Fun Home Gadgets For Your Condo

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Fun Home Gadgets For Your Condo

Condo living has been the norm nowadays with people switching to a more fast paced and trendy lifestyle that a vertical home offers. People are flocking the internet with queries for condo for sale units in order to start their own journey from traditional horizontal homes living into their very own vertical lifestyle. Living in a condo offers a chance at having an ease of access to almost everything you need due to most condo’s location at being a stone throw away from life’s daily conveniences.

Over time, a technology introduced amazing inventions that are now deeply rooted in our daily lives. Imagine having to live without the refrigerator, the television, or even the internet.  Remarkably, new gadgets are developed continuously to provide us the modern conveniences that we only dreamt of before.

Having special smart home gadgets in your condo unit further highlights the modern and fast paced lifestyle that a vertical living offers. These gadgets greatly boosts your daily home activities from basic household cleaning to maintaining a relaxing ambiance every time your step into a room in your condo unit.

You can make your condo unit a smart home. Below is a list of some of the most interesting gadgets that you can include in your cutting-edge lifestyle:

The Smart Oven

The smart oven is a multi-function oven that can cook in different modes. One appliance can be your microwave, convection oven, toaster, air fryer, griller, food warmer, steamer, and slow cooker at the same time. This is the perfect space saver for your premium condominium. 

The Smart Oven

The smart oven can even be connected to your home assistant.  One example is Amazon’s smart oven which was released during the 2nd semester of last year and can be synchronized with Alexa. While Alexa cannot be considered a Masterchef, you can command her to do simple tasks like “microwave for one minute” or “preheat the oven.” Other smart oven models even allow you to scan cooking instructions.

With this oven you can finally start your dream hobby of being able to replicate those dishes that you watch on your favorite food and lifestyle channel on YouTube. A smart oven makes your cooking meals faster and easier!

The Robot Cleaner

Remember when the robot vacuum created a buzz in the early 2000s? Well, now there is a whole armada of robot cleaners.  First off is the robot mop which helps remove dirt and stain through damp sweeping or wet mopping.  It provides deeper cleaning than that of the vacuum.

There is also the robot window cleaner. This cleaner attaches to the window and allows for safer cleaning of the outer windows of your condominium.  Imagine living in Valenza Mansions, a high-end condominium in laguna with dirty windows – it is simply unthinkable and unacceptable. 

Fun Home Gadgets For Your Condo

In fact, there is probably a robot available for every cleaning need. There is the robot pool cleaner, the robot lawnmower, the gutter cleaning robot, and even the grill cleaning robot.

Having a robot cleaner in your condo unit helps in maintaining neat and clean unit. It can automatically start cleaning when it senses a smudge or something dirty on the floor, helping lessen the stress of getting to clean your home after a long day or a long sleep. You can buy a robot cleaner online or by visiting your nearest tech store. These robots are a great help by lessening your house chores making you focus your time on more enjoyable and less stressing activities.

The Smart Mirror

The smart mirror is one of the most entertaining modern gadgets. The smart mirror is a built-in display that can show you almost anything you want. You can catch up on the latest news while brushing your teeth. You can watch the most recent TV Series while taking a bath. You can also practice for your virtual presentation while getting dressed. You can check the weather, browse your schedule, and even ask who is the fairest of them all. 

The Smart Mirror

Photo Credits: Poseidon Smart Mirror available at care-os.com

Dog Camera

For the animal lover in you, the dog camera is probably one of the best inventions of modern times.  If you are constantly worried about leaving your darling in your studio condominium, then getting a dog camera is the answer for you.  As the name suggests, dog cameras allow you to spy on your pet 24/7. There are models that can send you an alert when barking is detected.  You can then check why your furry friend is agitated.  Some brands have two-way communication so that you can talk to your beloved treasure to appease or to scold.  More interestingly, you can even feed your furry baby remotely since there are dog camera models that are attached to a fun treat toss feature. 

The animal lover in you will really appreciate this smart gadget. It removes your fear and anxiety that something bad may happen to your furry baby when you are away from your condo. These dog cameras can serve as your eyes when you are away from your home making you feel relieved that your furry baby is okay.

Dog Camera

Photo Credits: Furbo at Amazon.com

Living in a condo unit offers you a chance of experiencing the trendy lifestyle that is prevalent nowadays. The gadgets listed above can help you have an even easier living experience in your condo unit. These home gadgets will greatly affect the way you live resulting in a relaxing and stress free everyday living. You can easily find these home gadgets by a quick search online or by visiting the nearest tech store in your area. Check out online stores as well that delivers these fun home gadgets for your convenience!

Whether you are living in an upscale 1 bedroom condominium in Nuvali or a premium house and lot in Sta. Rosa, there will always be a gadget that will fit your need.  Be inspired and design your new Crown Asia Condo in Valenza Mansions with the latest home gadgets.

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