Get Your Home Ready For Back To School

By: Anna Lucas
Get Your Home Ready For Back To School

Updated as of March 16, 2023

As the Summer time is coming to an end, now is the time to put away the swimsuits and goggles for next summer. During this time, most schools would announce their “back to school” a month before classes actually resume, and houses in the Philippines would be filled with plans, books, and uniforms that parents will gather at school to prepare their children for the school transition from Summer.

Now that the start of the school year is nearing, go on out and do back-to-school shopping with your kids or middle school teens. Prepare healthy lunch plans in advance or even just put everything that they’ll need in a reachable place that is a constant reminder for you to prep for when school starts.

Tips to get your house ready for the school year

Embracing the school year will be made easy once you’ve organized your home and the kids’ school supplies. This makes adjusting to the season more at ease for parents and children. Especially for those who like to adjust their routine in the upcoming weeks ahead.

Organize cabinet and desk space


Declutter the things that can be used for the following season and replace them with items such as school supplies or even add an alarm clock so that the kids may be able to adjust to their first day.

Bring out school supplies


As students, the first day of school is either a hit or miss for them. To condition them to the upcoming back-to-school season, bring out their school supplies and backpack then put it on their tables. As a parent, be able to make going back to school fun for the kids. Either encourage or teach them something new regarding their favorite subject. Have them pick up their pens and journal down something for the day.

Create workspaces


After a school day, your child would want to have a space to do their homework. Of course, you wouldn’t want a clamped-up space to be the area of thinking for your child. You’d want to make them know the difference between school time and being at home even when they’re doing school work, for example, projects or homework.

Give them a space to think and that will encourage their creativity.


Having a snack bar or food station will make a big difference in your home. Students would usually get more thirsty or hungry when their attention goes solely on school works. They’d forget to set up an alarm clock to eat. As school starts it may mess up their meal schedule. Be sure to remind your child to eat full meals. Have your child’s lunch and snacks ready at the food station so that when they’re on the go it’ll be easier for them to grab a quick bite to satisfy their cravings and will help them focus more on their work.

Create a daily schedule to follow


When you change to a new school or go off to college, you’d want to have your own system to follow so that everything is organized.

Start these systems at home. Create a daily routine or weekly routine so that you have a sense of direction as to what your day will look like ahead. This allows your child to get ready to follow class schedules and how they can effectively use their morning and night time without them feeling overwhelmed.

Install bookshelves

Install bookshelves

Make reading fun. As a student, some would find having books a challenge. Others, since they have been used to reading books at home, also have the same thirst for knowledge with academic books. Have reading assignments and learn from your kids.

For students in distance learning, this is a must to get their imagination and comprehension going. Leaving them mentally challenged on a good note.

Operate a family command center


As intimidating as this might sound, this tip is perfect to keep your family and the kids up and running. Paste your routine or even tasks that the kids should accomplish within the day.

Put a calendar or bulletin board up for the whole family to see. Keeping everyone productive and up on their feet. This extra help goes a long way especially when each member of the family has completed the job or tasks at hand like finding their uniform, making their own breakfast, folding their clothes, and other day-to-day tasks.

Get a launching pad ready by the door

Get a launching pad ready by the door

A week before classes start create a launching pad near the exit of your home. Getting your children out of the door in the morning can be quite a handful, but with the launching pad, you’ll be able to make mornings easier. Just grab your stuff and head on out to school.

Use the appropriate height of the launching pad for other family members of different heights and ages so that everyone could just move with ease. But make sure to fix up the stuff needed in your bags the night before so that there is no holding up in the morning.

Plus, this keeps items off of the floor so that your house in Ponticelli remains clean and organized. Keep the floor space free from cluttered things.

Organize the students’ uniforms a week before school starts


You hear your kid and their friends talking about their school uniform as they enter the new school year. This is your cue to prepare what to wear that is perfect for the dress code (if they don’t have their own uniform), or just prepare their old uniform and keep it in the closet that they usually open. Don’t forget to iron the clothes to make them look neat on the first day of classes. For sure this would make them comfy in the classroom and would make their teachers commend them for putting in extra effort for the school year.

All of these tips are here to keep you and your children ready for back-to-school season without going through a lot of hassle. In your home at Ponticelli, create room for big events like this as time goes by quickly. Make the children enjoy their days in a home that nurtures them to wellness as they spend the next school year season with you.

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