling hills. This events place is a 6-acre estate that has a rustic aesthetic that makes clients feel that they are from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Clear Water House

The Clear Water House offers services that provide an enchanting experience for clients. Combining both natural and rustic themes, this events place has gardens, a view of the town, and a different ambiance for both night and day. This venue accommodates both small and big celebrations.

Simple Place Café

Simple Place Café lives up to its name by being a small café that aims to be “picture-perfect” and charming. Given its size, this events place offers services for personal weddings, especially for coffee lovers. This venue’s ambiance is laidback, intimate, and warm – perfect for those who want a personal celebration or intimate wedding.

Hillcreek Gardens

Hill Creek Gardens is said to be one of the more popular choices for events places in Tagaytay, particularly because of its picturesque garden. With lush gardens that catch the eye, this venue provides a tranquil event experience for clients, especially with how Hill Creek Gardens has all of the essentials needed for a wonderful wedding, specifically a garden wedding, on the wedding day.

Narra Hill

Narra Hill is a venue situated on a hilltop that provides a beautiful view of Taal Lake. It has a pavilion built with wooden materials, glass windows, a lagoon, and a bar that provides a view of a creek.

Antonio’s Restaurant

Antonio’s Restaurant serves “world-class cuisine” from chef Antonio Tonyboy. This venue offers the experience of a sophisticated wedding that offers cuisine that “infuses the marriage of European cuisine and local authentic fares.” It is a restaurant that offers holding events like weddings in its venue.

Villa Sommet

Away from the city of Metro Manila and within Tagaytay City, near your condo in Tagaytay, is the Villa Sommet, which aims to provide clients with a “fairytale romance” wedding experience. Spread across the venue are pine trees that tower over the landscape. Its Glass House gives a breathtaking view of flora, serving as the venue for weddings with a big guest list. Its Parkland, however, is the “point of pride” of Villa Sommet.

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