Getting Ready to Go Outside Post Quarantine

By: Matthew Du
Getting Ready to Go Outside Post Quarantine

Ever since the pandemic has begun, we’ve been scrambling for answers and cures. And yet, despite the more than 5 billion Google search results that come up when you type in “COVID-19”, we’ve yet to understand every nook and cranny of this virus.

In an attempt to contain the spread of this virus, several governments from different countries have ordered a lockdown or a quarantine. We had originally thought that this would only last for a week. But then, we fast forward 1 year later and we’re still quarantining. The funny thing about this is that as time went by and we still couldn’t leave our home, we hated it. We needed to leave the confines of the 4 walls for our sanity. But then, when we can leave the house, we’re met with anxiety. Ending lockdown means socializing and we’ve become so used to spending time at home alone or with our families and so comfortable with it that stepping out of the house makes us overthink and anxious.

Social anxiety isn’t all. Because of this virus, even after getting vaccinated, a lot of us still think that we’re in danger of contracting the disease. We all have mixed feelings about going outside post-quarantine. Being both anxious and excited can be confusing. But, we’re here to help. Here’s a guide on getting ready to go outside after quarantine. We’ll talk about what quarantine is and a few things we should do to prepare ourselves to go out.

What is a quarantine?

What is a quarantine

To understand what we’re talking about, you’ll need to know what quarantine is. When you quarantine, you are staying in 1 place for a certain amount of time. You are isolating yourself from other people to avoid exposing others or yourself to a contagious disease.

For instance, if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, you must quarantine. That means you stay in an area for at least 2 weeks. This area could be your room or a hotel room. It depends. But you are not allowed to leave that area until you know that you do not have COVID. Quarantining is a great solution to contain the spread of any contagious disease.

How does a quarantine impact us?

No one wants to be stuck in one place for a year. If this does happen, there are lots of effects. It impacts both our daily lives and our mental health. To help you figure out how a quarantine can impact a person, here is a list of the effects of a lockdown.

Significant Changes in Your Daily Routine

Because we’re unable to leave our homes, we’ve had to change a lot of our routines. Instead of going to school face-to-face, we’ve had to switch to online classes. Though that means students get to wake up later than usual, this lessens our productivity and our time with our friends.

Others couldn’t go to the office for work. They’ve had to find a way to work from home. This meant that meetings weren’t held in conference rooms. They were held on platforms like Zoom. From the mundane walking our dogs in the park to going to the grocery to buy essentials, this quarantine has greatly affected our daily routine. We’ve had a lot of free time on our hands that would have usually been filled by tasks that required us to exit our homes. Our normal wasn’t so normal anymore.

Increased Feelings of Loneliness

photo of a bedroom window overlooking a park

A lot of people live by themselves. And living alone has become a huge downside, especially during a lockdown or when in quarantine. Humans are social creatures. We crave social interaction. But those who live by themselves during quarantine have almost no social interaction. And that can make them feel lonely. They feel as if they cannot talk to anyone. They cannot be comforted. They have no support system. And during rocky times, we need a support system to avoid anxiety.

Imagine living in an apartment and not being able to go out. You can’t set foot on grass. The closest thing you have to outdoors are your windows. That’s not a very comforting thought, is it? Now imagine living in an apartment alone. You don’t have anyone to talk to. You’ve not seen another face for months. That can make you feel lonelier than ever. It is important, though, to remember that we’re with you. You might be sitting alone in your bedroom surrounded by silence but, your family and your friends are, as Charlie Puth put it, one call away.

Loss of Income

Quarantine means no going out and for a lot of businesses, it means no customers. No one can walk in their restaurants and shops and businesses to buy something and bring profit into the business. Without any money coming in, a lot of businesses especially small ones have had to close down. Businesses are a great source of jobs and when they close down, it not only affects the owners but the employees as well. This means that a lot of people are out of jobs.

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6 Ways to Get Ready to Go Outside Post-Quarantine

Fortunately, our genius scientists and doctors were able to concoct a cure for the virus. There are different kinds available throughout the country. This means that we can finally go out. However, we’ve gotten quite used to our space at home that we could be overthinking going out. We could be met with social anxiety. Here are a few ways you can fight these and get ready to go outside post-quarantine.

1. Do not let your guard down.

Just because you aren’t in quarantine does not mean that COVID suddenly does not exist or disappears. It is always good to be safe than sorry and practice preventative measures. Before exiting your house after quarantine, wear a mask and bring hand sanitizers. Do not go to crowded areas.

2. Practice breathing exercises.

photo of a woman meditating

Social anxiety can occur after being alone or only being with your family for several months. To cope with stress and anxiety, it is best to relax. And the best way to relax is through breathing exercises. When you are panicking or getting extremely anxious, ask yourself a few questions in your head. What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you smell? List the answers down. These should help you relax and calm down.

3. Practice social distancing.

Social distancing should still be practiced. Unless you’re with your family who you’ve been in quarantine with, do not hug or kiss your friends who you’ve not met since lockdown especially if you know your friend has been exposed to COVID. Do not risk it. Do not assume that you are completely and utterly safe from COVID because the government lifted lockdown protocols. There have been cases where even the vaccinated have gotten the virus.

4. Distract yourself.

photo of a man listening to music in his headphones and phone

When you feel like you’re starting to panic, think of something else. Distract yourself. Grab a book or grab your phone and start listening to music. Talk to the people you’re with and tell them. When you’re about to go outside for the first time, don’t overthink things. Breathe in and out. Think of the color of the sky. Is it cold or hot? What’s your current favorite book? Ask yourself these questions no matter how mundane because they’ll distract you and keep you from overthinking.

5. Plan what you want to do after quarantine.

During quarantine, you’ve probably listed a lot of things you want to do when you can finally go out. We suggest that you plan what you do. You have to prioritize what you need. Do you need to go to the grocery? How about the pharmacy? By planning what you want to do, you can prioritize what needs to be done so you can have time to do what you want. If you don’t plan, you might end up doing everything you want first and then realizing at the end of the day that you haven’t even done your groceries and are lacking essentials.

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6. Get vaccinated!

photo of a person getting vaccinated

Getting vaccinated is a must. Before going out and ending your quarantine, you need to get vaccinated. Check the closest vaccination areas and get vaccinated now! You don’t want to walk around the mall where there are tons of people and risk contracting the disease.

FAQ Section

How long have we been in quarantine?

A lot of countries have lifted the quarantine rules because most of their citizens have been vaccinated. However, the Philippines has a large number of citizens and barely any vaccines to match. Because of this, COVID is still a prominent issue.

To help contain the spread, the country has gone on lockdown and many have experienced what the government calls “Enhanced Community Quarantine”. We’ve been in quarantine for more than a year. And until COVID cases decrease and a large number of the population has been vaccinated, the government will have to take necessary action.

If I have been vaccinated, should I still quarantine?

If you’ve been vaccinated and your city isn’t going on lockdown or isn’t in quarantine, you may go out of your house and resume your normal activities. However, you do not want to risk being one of the few who’ve contracted the disease despite having been vaccinated.

You should be very wary of public places. Avoid traveling as much as possible. Unless necessary, do not step on an airplane and travel hundreds of miles to different countries. Continue washing your hands a lot and keep yourself hydrated. Watch out for any symptoms of the disease and make sure to monitor your health. Observe physical distancing. You can go out when there has been an announcement that the lockdown has been lifted or your city isn’t in quarantine. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

What are the available vaccines in the Philippines?

Currently, the available vaccines in the Philippines include Sinovac, Sputnik V, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca. Sinovac has an efficacy of 50%. Sputnik V has an efficacy of 91%. Pfizer is considered to be one of the best vaccines with efficacy of around 94% to 97%. Lastly, AstraZeneca has an efficacy of 76%.

Stay Safe Indoors in your House and Lot for Sale In Laguna

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With all the happenings brought about by the COVID-19 virus in the Philippines, its still the best option to stay indoors. Being tucked in safe and secure in your home is the best way to avoid contracting the virus

The Takeaway

Most of us are excited to go out and finally meet with our friends and go do the things we’ve been wanting to do since the beginning of quarantine. However, you have to remember that COVID still exists and you still have to take preventative measures. Some might also be feeling anxiety because of social interaction or anything else. Use the 6 ways to prepare yourself to go out post-quarantine and we’re sure you’ll have a pleasant experience.

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